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Torn rotator cuff confirmed for Pennington

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (Sept. 28, 2005) -- Jets quarterback Chad Pennington got the same opinion on his right shoulder from noted orthopedist James Andrews: his rotator cuff is torn.

Pennington visited Andrews on Sept. 27 in Birmingham, Ala., and had an arthogram, where dye is injected into the joint and X-rayed to detect any tears. Andrews, who repaired Pennington's shoulder earlier this year, conferred with the Jets' medical staff and agreed there was a tear, the team said in a statement.

Pennington will be treated with rest and rehab to see how his shoulder responds, and will be re-evaluated by Andrews in two to three weeks. He is out for the season.

"I am truly optimistic about the status of my shoulder," Pennington said in a statement. "I know I will bounce back from this situation, and I refuse to feel sorry for myself. There are so many things in life to be thankful for."

The tear is in a different part of his rotator cuff, and Pennington said the area that was repaired wasn't damaged.

"Because of this, there is no doubt I did not come back too early or rush the process of rehabilitation," he said.

Backup Jay Fiedler dislocated his right shoulder on Sept. 25, when Pennington was reinjured, though coach Herman Edwards said there is a chance Fiedler could return this season.

Pennington tore his rotator cuff last November and had surgery in February. He has never played a full season as a starter, after also injuring his wrist in the 2003 preseason.

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