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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 10/6

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Q: If Cam Newton isn't available this week, is the plan to stick with Brian Hoyer at quarterback?

BB: Yeah, we'll see how it goes. We'll make a decision on that after we get more information on all those guys, starting with Cam.

Q: And after reviewing the tape, two sixth-round picks on the right side of the offensive line, how did the young guys hang in after you reviewed it?

BB: I thought we competed well all night. Guys gave a lot of effort. We had our moments. Some good and some bad, but I thought those guys hung in there and battled well. There's some plays it could have been better, but they competed well.

Q: I just wanted to ask you about the play of your defensive front last night given the game plan and how those guys held up with the way that you guys went after the Chiefs.

BB: I thought defensively we gave a very competitive effort. We let them off the hook a couple times. But again, I thought we competed hard. We made our share of plays, just would have liked to make a couple more. I thought that we covered well and as I said, really competed well all night.

Q: You famously have a moving on to the next game type of approach. Is that true even more so in an environment like what you're facing this week?

BB: It's pretty much the same every week.

Q: And a second question, Ron Roenicke the former manager of the Red Sox talked a lot about how preparation and dealing with COVID-19 had affected his ability to do his job from a baseball standpoint. Has COVID-19 and preparation affected your ability to do your job from a football standpoint?

BB: I really know anything about baseball. We've been operating the way we've been operating all year.

Q: He had to spend a lot of time on protocols and precautions and things of that nature as opposed to just focusing specifically on baseball. Has it changed any of your preparation or anything of that nature?

BB: Yeah of course. We spent time on it and so has every other team in the league. I mean, we're all under the same protocols, so sure, we've spent a lot of time on it and I'm sure every other team has too.

Q: Is last night the kind of the performance you expected and hopped to get out of Damien Harris?

BB: Yeah it was good to have Damien back. Again, I thought he played very competitively. Ran hard and broke some tackles. So, it was good to have him back out there. Like all of us, I'm sure that there's plays we'd like to have back, but we'll keep working. Good to see him get a chance to play. He's worked hard and we'll see how it goes this week.

Q: I was wondering since you were wearing the two masks in the game last night. Is that a result of Cam Newton's positive test and are you because of your age and where you fall into the high-risk category or are you concerned about coaching and being involved in that?

BB: No.

Q: So then why the two masks?

BB: Basically, that's what we've been instructed to do.

Q: Last night after the game, your players said that they didn't want to use the excuse of the craziness of the previous days, the last minute schedule change, the same day travel, etc. Were they echoing a specific thing that you guys had preached as a coaching staff? Is that something you've noticed from them on their own? How did you feel that they said that?

BB: If that's the way they felt, then that's the way they felt. I think you should ask them about it. I'm not going to speak for any of them.

Q: They didn't want to fall back on that as an excuse. Did you spread that message at all going into that game, not looking for excuses, because they would have been built in? You've faced a lot over the last few days.

BB: We never make excuses. We don't make excuses about anything. Period. That's not what we do. We don't make excuses.

Q: Watching the game back, did you have any regrets or second thoughts on the way you guys handle the timeouts at the end of the first half, specifically the last timeout with 33 seconds left?

BB: No.

Q: What are your thoughts on James White returning to the lineup yesterday?

BB: Great to have him back. I think we all appreciate what he's gone through, but he's a great teammate and I know everybody felt good to see him on the practice field last week and in the locker room on game day. He's a great kid. Great Leader, very unselfish player. Somebody we all have a ton of respect and admiration for. Our hearts go out to him for his loss. His mother's recovering and so that's good, but he's had a difficult couple of weeks. A lot of us can relate to that.

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