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Saints Postgame Quotes 8/22

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton and select players comment on their week 2 preseason loss to the New England Patriots.

Team photographer, David Silverman, offers his best photos from the Patriots preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, August 23, 2015.


"I think when we look at the tape tomorrow we are going to see a lot of good things and then some things that get you frustrated as a coach. I thought the first half, we came out emotionally and guys were ready to compete and that was important, we had talked about that. And then when we got into the second half, certainly we didn't play as well as we would have liked. We were sloppy with the ball and I thought we struggled with third downs. Overall, we will have a chance to look at the film, get a grade in and watch these guys individually as we go through this evaluation process."

On Drew Brees' play:

"I thought he was sharp. He looked good."

On the evaluation of preseason games more important that they start off well when first team is in:

"It's a good question. I think that you want to have a good taste in your mouth and you want to win the game, but there are elements to the game that you're wanting to see throughout, not just in the first half. I was pleased emotionally with how our guys came out. I thought we had good focus. I thought, defensively, we did a good job. Now we struggled in the second half getting off the field and I don't know that we hit the quarterback all night. That is a little concerning."

On Hau'oli Kikaha:

"We'll look at him on film, but certainly the first play to start the game he was able to make a play, a minus yards tackle, but once we have a chance to grade it it will get a little easier to comment on anyone individually. I thought he did some good thing that just on field level you saw so that is encouraging."

On ways Brandin Cooks can take offense to another level:

"I think he's made a ton of strides, I'd avoid the 'another level' saying, but what kind of progress has he made. How explosive is he? I think you've seen come confidence. We've seen it in training camp and I would say in year two, even the week we had with New England, I thought it was beneficial for both teams. There are certain players that all of the sudden can gain a lot of confidence just in a game or in a practice or in a half, and I think we are seeing his growth right now. I think he played real well tonight."

On Benjamin Watson's play going up and up each week:

"He's steady. I'm sure we'll put the tape on and there will be some things we want to clean up. He had a good play early on for the touchdown, but so far he has had a pretty good training camp."

On the first team offensive line coming together:

"I want to see the film and I want to see how we handled their front and running game, but I thought from a pass protection standpoint it was pretty good."

On rotating the QBs at practice:

"We try to do that each week. Each day we will go out with an emphasis maybe on one of the younger guys and have a little bit of a rotation with how they are taking the reps. We will continue to do that."

On Justin Anderson or any player joining camp half way through:

"Two things, it's challenging because there is a mental element that is involved and the biggest thing we have to do as coaches, the position coaches, it falls on them, is get these guys up to speed. Some guys got more work tonight and some guys didn't get any reps tonight. We went through probably 11transactions in the last seven days."

On Mark Ingram catching ability adding more to his game:

"He and Khiry (Robinson) both have made strides that way and I think we have seen it a little more in this camp. Both of them are working some of the nickel snaps and we will continue to do that." 

On if it's difficult to evaluate in the preseason when you have different teams - first, second, third - lined up against each other:

"I think that is pretty common for the preseason. That is one of the benefits of having a practice week. If one team wants to have their group in longer, we are not really paying attention to the substitution pattern from the opponent but I think that is pretty normal."

On if it  there is a message sent to guys that don't get as many reps:

"We're not trying to send messages in the preseason; we are trying to get guys a lot of work, a lot of reps. There are some guys front line guys that weren't healthy tonight so we are getting the other guys the reps. I think the young guys can take advantage of that and some of them have. The key for us is the evaluation and finding the right 53, it's a little different than when you are in the season and you are sitting someone or not playing someone. Right now, it is about getting the practice snaps, we had a bunch last week, getting in the game and trying to also see players with a different surrounding cast sometimes because that can impact how they do."

On if the young QBs starting to pick up the tempo and pace:

"I would say not as well as we'd like. You probably asked that question because you see me screaming while we are on offense. I think we need to be quicker. I think we need to be much quicker."

On RB Tim Hightower's progress:

"I thought he played well last week. I think he has practiced well. He had a few good runs tonight. I think he is healthy and he is gaining confidence. It has been awhile since he has played a lot of football so I am encouraged with the camp he has had."


(on the offensive efficiency tonight)
"Our offense is a work in progress, but I thought tonight we did what we set out to do."

(on the defense getting early three and outs)
"The defense got us some good field position early on and we were able to take advantage of that."

(on the most important thing they did tonight as a unit)
"We got the tempo going, protected the quarterback and ran the ball. We should do those things all of the time. Our tempo really showed early. It was something that we were harping on during training camp. I think that it was a big factor and went pretty well."


(on the practices with the Patriots)
"It was good work. We got to see their offense, which is really good. I thought that we got better being able to practice with them. I don't know if it contributed to how we started tonight or not, but we felt like we came out ready and prepared tonight as a defense."

(on getting the ball back to the offense quickly in the first half)
"It's always a positive to play complementary football. The more that we can get the ball in the offense's hands is a positive. I think that we did a good job of that tonight."


(on how the joint practices helped in the game with the first runit)
"We had a great week of work with them. They are the defending Super Bowl Champs. Those guys are well-coached. They are smart, disciplined and communicate well. There is a lot of talent on that team. We just tried to come out and play our football. I think that we did a great job of executing."

(On what they got out of tonight's game)
"We started fast. Drew *(Brees) *brought the tempo. He is so efficient in how he runs the offense. We started fast and we have something to build on for next week."


(on forcing three and outs early)
"We did well while we were out there. It was awesome."

(on improving this week)
"I got broken in last week. I felt a little more comfortable out there. I just need to focus on making plays and doing my job."

(on making early plays)
"It only happened because the rest of the guys were doing their job as well, so it opened it up for me. When you make plays early, it helps you settle down. Any player can tell you that."


(on if he is pleased with his efforts tonight)
"We still have a lot of work to do. We were able to gain a lot of yards, but each week we have to get better."

(on the jump he's making this preseason)
"I'm just trying to gain trust with the team and with the coaches, so I can help this team win more games."


(on starting fast this week)
"I think that's something that we talked about all week. We wanted to come out and start out fast."

(on his touchdown reception)
"It was just a great play call. Drew *(Brees) *put the ball where it needs to be. All I have to do is catch the ball. He did all of the hard work. I did the easy part."

(on coming back from last year's injury)
"That injury has made me hungrier. It was definitely a hard offseason. I worked my tail off to come back. I want to shock the world. That's the ultimate plan."


(0n tonight being a good step forward for this defense)
"Yes. I think we are doing a lot of good things, and that we are headed in the right direction. Luckily, it's the preseason, and we have some things to clear up, so we will do so."

(0n young guys' growth tonight)
"We are doing a lot of great things. *(Hau'oli) *Kikaha is coming along strong; he played pretty much the first half with us. Stephone is doing a great job. I'm really liking Tyeler Davison and his role. John Jenkins is coming into his own role. I'm liking where this defense is headed."

(on how the first team defense played tonight)
"Getting stops and three and outs are definitely beneficial towards our defensive line, and toward the defense as a whole, especially knowing that we still have Kenny (Vaccaro) *, Jairus *(Byrd) *, BB *(Brandon Browner), Keenan (Lewis), *(Delvin) *Breaux, and many others out. I can keep on going apparently, but guys stepped up, made some great plays, and, that being said, I think our defense is headed in the right direction. We've still got a long way to go."

(on difficulty of gauging defense with so many guys out at the moment)
"For sure, but at the same time, it's getting a lot of younger guys some repetitions that are probably much needed. We've got another two preseason games, and we are going to just try and progress every game."

(on Hau'oli Kikaha's performance and growth)
"Every day, we are striving to get better. Kikaha is headed in the direction that the team wants him to go in. He did great tonight, and we still have (Kasim) *Edebali who can be a dominate sam back *(sam linebacker)
for us. We've got a lot of young guys on our defense, and at this time, I'm pretty excited about where we are headed."

(on his game personally)
"Two preseason games in; of course, pressures are cool, but sacks are always better. That being said, we played Tom Brady pretty well, and that's saying a lot right now."

#25 S Rafael Bush

(on the team's defensive performance tonight)
"I think we came out, matched their intensity, and created some turnovers. We flied around well today."

(on the focus being coming out with intensity early tonight)
"You always want to make corrections from last week, and I think we did those things. I think our focus was there; I think our intensity was there; we were into the game, and I think, as a whole, we did a good job."

(on Tom Brady's three possessions resulting in punts)
"It is a starting point, but I feel like we still have a long way to go. That's always good when you can have a Hall of Fame quarterback go through three three-and-outs like that. We'll take that, and we'll try and get better from the film tomorrow."

(on defensive growth and development)
"I still think we have a long way to go, and we have some key guys that are out right now. I like the way guys are playing. They are coming in, making plays, and stepping up, so I'm excited."

#9 QB Drew Brees

(on how he feels physically)
"I feel as good throwing the ball as I did in a long time. Everybody deals with issues throughout the season. I had that injury in the preseason with the oblique, and I had something during the season that I was battling. At times, maybe I got away from my fundamentals and mechanics. I was kind of trying to survive at times, trying to manufacture a little bit, and manufacture power, because it wasn't coming from the places where it should. By doing that, you begin to overcompensate and do certain things that cause bad habits. I was definitely in that place towards the end of last season; I definitely wasn't feeling my best. That's no excuse, because everybody is battling stuff throughout the season, but this offseason, I definitely went back to the basics with some of those mechanics to make sure that I was doing things the right way."

(on what an oblique strain does to his throwing motion as a quarterback and his throwing motion)
"You throw with your core as a quarterback. People comment, a lot of times that he's a good quarterback because he has a strong arm. It really has nothing to do with your actual arm; it's the way that you are able to generate power. There are certain elements in the way that you use your body to generate strength that allow you to create the type of power that you need. Anytime you have a core injury, which the oblique is, in my opinion; that hurts a part of the rotational element that you use to load up and create power when you throw the ball. For a while there, I didn't have that, and as I was working back from that injury, in order to protect that, I would overcompensate in other ways and develop bad habits, which worked for a short period of time, but then other things started going downhill, and you just start to get away from the good habits and consistency that go with your mechanics."

(On sending a message by coming out firing in the first half)
"It was time to kick things up a notch. I say that applies for every week during the preseason. I would expect next week to be even better than this week, and so on and so forth. That's what the preseason is for. I think that you understand that, in the beginning of training camp, you're going to be working through some things. You're installing a lot of information, offense and defense to guys. We've got young guys that are having to step into multiple positions, trying to find their role, and their heads are swimming a little bit. At some point, you begin to refine, fine tune, and begin to put guys into roles that you feel like they will be in during the season, and how that is going to put them in the best position to succeed, which will therefore put our team in the best position to succeed. As you get to that point, which we are definitely at that point, you want to start playing better and better, and I'm feeling like the pieces are in place. Now it's time to execute, and execute well. There's no more room for excuses. The excuse of it being so early in camp that we can get it figured out later on is not really a factor anymore. The season is just around the corner, and we want to make sure at our best once it does come."

(On Benjamin Watson's progression and performance since this offseason)
"It is funny to say progressed, because he's a 12-year veteran. He is as complete a tight end as there is. He's a guy who obviously, when we had Jimmy Graham last year, complemented us so well last year. He can do so many things, and he played a bit of a different role last year, because Jimmy was the feature in a lot of ways in the passing game. Now Ben has the opportunity to show all the things that he can do in the passing game, which is a lot. He is extremely effective, he gets open, and catches the ball extremely well. He's very intelligent, very smart, and very consistent. He can do all of the other things well that a tight end needs to do. His position is one of the hardest ones to play in football. You have to do so much. You have to run block, pass block, run routes, stretch the field a little bit, be very sure-handed, play a lot of snaps in a lot of different areas; you are just required to do a lot. He is as complete a tight end as there is."

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