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Stats Check: 2016 Team and Individual Rankings

A look at how the Patriots ranked in 2016.

A look at how the Patriots as a team and individually ranked during the 2016 regular season.


Points441NFL in 20163rd
Points441Team HistoryT-8th
First Downs351NFL in 2016T-5th
First Downs351Team History8th
3rd Down Conversions104NFL in 20162nd
3rd Down Conversions104Team History4th
3rd Down Percentage45.8NFL in 20164th
Touchdowns51Team History9th
Touchdowns51NFL in 2016T-3rd
Total Yards6,180NFL in 20164th
Total Yards6,180Team History5th
Rushing Yards1,872NFL in 20167th
Rushing Touchdowns19NFL in 20165th
Rushing Touchdowns19Team HistoryT-8th
Rushing First Downs109NFL in 20166th
Passing Yards4,456NFL in 20164th
Passing Yards4,456Team History7th
Passer Rating109.5NFL in 20162nd
Passer Rating109.5Team History3rd
Touchdown Passes32NFL in 2016T-6th
Touchdown Passes32Team History7th
Completion Percentage66.9NFL in 20166th
Completion Percentage66.9Team History2nd
Turnovers11NFL in 2016T-1st
Turnovers11Team History2nd
Turnover DifferentialPlus-12NFL in 20163rd
Red Zone Scoring Pct.63.3NFL in 20168th


Points Allowed250NFL in 20161st
Points Allowed250Team History6th
Rushing TDs Allowed6NFL in 20161st
Rushing TDs Allowed6Team HistoryT-2nd
Rushing Yards Allowed1,417NFL in 2016T-3rd
Rushing Yards Allowed1,417Team History7th
Opp. Points Per Game15.6NFL in 20161st
Opp. Points Per Game15.6Team History4th
Opp. Passer Rating84.4NFL in 20168th
4th Down Percentage38.9NFL in 201610th


Martellus Bennett had his fifth career 100-yard game and his third of the 2016 season after finishing with 7 receptions for 102 yards vs. Seattle (11/13/16).

Receiving Yards701Tight Ends in 20169th
Yards Per Reception12.7Tight Ends in 20166th
Receiving Touchdowns7Tight Ends in 2016T-3rd
Yards After Catch410Tight Ends in 20162nd
Average Yards After Catch7.5Tight Ends in 20162nd


Tom Brady threw 28 touchdown passes and just two interceptions in 2016 for an NFL-best TD/INT ratio of 14.0. 

Passer Rating112.2NFL in 20162nd
Passer Rating112.2Team History2nd
Passing Touchdowns28NFL in 2016T-7th
Passing Touchdowns28Team HistoryT-8th
Completion Percentage67.4NFL in 20165th
Completion Percentage67.4Team History2nd
25+ Yard Completions35NFL in 2016T-4th
25+ Yard Completions35Team HistoryT-5th
Passing Yards Per Attempt8.23NFL in 20162nd
Passing Yards Per Attempt8.23Team History3rd
Passing Yards Per Completion12.21NFL in 20166th
Interception Percentage0.5NFL in 20161st
Interception Percentage0.5Team History1st
TD/Int. Ratio14.0NFL in 20161st
TD/Int. Ratio14.0Team History1st


LeGarrette Blount's 18 rushing touchdowns led the NFL in 2016. He joins Jim Nance, who led the AFL in rushing with 11 in 1966 and 7 in 1967, as the only Patriots player to lead in rushing touchdowns. Blount's 18 rushing touchdowns are the most in the NFL since Adrian Peterson had 18 for Minnesota in 2009.

Rushing Yards1,161NFL in 20168th
Rushing Yards1,161Team History8th
Rushing Touchdowns18NFL in 20161st
Rushing Touchdowns18Team History1st
Rushing Attempts Per Game18.7NFL in 20165th
Rushing Attempts Per Game18.7Team History9th
Rushing First Downs67NFL in 20165th
Rushing First Downs67Team History5th
10+ Yard Rushes29NFL in 20169th
10+ Yard Rushes29Team HistoryT-4th


Nate Ebner had a team-leading and career-high 19 special teams tackles in 2016, which tied for the NFL lead with Miami's Michael Thomas (19). 

Special Teams Tackles19NFL in 2016T-1st


Julian Edelman had his second career 1,000-yard receiving season in 2016 after setting a single-season best with 1,106 yards in 2016. 

Most 1,000 Yard Season/Patriots History
5 Wes Welker
3 Rob Gronkowski
3 Randy Moss
3 Stanley Morgan
2 Julian Edelman
2 Terry Glenn

Receptions98NFL in 20164th
Receptions98Team HistoryT-8th
Receptions Per Game6.1NFL in 20167th
Receptions Per Game6.1Team HistoryT-10th
Yards After Catch505NFL in 20168th
Yards After Catch505Team HistoryT-10th


K Stephen Gostkowski's 29-yard field goal in the first quarter vs. NY Jets (12/24/16) was his 300th career field goal. He is the 30th NFL player to reach 300 career field goals.

Most Field Goals Among Active NFL kickers
Adam Vinatieri 530
Sebastian Janikowski 414
Phil Dawson 404
Matt Bryant 334
Josh Brown 319
Stephen Gostkowski 303

Average Yards Per Return19.3NFL in 20164th
Average Yards Per Return19.3Team History3rd
Extra Points Made46NFL in 2016T-3rd
Extra Points Made46Team HistoryT-10th
Total Points127NFL in 2016T-8th


The Patriots WR Chris Hogan finished tied for first in the NFL with Washington's DeSean Jackson withja 17.9-yard average in 2016.

Yards Per Reception17.9NFL in 2016T-1st


James White finished third in the NFL among running backs with 60 receptions and 551 yards in 2016.

Receptions60Running Backs in 20163rd
Receiving Yards Per Game34.4Running Backs in 20163rd
Receiving Touchdowns5Running Backs in 2016T-1st
Yards Per Reception9.2Running Backs in 20166th
Receptions Per Game3.8Running Bakcs in 20163rd
Receiving First Downs26Running Bakcs in 20163rd
Yards After Catch540NFL in 20166th
Average Yards After Catch9.0NFL in 20165th
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