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Ryan says Jets-Pats tilt boils down to outdueling Belichick

Jets head coach Rex Ryan again shouldered the blame for his team's 45-3 loss to the Patriots in Week 13, and cited an overly complex game plan that prevented effective adjustments as the Jets fell behind.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters Monday that this Sunday's AFC Divisional game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots comes down to his performance against Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Ryan again shouldered the blame for the Jets' 45-3 loss to the Patriots in Week 13, and cited an overly complex game plan that prevented effective adjustments as the Jets fell behind.

"The plan might have looked good on paper, but it wasn't realistic. When we had to make the adjustments, we couldn't execute," Ryan said.

"I was outcoached in that game. (Belichick) will go down in history as maybe the greatest football coach in the history of this game -- or gonna' be close to it," Ryan said. "He was at that level that week, and I was not. For whatever reason, I never had my team prepared the way it should have been prepared, and that falls right down on me.

"I recognize that this week, this is about Bill Belichick vs. Rex Ryan. There's no question. It's personal, it's about him against myself, and that's what it's going to come down to."

Ryan and the Jets beat the Patriots 28-14 in Week 2, tying the season series. The all-time record between the franchises, including playoffs, sits notched at 51-51-1.

"When you look at it, both teams are very even," Ryan said. "So this is going to be about me raising my level against Bill Belichick. I recognize that he's the best, and all that, but I'm just trying to be the best on Sunday, and I plan on being the best coach on Sunday.

"He's going to get my best shot ... and if he slips at all, we're going to beat them."

Ryan also cited Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's "antics" in the Week 13 loss.

"He took a shot at me by his antics on the field," Ryan said. "I don't want him to score, so I'm gonna' do whatever I can to keep him out of the endzone. He's gonna' try to look at me and do what he always does after he wins and sprints off the field, and all of that.

"He always points after he scores to everybody," Ryan siad. "Brady being Brady. I don't like seeing that. Nobody does. No Jet fan likes to see that. And I know ... he can't wait to do it. He's not going to say anything publicly, but he does it. It's what it is. My job's going to keep him out of the endzone."

Ryan also gushed over the play of Darrelle Revis in the team's 17-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Saturday's AFC wild-card showdown. Revis held Colts Pro Bowl receiver Reggie Wayne to one yard on a single catch.

"The play of Darrelle Revis was ... well, I mean, quite honestly, the best player of football," Ryan said. "That was what you saw out there, holding Reggie Wayne ... to one catch for a whopping one yard. That tells you how good Darrelle Revis is.

"An amazing player, a once-in-a-lifetime player, and we took advantage of him. And I think this week, it will be the same deal."

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