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Season Ticket / Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions


Why was The List created? Thanks to dedicated fan support, the New England Patriots have been sold out since 1994. The List was created to provide an organized and fair process for fans to have access to Patriots season tickets when they become available and receive other Waitlist amenities.

What is the deposit requirement? A deposit of $100 is required for each seat requested. There is a minimum of two seats and maximum of four seats per Waitlist account. All deposits will be applied toward your account balance once you purchase season tickets. The deposit is fully refundable.

Is there an annual maintenance fee to hold my position on The List? No. Once you register and place your deposit, you will remain a Waitlist Member until you are offered season tickets or request to be removed from The List.

How do I join The List? You can purchase memberships on this page (above). You are also able to download and mail your application to us. The form can be downloaded here.

How will updates and other information be communicated to me during my Waitlist term? Email will be the primary form of communication for Patriots Waitlist information and updates. The Patriots will make every effort to ensure email notifications are received in a timely manner, but the Patriots cannot guarantee email delivery because of third party constraints (spam filters, firewalls, etc.). Those on The List are responsible for maintaining a valid email address that is able to receive Patriots Waitlist emails, and are encouraged to notify Patriots Member Services immediately if they feel communication is not being properly received by emailing It is the sole responsibility of those on The List to promptly notify the Patriots if their email address or telephone number changes. The Patriots are not responsible for false, incorrect, changed, incomplete, or illegible contact information.

Can I remove my name from The List? Yes. If for any reason you wish to be removed from the Waitlist before season tickets become available, you will be issued a full deposit refund check pursuant to the terms and conditions of the season ticket waitlist.

Does my deposit guarantee that I will be offered season tickets? No. Your deposit holds your place on The List, but it does not guarantee that you will be offered season tickets. Season ticket availability is based on the renewal rates of existing Season Ticket Members.

Can I purchase a spot on The Waitlist as a gift for someone else? Yes. When registering for The List, simply use the gift recipient's name, address, and contact information, with the exception of their email address, in the appropriate sign-up fields. Waitlist Members are notified via email once they have joined The List. Therefore, we ask that you fill out the application using your own email address, as this will ensure the gift recipient is unaware of the purchase. For more information, click here.

Will I receive notification of my successful application to The Waitlist? Yes. You will receive an email welcome soon after submitting your application and deposit (please allow up to 5 business days).


What is Patriots365 powered by Visa? Patriots365 powered by Visa is an exclusive Patriots loyalty program for Season Ticket Members and Waitlist Members. As a Waitlist Member, the program allows you to earn credit on all your qualified purchases. Your credit accumulates toward a Patriots ProShop online voucher. You can sign up for Patriots365 powered by Visa using your Patriots Account Manager credentials at

How do I redeem my ProShop voucher? Following the conclusion of the credit earning period on December 31 each year, you will be issued your ProShop voucher via email in January. For more details, click here.

Who do I contact for questions about my Patriots365 powered by Visa account? For more information on your Patriots365 account, please call us at 1-800-543-1776, or email


Do I have the option to pass on my season tickets to family/friends once I become a Season Ticket Member? Season Ticket Members may request to transfer their account(s) by completing the Pass It On Request Form, available here. The Patriots will review all proposed transfers and have the right to approve, condition or reject the proposed transfer in its sole discretion. As indicated in the Pass It On Request Form, the Patriots' decision is final and non-appealable. If you have any questions, please click here for answers to frequently asked questions about transferring a Season Ticket Membership Account.

How will membership updates and benefits information be communicated to me during my membership term? After you become a member of The List, you will receive a welcome email with information on how to manage your account. Exclusive "Special Access" newsletters will contain information about team announcements, special offers, and other pertinent information.

How long will it take for me to get Patriots season tickets? Ticket availability is based on the renewal rates of existing Season Ticket Members.

How will I be contacted if season tickets become available? If we reach your spot on The List, you will be contacted by a Patriots Member Services representative. Due to the timeliness of this process, it is extremely important that you keep your email, mailing address, and phone number up-to-date in Account Manager.

How much do season tickets cost? For information on current season ticket pricing, please email

How can I pay for season tickets once they are offered to me? Season ticket payments may be made with a Visa card or by check. We require full payment (less deposit) by the purchase deadline date sent with your season ticket invoice. You will be informed of the full payment amount and deadline date when you're contacted that we've reached your spot on The List.

Could I be removed from The List for any reason? Your membership on the Waitlist and your deposit will be subject to forfeiture if you break any rule, regulation, or policy either (i) of the New England Patriots or Gillette Stadium or (ii) concerning any program, privilege or benefit made available to Waitlist members.


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