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This game worth Hall of Fame buzz

It's time to give Electric Football the respect it deserves


Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Electric Football – all worthy of the Hall of Fame.

Well, the first two have already secured their spots in Canton but the latter is trying to find its rightful home at the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, N.Y.

NFL's Toy Story Electric Football is celebrating its 70th anniversary, which seems like the perfect time to get this classic tabletop game the recognition it deserves.

Countless kids fell in love with the NFL after plugging in their version of the vibrating board game where all of your best laid plans went straight to chaos in the matter of seconds. I remember spending hours formulating my plan of attack, meticulously placing the players in the perfect position to score a touchdown, only to turn on the play and watch my ball carrier spin in circles until a defender reached him.

Despite the frustrations due to the lack of control, we loved it. In the 1960s and '70s you couldn't enter any of your friends' homes without spending at least an hour trying to perfect your offense. 

My version was an old AFL-NFL set up with the "ball" made out of a tiny piece of felt. It was pretty easy to place it on your running back's arm but the passing and kicking games were a bit more challenging – as in non-existent. 

But that didn't matter to us, because in the age before video games took over, this was how we fell in love with the National Football League – and it's time to give Electric Football its place in the Hall of Fame.

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