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Thread of the Week

Hey, fans. Welcome to the Thread of the Week.


Each week a topic is chosen from the bulletin board and highlighted on the site. Here are some excerpts:

Contents of Original Post:

Hey, fans. Welcome to the Thread of the Week. This week, there are 2 topics. Comment on any and all that you wish. Just remember to abide by normal BBS conduct rules.

* Please keep in mind, this thread will be seen by the players, coaches, and Patriot's staff members. Please keep your responses proper, thoughtful and specific. Crude remarks within a post will cause that post to be deleted.*

Response cutoff time will be: Kickoff Sunday

TOTW #1: This past week has been a busy one for coach Belichick and the team. Numerous players have been cut, injured and brought on board. TE Eric Bjornson, Ben Coates' replacement was released, Drew Bledsoe as we now know has been playing with a broken thumb, Max Lane is on IR, Andruzzi and Redmond are in question for Sunday, other injuries are: Chatham, Johnson, Slade and McGinest among others. Pats picked up Josh Rawlings from KC and Curtis Jackson from St. Louis to fill in the holes. Considering all this along with the obvious problems on the field, What are your thoughts on how Coach Belichick is doing and handling the team?

TOTW #2: Recently there has been a lot of talk and info on the condition of Robert Edwards and his comeback from being 10 minutes away from having his foot amputated due to injury. From the reports it looks like he will be on his way back much to the shock of his doctors. Personally going through roughly the same type of injury myself, not once, but 3 times I feel this is a substantial recovery that should never go un-noticed. I'd like to know if it could be made possible by the Patriots organization, what kind of fanfare would you like to see shown to Robert on his first game back? Either on part of the team, the fans or both?

Go to the Bulletin Board and ask away! So, there it is, fellow Patriot Fans. Let's have some good participation, and get ready for Detroit!

**Title:**RE: THREAD OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

TOTW #1: On Robert Edwards if he comes back it should be Robert Edwards day at Foxboro with a brief introduction and he should be rewarded the game ball (after the game) Possibly some fireworks ect.. On the injuries, Let Drew play if he wants to but I was worried about his ability to throw the long ball in the browns game. I think letting Bishop play would be a mistake. I think Belichick is doing as well as could be expected considering the injuries. I am glad he is still trying to make adjustments. I really like the way Spires has stepped up and Slade is going full throttle even though it must hurt his bad back. We really should be looking for some o and dine help though. We may be able to save money and draft another great Wry (example Glenn). We need a TE. How about Cherbet? Yeah he is small but he could fill in. We need to use our current TE more. Eiztman should get more playing time to see what he can do. I hope we can make an end of the season run like in 94.

Go Pats.

**Title:**RE: THREAD OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

TOTW #1: Bill B. is doing an admirable job considering he came in to a team with so many gaping holes. On offense, the lack of a running game really hurts. Weis has given the pats a good plan each week to be competitive. For the most part, the pats have been competitive every week. With no running game, or a solid positional receiver, the big play has been nullified. Glenn is double teamed constantly, and with his minute size, you can't really throw him the ball and expect him to come down with it.

Bledsoe is the team's MVP by far. All talk of Bishop should go away. I watched a game I had on tape of him in college. His arm is too erratic for the NFL. That's why he slipped to the 7th round. If he can get more accurate, even by giving up some of his arm strength, he may have a shot as a back-up NFL QB career.

The defense has been exposed. Bill cannot be blamed for the defense's inability to make a big play when they need it most. Except for a horrible miss tackle against the Brownies, Milloy has been brilliant. What's needed here is a playmaking corner to complement Law, and a pass rushing defensive lineman.

TOTW #2: What can be said about Robert Edwards. To even walk again is an accomplishment. If he makes it back next season, the first home game should shower him with praise. A nice ceremony during halftime would be nice.

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