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Show off your draft knowledge in the PFW Mock Draft Contest


The NFL draft is just two weeks away but there's still plenty of time to show off all of your knowledge of the top prospects from the college game. Mock drafts have become a cottage industry with media and fans alike throwing their opinions around, so now it's time for you to do the same.

The annual PFW Mock Draft Contest is underway and with it comes your opportunity to win some great prizes. It's pretty simple and doesn't cost anything to enter. All you need to do is select the players you believe will be selected from No. 1 through No. 31. For every player chosen in the spot you predicted you'll receive that number of points. As an example, if you correctly predict the player chosen 21st overall, then you'll receive 21 points.

Prizes are as follows: First place receives a Tom Brady autographed football and $100 Patriots ProShop gift card. Second-fifth place receive $100 Patriots ProShop gift cards. Sixth-10th place receive $50 Patriots ProShop gift cards. Good luck.

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