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Terry Glenn Press Conference

Patriots Wide Receiver Terry Glenn talks to the media about their win over the Chargers, 29-26.To read a full transcript click on the button below.



Q: Were you expecting to do as well as you did?

TG: Yes and no. I knew that I did a lot of things at home to prepare for this game. I had the expectation to come out here and contribute to the team whether it was one big catch or six big ones or whatever, but I was basically thinking that I wanted to contribute to the win.

Q: What do you do at home?

TG: I work out, tough, just like I do every offseason. That's why I wondered why anyone would question the kind of shape I would come back here in. But that's neither here nor there, so I'm going to let that go.

Q: The timing that you had with Tom Brady, it looked like you guys ha been working together for a while.

TG: I think a 14-yard comeback is a 14-yard comeback, whether I'm running it or David's running it or Troy's running it. David's a pretty fast guy and I consider myself a pretty fast guy. The timing's pretty much the same if you get good separation from the corners and leave room for a late throw.

Q: After not playing football for a while, how did it feel to go out there and help get the win?

TG: It means a lot to win. Having lost would have been real bad. To come out and contribute to a victory, a much needed victory, I'm definitely excited about that.

Q: Talk about the effective passing game plan.

TG: Charlie [Weis] does a good job of countering what they give him. They were playing soft coverage. [Alex] Molden and Ryan [McNeil] are two experienced corners and they like to guess a lot. During the week, we said that we wanted to take what they would give us, which was the comeback, which is a good route against soft coverage.

Q: Was the plan for the game that you would be involved this quickly, or did it evolve into that?

TG: We said that if I was ready and looked good enough during the week, that they were not going to hold anything back. We were going to come out and try to win, whatever that takes. Whether I catch six balls, seven balls, one ball, we'll take what the defense gives us. They gave us a lot of those comebacks, and I ran a lot of them.

Q: Do you feel that this is a vindication of any sort for what you've been through?

TG: At first. At first. During the week, leading into the game, I was pretty nervous because I wanted to do well. As the game got going and I got into the flow of things just how everything was in the past, making plays and trying to help win, I kind of lost that. I just wanted to get out with a couple of good catches and most definitely to win and go into next week.

Q: What about dealing with it afterwards? Did Coach Belichick talk to you at all?

TG: No, not at all. And I don't expect anything more than just 'Good job, good luck next week.'

Q: Talk about the tremendous ovation you got from the crowd.

TG: That really put a smile on my face. It made me feel really good. I didn't know what kind of reception I was going to get from the fans, and I was real happy with that. They pretty much welcomed me back here.

Q: Talk about your touchdown catch.

TG: It was a post-corner route and they were playing double-team on the inside guy. They were doubling me and I just happened to get outside and Ryan McNeil... Once again, if you give a receiver a chance to make a play and he has the offensive ability, he always says, 'Throw it up there. Give it to me.'

Q: Did you see yourself as having a reputation to uphold out there today?

TG: A little bit. I also felt that for the guys that stuck up for me a little bit around here, like Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law and Troy Brown, guys like that, I really felt that when I was playing and making some of those plays, that I was happy that I was able to do it not only for myself and my people at home, but those three guys, I really look up to them. They're just great guys.

Q: For your whole career, [Drew] Bledsoe's been the quarterback. What's the difference what another guy back there?

TG: He's young and he wants to prove himself, and I think that's definitely an advantage for anybody. We've got a young guy out there and he's trying to make plays and he wants to allow himself to make plays. Like on that post-corner route, he might not have thrown it if he had eight or nine years under his belt, but this being his first year out there playing, he wanted to give somebody a chance to go out there and make a play and he did. That's what you need.

Q: Why would he not have thrown it?

TG: Because there was double coverage and I really wasn't that wide open. Usually you try to go somewhere else, but all along he told me he was going to go to that corner route. Just me believing in that, I wanted to make that play...

Q: Do you see something in Tom Brady?

TG: I like his attitude. He has a really good attitude for that position and he has a really good attitude for the types of receivers that we have. We had some success my rookie year and it seemed like we declined each year. For him to come in here... And to me he really has nothing to lose by going out there and trying to give us that chance to make a play and as I said, as a receiver that's all you want.

Q: Does he have a real take charge attitude?

TG: He does, and I think that the more he throws well, you'll start to see it even more.

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