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Tom Brady Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady talks to the press about their win over the Raiders in overtime, 16-13.To read a transcript, click below.



Q: The weather wasn't bad enough for you?

TB:Yeah, it was certainly different conditions than we faced the whole season. I think we got up there in the first half and we were trying to do some things and as it often goes in these football games, these tough games, you have to get to the stuff you're doing well. In the second half, we started to move the ball, but still didn't make as many plays as we would have liked, but it was great to come up with the plays when we needed them and to win the game.

Q: Inaudible?

TB:You know, he hit me. I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure. If he hit me I was going to throw it; how do you like that?

Q: Why were you so much better with the no-huddle offenses?

TB:I think a lot of times as a quarterback you get into a rhythm. You start seeing the coverage, the configuration of their secondary, and you get comfortable knowing where the pressure is coming from. You know, you just get a feel for the drops and the throws, and a lot of quarterbacks are successful in that because, you know, you don't have to hand it off in between these throws. You know, we executed well all around. David Patten made some huge catches to remain. Wiggins made some huge catches, line protected. Troy, as usual. Just proud of everybody.

Q: Why were you able to connect with Wiggins so much tonight in the second half?

TB:He was getting open. He was getting open. He's just one of those guys that you call his number and he can make a lot of plays for you. You go into the game thinking we're going to be able to do some things, and you make adjustments. He was part of our adjustments today.

Q: How big of a feeling is it at this point with this team, no one expected you to be in the playoffs or AFC Championship Game, probably with two minutes left nobody expected you to win the game, what's the feeling and the emotion of all that?

TB:I would say we are a pretty confident group. We have been in situations where we've been down late before, we needed a two-minute drive to win the game. We've gone into overtime, played in bad weather, played at night and we've been in a lot of bad situations and it's made us strong. At no point in the time did anyone ever give up. We came in at half time and guys are still confident that we can win the game. That's why you play two halves: You know, one-half you might not go out there and play as well, and the second half you come out and you play well and you win in overtime.

Playoff football, you know, when there's four inches of snow out there, you've just got to do whatever you've got to do to win.

Q: What's it like when he hits a field goal, you go into overtime, you march down the field and you're just looking at your teammates and smiling, thinking, "We're here, who would have thought"?

TB:Everyone is congratulating each other before we made that field goal. I was like, "It's not over yet." As soon as that ball went through, it's a great feeling, just because, you know, you know the feeling. You know the feeling of losing and you don't want to experience that. And then to pull out the victory, you know, when you said nobody gives you a chance, that's probably been all season, it's not much better.

Q: What's going through your mind as you're waiting for the ref to review that play; that's it's down to one call?

TB:They said they were reviewing it, and I looked up at the screen and I thought, well, it's probably going to be our ball and I just went over to Charlie and just said, "What's the next play."

Q: Did you learn anything in tonight's performance, first playoff game?

TB:Yeah, I learn a lot every week. I learn a lot every week. There's so much to learn. That's the thing, you're faced with different circumstances, different situations every week. Today was just another opportunity to learn for me, to build, to be sharp. There's not a lot of times where you get in a game like this and you don't play perfect and you still win. You know, as a quarterback, you always want to play perfect. I will try to evaluate where the imperfections came this time.

Q: The way everything fell into place for you to be in this position, the way it's gone for you and to win this game, does anything surprise you about this team anymore?

TB:Not really. Nothing surprising to me. You sit in the locker room and you talk to a lot of guys like Roman Phifer and Terrell Buckley and Anthony Pleasant, you realize that these guys have been around the block. They have been on a lot of great teams played for a lot of great players.
You know, everyone is here just to get the job done. It seems each week, different numbers get called and there's a consistency of guys like Troy Brown and Lawyer and Ty Law and Damien Woody and a lot of those guys, and each week some guy just steps up and makes a special play.

Today I thought David Patten had a heck of a game, huge catches huge first downs. You celebrate with the team when you win, and just the camaraderie been this whole group is something special.

Q: What runs through your mind, your first touchdown?

TB:When I fell on my face? I wanted to spike that thing hard and as I was spiking it my foot kind of slipped and I figure, I'm going down with the ball. It was pretty cool. Pretty cool

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