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Transcript: Andy Reid Conference Call 9/30

Read the full transcript from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's conference call with the New England media on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Andy Reid


September 30, 2020

Q: Up here in New England over the years after the team has won a championship you'd often hear people in the organization saying that they have to be prepared for everyone's best shot and that they were the hunted now. How much do you feel that dynamic and if so, how much do you feel you guys have responded with that?

AR: Yeah, so there's nobody better to answer that question than the Patriots. They've done it for so many years. Bill's been phenomenal with it and we've had just one taste here of it. But, we understand that. We understand that you get people's best shot. When you play the Patriots, you're always going to get their best shot. That's how we're looking at it and we have looked at it throughout the weeks here.

Q: We've seen the Patriots change their offense quite a bit with Cam Newton at quarterback and in each of the three games they've played so far, they've also taken on a slightly different identity. Are you surprised or impressed as to how quickly they've adjusted and changed their offense from last season and throughout this season as well?

AR: You know any Bill Belichick team is going to be well-coached in having answers. I think he's probably enjoying that and it sure looks like they're playing good football and Josh [McDaniels], we saw what he did with Tim Tebow and now we're seeing it with Cam. He's just doing it a little different because Cam has an unbelievable arm and has probably a little better feel for the pass game right now than what Tim did. He's using every factor of Cam. I think Cam's enjoying that and they're playing really good football there.

Q: As someone who calls plays can you describe that challenge? Is it more of a fun challenge when your personnel changes that way? Is it a difficult one? You mentioned specifically with Josh McDaniels. What do you think about the play calling?

AR: Yeah I think he's doing a heck of a job with it and I look at the player. Is the player enjoying doing what he's doing and are you utilizing his strengths and putting pressure on the defense? They're doing all those things. So, I can't talk about personnel, I don't know that but it sure looks like they're playing good, aggressive football and utilizing every strength that the players have.

Q: The Patriots lost offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia but it seems like they haven't missed a beat, even shuffling personnel. What have you seen from their offensive line so far?

AR: They're doing a good job. Listen, Dante had done it for so many years and so well and he was just so good at it. His work was impeccable. Carmen [Bricillo] is in that situation now and has done a nice job.

They're doing great with it.

Q: You've played the Patriots so often the last few years but now without Tom Brady, do you kind of not go back to those films and watch them or are they still useful to help you prepare for this game?

AR: Well, some of the things are the same but they're mixing it up and I think what you see is, they play the strength of the players. So that's what they're doing and it's a tribute to them for coaching that way. That's what I see. Listen, you're following the greatest ever with a guy who is a great player too, so it's a unique situation and they're making it, just with different strengths. They're doing a nice job with it.

Q: You've been asked this before, but you and Patrick Mahomes are the popular choice to be the next Brady/Belichick combo. What is your usual reaction to that notion?

AR: Listen, they did it forever and did it so well and better than anybody. We're young pups here in that area and so we're just trying to get ready play the Patriots is what we're trying to do and haven't thought too much about the other thing. I wouldn't at all take that accomplishment that Bill and Tom had. That was phenomenal.

Q: I wanted to ask you about former Patriots coach Brendan Daly and the work he's done with defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. One area the team has drastically improved is along the defensive line. I'm curious about your connection to Brendan before he joined the staff in Kansas City and what kind of impact he's made there.

AR: Yeah so I watched Brendan from afar. He worked for Brad Childress. He and my son knew each other really well. My son said, as Brad Childress did, 'This is the best defensive line coach that you can find.' So I took that to heart and Spags was the same way with it. And I know Bill thought he was tremendous too. So, I just feel lucky to have him here and he's done a nice job. Works his tail off. And then Spags likewise, he's right from right back where you 'pahk the cah', he's there. As is my whole family was from there. So I get it. He's doing a heck of a job.

Q: Is there any kind of advantage to play the Ravens and that kind of an offense with Lamar Jackson and then to take on the Patriots based on the first three games with Cam Newton and some of the read-option stuff that they've done and some of the schematics you've seen from them and with Cam, specifically?

AR: Yeah, Cam can do anything. Cam, he's been the passer, he's been the runner, he's been the whole deal. You have to prepare for everything and we went in that way with Lamar, the same thing. Yeah they have the run game that's tremendous. You also have a guy that can throw the football. I've played against Cam enough and seen him enough to know how explosive he is doing both.

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