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Thomas, Julian among most popular baby names in Massachusetts in 2018

We can't imagine where parents got the idea for those names. 

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Boston sports fans take their support very seriously. We have seen themed weddings, tattoos and wild road trips to honor their teams, and if we connect some dots in a report from the Social Security Administration, they even celebrate some of their favorite players through the next generation, as well.

Though there has been a rise an "Game of Thrones" names across the country that have proven, uh, risky, Patriots fans can always rely on their guys. So it comes as no surprise that in Massachusetts, the names Thomas and Julian were in the top 40 most popular boys names in 2018.

In a study released by the Social Security Administration, Thomas and Julian ranked 16th and 23rd overall in Massachusetts. Nationwide, Thomas and Julian came in 49th and 36th respectively, which The Boston Globe's Jaclyn Reiss drew attention to.

This data reflects the naming trends of babies born in 2018, and with Super Bowl appearances in both 2017 and 2018, it seems likely that the popularity of these names is consistent with the success of a certain quarterback and wide receiver.

It seems to be more than a mere coincidence, and hey, naming your kid after the GOAT and the reigning Super Bowl MVP is pretty respectable.

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