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The price to pay for Belichick

At 6:00pm tonight the New England Patriots will announce that Bill Belichick is their new Head Coach. In order for Belichick to return to New England, the Patriots and the New York Jets have agreed on the following terms of compensation.

2000 The Patriots give up their first round draft pick (16th pick overall) to the New York Jets.
2001 The Patriots give up their 4th and 7th round pick to the New York Jets. In return, the Patriots will get the Jets 5th round pick.
2002 The Patriots give up nothing, but will receive the Jets 7th round pick.

Again, tonight at 6:00pm, the Patriots will announce the hiring of Bill Belichick as their new Head Coach. You can watch that press conference on Patriots Live right here on Later tonight,'s video webshow, Patriots Cyber Sideline, will give you more information and analysis on the breaking Patriots news.

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