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Tagliabue: Super Bowl coming to Dallas soon

DALLAS (April 12, 2005) -- The Dallas Cowboys have played in a record eight Super Bowls, winning a record-tying five. About the only thing they haven't done is play host to the big game -- and NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is confident that will change once the team moves into its fancy new home.

"Whether it's 2011 or 2012, I'm quite certain you'll see a Super Bowl in that stadium soon after it opens," Tagliabue said during an appearance in Dallas.

The Cowboys used the lure of a Super Bowl as part of their campaign to get voters in Arlington to approve raising taxes to pay for $325 million of the stadium's $650 million price tag. The 75,000-seat, retractable-roof facility is scheduled to open in time for the 2009 season, making the 2010 game the first it would be eligible to host.

With New York tentatively getting that game, the Cowboys already are eagerly eyeing the next available slot.

"I think it has a hell of a shot of getting it," Tagliabue said. "Nothing in life is a shoo-in. There will be competition for it."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes his chances.

"We know the type of facility we're going to have is going to be attractive for the Super Bowl -- not only initially, but Super Bowls," he said.

Tagliabue spoke at an SMU Lecture Series event, with Jones and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt also sitting at the head table.

Answering questions from longtime Cowboys broadcaster Brad Sham, the commissioner spoke about many topics, including why the league voted to pull the plug on team-owned regional TV networks. The Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons were the only ones that had them.

Tagliabue said the league wasn't sure how to handle it at first, then decided such outlets were competition for the league-owned NFL Network. So they're working on a way to have team programming offered on-demand by cable providers.

"If it turns out there are better ways, we'll do it," Tagliabue said.

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