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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 11/14

Read the full transcript from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s press conference on Monday, November 14, 2022. 



November 14, 2022

Q: Extra practice this week, so what does practice look like today when you factor in that it's a four-practice week versus three?

BB: Yeah, as always, try to do the things that we feel like will benefit us. So, obviously that's a combination of things, but we'll try to put some things together that we think will help our team.

Q: How much does playing the Jets a few weeks ago and getting them coming around, how much does that affect the preparation this week? How much is that game relevant in terms of this one?

BB: I think it has some relevance. I'm sure there'll be some differences. I'm sure that both teams with the extra time that we've had, will make some adjustments and we'll see how that turns out. I don't know.

Q: Obviously three games condensed here in twelve days, the bye week as well, how does that affect preparation going into obviously the Jets game and a short week against the Vikings? Do you find yourself cramming or is the focus specifically on the Jets?

BB: Well, we'll have to, again, manage our time the best that we can. We know what the schedule is. Certainly, the Jets are highest priority, but we have to be ready for the rest of the schedule as well. We have different people in the organization working on different things, so hopefully we'll be prepared for each of our opponents through the remainder of the season, but Jets are a big priority right now.

Q: Did you get a chance to catch the Bills, Vikings game yesterday? Obviously, there's a lot of things in that game which stood out, what did you see there and did you make a priority of watching a game like that obviously with those two opponents coming up?

BB: Yeah, I saw some of that, but really our focus is on the Jets right now. We'll certainly dig into our remaining opponents, but right now, it's the Jets.

Q: Devin McCourty was on CBS's pregame coverage yesterday, obviously free for the bye week, is that something that you need to clear for the team? How does it work with players trying to angle media gigs and trying to balance that out with team responsibilities?

BB: I mean, as you know, all the things we do go through our media relations department, so how those things get processed and so forth. Yeah, I don't know, I'm just trying to coach a team.

Q: So, you're cool with players trying to find media gigs throughout the year and like 'if you've got the free time, want to try and grab a media gig? It's all good?'

BB: Again, those things are handled through our media relations department.

Q: Wanted to ask you your impressions of the Jets, Bills game. Obviously the only one that they've played since you last saw them.

BB: Obviously two good teams. Big win for the Jets. They played well in all three phases of the game. That was a very impressive win.

Q: Mac mentioned last week that he gets a look at all the games across the league. I know your focus is obviously here on the Jets. But his sense was that perhaps you or Matt Patricia might do the same. Across the league this year more than halfway through the season, scoring is way down. I don't know if either in the bye week or before that taken any sort of time to understand why that might be. Or what you see when you look across the league and specifically on offense?

BB: Again, we have people in our organization to look at different things. We cross reference some things. But honestly, I'm focused with trying to get us to score more points and give up fewer. So we're just really working on those things.

Q: So, no theories?

BB: Yeah, no. I'm not really at a big picture at this point. Our focus is on our team and our immediate opponent. That's what it's been for the first nine weeks, and that's what it'll be for the next eight weeks is to try to maximize our performance and efficiency against whoever it is we're playing.

Q: In the Bills Vikings games it was really interesting. There was a play on the sideline where it was ruled a catch, but on review it was actually clear that it wasn't, but it stayed a catch because coach couldn't throw a flag, a challenge flag under two minutes, right? So you're hands are tied as a coach. I was actually thinking of you when I was watching that. I was curious what your thoughts are on something like that. When your hands are tied, how frustrating is that as a head coach?

BB: Again, the rules are the rules. The competition committee and the league votes on those rules. So whatever they are, that's what they are.

Q: One other quick one on that, I think you're on the record, right? As saying that you'd like to see that play reviewed. Is that fair to say? Has nothing changed?

BB: Yeah, nothing's changed. I think that provided that the team has a challenge, that they should have the opportunity to challenge really any play. Yeah, I'm on record on that, yeah.

Q: Bill I was wondering if you were expecting Brian Hoyer potentially to be back either this week, or anytime soon? Or if his situation looks longer term than that?

BB: We continue to monitor all the players as they progress in their rehabilitation from whatever their situation is. So, the players that are potentially eligible to return that could be a consideration. Obviously, the ones that aren't, aren't. That's a whole different – they're in a different category. But yeah, we'll continue to monitor all those players that we've placed on injured reserve during the season that potentially could return.

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