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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 10/20

Read the full transcript from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.


October 20, 2021

BB: So, we're rolling here on the Jets. They certainly had an impressive win against the Titans a couple weeks back. [Zach] Wilson hit a lot of big throws. They continue to run the ball well. It's a really good running team. They do a good job there. Defensively, they continue to play aggressively. One of the best red area teams in the league. They've done a good job of playing on a short field, which they've had to do a few times this year, but they've played really well there. Very competitive in the kicking game. [Justin] Hardee is one of the better penetrators that we see. They are a team that we kind of know, but I'd say after the week off, their bye week, I'm sure they'll adjust some things like everybody would do during that week, especially at this point in the season. I think we'll see not maybe as much as what we'd see on opening day and that kind of thing, but I'm sure we'll see some adjustments. It's a game plan team. Especially offensively and in the kicking game that we're going to have to see some things, be ready for some things that we probably aren't already practicing. That'll be a challenge for us, too. We didn't see [Jamison] Crowder in the first game. Certainly, that's a big guy for them in the offense. He's one of the better slot receivers that we see, so it'll be a big challenge for us. Dealing with him as well as the rest of the crew; [Corey] Davis, [Keelan] Cole. I've been impressed by the backs. I think their backs have done a good job. Ty [Johnson] and the rookie has done well, [Michael] Carter. They've got good speed back there and break a lot of tackles. We had trouble tackling those guys in the first game, so that's something that'll be a challenge for us. These guys break tackles against everybody. It's a good group. [Tevin] Coleman's got a lot of speed. It's an explosive group of backs as well.

On where he feels the team is at right now:

BB: Well, we're focused on the Jets here, so let's try to focus on what we can do. Be ready to go this week and go out there and play good football again.

On the greatest difference with the Jets since their last meeting in Week 2:

BB: It's a lot of little things. They haven't changed their offense or changed their defense. They're better at it. They've got more experience doing it, and they're better at it. We're better together as a group in all three phases, playing good complementary football and having a better understanding of the scheme, what they're asked to do, and how they do it.

On how the Jets' defensive line complements each other and what makes John Franklin-Myers so tough to block:

BB: All those guys are high-motor guys. [John Franklin-] Myers has good power. Good speed on the edge. They do a good job pushing the pocket with their inside guys, so that makes it sometimes difficult for the quarterback to step up, which brings the outside guys into the rush. Quarterback can't move up in the pocket, and then that brings them closer to him. I'd say, again, good complementary rush their run game is up there. Those big guys inside do a good job penetrating, and that clears some space for the edge guys.

On how the team will try to recreate their defensive success they had in first matchup with the Jets:

BB: I think every time you play a team in this league, it's a whole new game, so I'm sure they'll have some different plays. We'll have some different looks. Things won't match up the same, so just try to go out there and play a good fundamental football game. Make the necessary adjustments that come up here in the game, which I'm sure there'll be some because, again, this is a game plan team that will move some things around from week-to-week.

On Zach Wilson's evolution since Week 2:

BB: He had a lot of big throws against Tennessee. He hit some of the outside throws like he did against us. Downfield throws against Tennessee. He's athletic. Gets out of the pocket every week. It's a challenge back there to contain.

On what Myles Bryant brings to the team:

BB: Myles is always ready to go. He's a versatile player for us in the secondary. I'm sure he'll be able to do a number of different things that we need by situation or maybe by game.

On how the team will get Jonnu Smith more involved in the passing game:

BB: We talked about this multiple times. It's not just like throwing the ball to one guy in the passing game unless it's a screen pass. To throw the ball, we need to have good team execution, protection, route running, spacing and zones and winning our individual matchups based on leverage and man-to-man coverage. Then, the quarterback throws the ball to the guy that's open. The concept of like throwing one guy 10 passes, I don't really understand that.

On C.J. Mosley and his adjustment to the Jets' system:

BB: Mosley's got a really good skill set. He's impressive. He's very instinctive. Reads plays well. He's always around the ball. Runs well. Good tackler. Physical player. There are not many weaknesses in Mosley's game. He does everything well. He's a very smart player that finds the ball and recognizes things quickly. You better get him blocked or you're not going to make a lot of yards.

On if any of the players on the PUP list might be ready to return to the field soon:

BB: Might be. We'll take a look at that.

On if Malcolm Perry could return to the field soon:

BB: He's working every day, so just take it day-by-day.

On if he will be on the injury report himself because of the cut on his nose:

BB: I think I'll be alright.

On Jamison Crowder:

BB: He's just a really good player. Gets open. Catches the ball. Good after the catch. Smart player. Instinctive. Another good player for a quarterback to throw to.

On the importance for a young quarterback to have receivers who can get open quickly:

BB: They've got [Corey] Davis. They've got [Elijah] Moore. They've got [Keelan] Cole. Good backs. They've got [Tyler] Kroft. He [Zach Wilson] has got a bunch of guys. It's always good to have them open.

On David Andrews' leadership the last two weeks without many of the starting offensive linemen on the field:

BB: David has done a great job on that. Certainly, having James [Ferentz] and Ted [Karras] in there helped too. Those guys are very experienced and have played center and are familiar with the line calls, the adjustments and things like that, and guys that change our location a little bit pre-snap. It's really all five of those guys seeing the same picture on every play, whether it's pass protection or the running game. Whichever five they have, we do the best thing to get those five guys. Whatever the combinations or blocking calls or so forth are, and that's those guys working together. David, Ted and James on either side of him, we've been fortunate that those guys have been able to have as much experience as they've had in our system and plug in there the last two weeks. The assignments and all have been really good. We haven't really had any problems.

On his level of confidence in Mike Onwenu playing right tackle moving forward:

BB: Yeah. We'll see how it goes. We'll put our best players out there.

On how rare it was to see Isaiah Wynn play in Sunday's game without practicing for two weeks:

BB: It doesn't happen too often. We're kind of in an unusual time here. It's not really an injury, but he was out. It's a little different than normal football situations, but that's where we've been here the last two years.

On if a week of practice for Isaiah Wynn will be enough time for him to get back to his normal self:

BB: We'll see.

On if he has liked the team's attitude the last two days coming off Sunday's loss:

BB: We just came in for treatment on Monday and Tuesday, so we're back at it today. We're ready to go.

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