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Transcript: Andrew Stueber Conference Call 4/30

New England Patriots seventh-round draft pick Andrew Stueber addresses the media via conference call, Saturday, April 30.

Patriots OL - Andrew Stueber – 2022 Draft, Pick 245

Conference Call

April 30, 2022

Q: Congratulations. What has this day been like for you?

AS: It's been pretty stressful. I think you talk to anyone who's gone through the draft. It's a pretty stressful day. But you've just got to keep holding out hope, and I think it always ends up on the good side though, to those who work hard and those who kind of have worked hard, I think it always ends out and so, I'm happy where I am. I've loved the Patriots organization and their team throughout my whole childhood growing up and everything, and I'm really excited to get there and start working.

Q: As a Darien native, it looks like you just said Patriots were your team. What were some of your memories as a kid growing up of following the team?

AS: I definitely remember having great rivalries between the Patriots and the Giants, a couple Super Bowls between them. So, that was kind of a great memory growing up, kind of always seeing that. So, it was a pretty stark divide between either the Giants or the Patriots either way which side you leaned on, but definitely it was great growing up. I remember watching Patriots games growing up. They were always such a dominant team, and they played football with just such passion. It was such a great team to watch growing up.

*Q: Were you a Giant's fan growing up? *
AS: No, I was a Patriots growing up, too. I was a Michigan fan growing up, too. Obviously a Tom Brady fan (inaudible) but growing up too, I was still a Patriots guy.

Q: I was curious about your relationship with guys that have gone from Michigan to New England guy?
AS: Yeah, definitely. That's one thing I'm very excited to go to. I already know some of the guys there pretty closely. I played with them, obviously Mike [Onwenu], Cam [McGrone], Josh Uche, Chase Winovich was there, he is no longer there, but they have spoken nothing but high things about the whole program. It's exciting to kind of go there and know that I have former teammates and friends there who can help me kind of guide along. I think that's the biggest thing, especially for an O-lineman is when you get there, you kind of start attached to the veteran guys and see how they work, how they operate, what their routine is like, and knowing a guy already going into it, I think it would help that transition. I'll be able to ask them questions and kind of bounce off ideas and see how he does his business because obviously Mike has had such a great career so far and you know, he's nothing but going upwards. And so, I think that's a great person to kind of get behind and just see how he does his work, what his routines like and I'm just really looking forward to it.

Q: Regarding the fan base that you alluded to being split between Giants and Patriots fans. How often did you hear from people in the run up to the draft?

AS: Well, obviously going into this whole process, you try not to have preferences of where you go. At the end of the day, you just want any team to take you to give you the opportunity to play. That's all you need, an opportunity, all you need is a spot. So, obviously growing up in New England, there's definitely people asking about the local teams, the Patriots, the Giants and the Jets but once the draft shakes out, you have no idea how it's going to go. So, it was mostly just kind of waiting for the opportunity for the call. I'd be happy with whatever team would give me the opportunity and the Patriots did. So, I'm grateful for them. I'm excited to get there and work. And I can't wait to get there and learn everything about the organization and how they play football.

Q: The Patriots are a team that really values versatility on the offensive line, you've played inside and out. How attractive do you think the versatility that you have from Michigan is and what do you anticipate when you come to New England in terms of where you'll be and where you'll get the biggest look?
AS: Yeah, I think versatility is the name of the game at the next level. If you're able to play tackle or guard or even all three, you're stock and you're kind of how much the team values you definitely goes up just in terms of your versatility. So, going to Michigan and being able to play almost every position except center, it really helped me. I've had exposure to a lot of these different positions and so, when I get there it's really whatever spot the coach and the team wants to put me in that they think is the best position to make the team win. And so, when I get there, I'm going to go in there with an open mind. I'm going to try and learn the playbook as best I can, as fast as I can at every position. So, whatever position they want to play me at that they think will benefit the team the most and help us win games, I'll be more than happy to get there.

Q: In the lead up to the call and getting close to the end of the seventh round, did you start to prepare for the possibility you could go undrafted?

AS: Yeah, definitely a stressful day overall. I'm kind of emotioned out at this point, as you can kind of imagine but you prepare for the worst and hope for the best in situations like this. So, as it starts hitting you in the draft, you start seeing where your possibilities are, where your options are but still not losing hope and you kind of still hope for the best. I think the best situation for me came with the Patriots obviously selecting me. I think it was a dream come true. I couldn't be more thankful for them for giving me this opportunity. Obviously, it was a stressful day, but it was a happy ending and so that's all you can ask for.

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