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Tom Brady Transcript: 'We had our chances'

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady addresses the media following the team's Week 13 game against the Green Bay Packers.


(on the loss)*
"We had our chances. Wish we would have done something there on offense in the end, but 21 points isn't going to be enough against a good team like that so we have to figure out how to score more points."

(on the improvements needed for the offense)
"I think it's just (being) more consistent across the board. We fought hard and hung in there, we just couldn't make enough plays. They made a lot of plays and they made some pretty important ones, and we didn't make enough important ones."

(on the incomplete pass to Rob Gronkowski in the end zone late in the fourth quarter)
"It's a game of inches and it happened to fall on their side this time. I wish we would have scored and put a little pressure on them, it would have been nice to take the lead at that point, but we didn't and we have to figure out how to do a better job."

(on the play of the Patriots defense)
"I thought our defense really hung in there and played good, especially in the red area. We held them to four field goals, but we just didn't do enough offensively to really help them out."

(on the improvement made since the loss to Kansas City)
"I think we're playing a little bit better, and we have our whole season ahead of us. We're in a decent position, I think we really need to turn it up and just realize that every possession and every play is an opportunity and if you don't take advantage of it you never know which play it's going to be in close games like this that leads to losses. We have to win tough games and find ways to make the important plays when we have them."

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