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Transcript: Bill Belichick Media Access 6/6

Read the full transcript from Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick's media access following day 3 of minicamp at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

BB: Okay, well it's a good week to wrap it up here. I feel like we got a lot done out on the field which is good. We've just got to keep grinding away here one day at a time. Congratulations to Lieutenant Joe Cardona on his promotion. Obviously a day to remember our World War II veterans here on D-Day. It's the 75th anniversary, that's kind of a big one for us. I want to recognize all the things that they did. And I obviously wish the Bruins well tonight in Game 5.

Q: Are you happy Tom Brady is taking a little bit of the heat off you today with the media?

BB: Yeah, I'm good. Whatever you guys want.

Q: As you transition from this minicamp as a teaching camp, to training camp as an evaluation period, is it kind of tough to get the younger players to make that transition?

BB: Yeah, young guys have to transition to everything, so they learn as they go. They've been at it now for three weeks so we'll just keep working through. It's part of a long process.

Q: You mentioned D-Day. This is probably the last major milestone that members of that generation will be alive for. How important is it for us to remember that aspect and appreciate that part of it?

BB: Yeah, I think it's huge and I think a lot of organizations, World War II foundations, others, have done a great job trying to recognize it here over the last several weeks and certainly today, this weekend. It's a day that changed history, it's a big day for all of us, important day for all of us. As I said, happy to recognize Joe [Cardona] on this day, it just helps make it a special day for all of us.

Q: Excited about the ring ceremony tonight?

BB: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Q: What's that ceremony like?

BB: Yeah, I'm sure Mr. Kraft will have a great venue and a great set-up for us so we look forward to that, look forward to seeing the rings and reuniting with everybody from the championship team last year. So look forward to it.

Q: What do you think about Zdeno Chara potentially playing tonight through a broken jaw?

BB: I have no idea.

Q: Shows some of the toughness of hockey players?

BB: It's the Stanley Cup so – just trying to see if we can get a couple of first downs out here.

Q: What have you seen out of Obi Melifonwu?

BB: Yeah, all those guys, guys like him that came in the middle of the year, rookies from last year, they're way ahead starting from the beginning this year. He's gotten a lot of reps here in camp with Patrick [Chung] not practicing, so he's been able to take advantage of them. He and [Terrence] Brooks have both gotten a lot of snaps.

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