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Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 9/11

BB: Well, we're fast approaching the start here and I think everyone's excited to get going. Obviously, there are a lot of unknowns, as there always are for this game at this time of year, but we've had quite a bit of time to prepare and practice, and now it's time to start playing. It's always exciting to get going and see where things are. We have a long way to go; there'll be a lot of a lot of things to work through for a number of weeks here, but it'll be good to get underway. Miami obviously, came in here and beat us last year. Certainly, you know what type of team they have and how they play and they certainly look a lot better on paper this year with the additions that they've made. So, it'll be a great test for us. I think we're ready to step up and meet it, so we'll look forward to it here and see how it goes.

Q: Bill, 46th opening day for you. How much do you envision you'll still be experiencing the same type of nerves on this type of day that you have over the years.

BB: Yeah, thanks Mike for the reminder. Appreciate it… I think opening day is pretty much the same every year. You have a lot of questions about your team and what you're doing. You have a lot of questions about what your opponents are going to do and the challenges they will present. So, it's a lot of unknowns and there are things to work through and everybody's better at the end of September than they are at the beginning of September. But, you just try and be the best that you can be at this point, knowing that there's still a lot of work to do and a lot of things that we're all going to have to improve on. Not just players and coaching staff, our communication our adjustments, the things that we have to do during the game, decisions, and so forth. We haven't done those in eight months, either. So, that'll be a challenge for all of us to be at our best on Sunday, and then to continue to improve on that and try to be even better, you know in succeeding weeks.

Q: Watching the game last night and seeing Andy Reid, having a foggy mask did that sway you one way or the other on whether you're going to wear a mask or a face shield on the sideline on Sunday?

BB: Ah yeah, I wasn't really aware of that, so, I'm sure everybody will do what they think is best and I'll try to do the same.

Q: You guys haven't protected anyone on the practice squad this week, just wondering if there is a reason for that?

BB: Yeah, because we didn't want to.

Q: Behind Julian Edelman, you guys have a pretty young wide receiver group. Just wondering what kind of improvement you saw from some of the young players, not only coming into training camp but then also over the last few weeks of actual practices as well?

BB: Yeah, well I think everybody's gotten better as we practiced, from early in August until where we are now in September. But, we'll see where everybody is and see how that manifests itself against good competition. Certainly, Miami is a team that we expect to play a lot of man-to-man coverage. So, we'll see how we do against that type of covering system and with very good players. They have good corners, safeties, linebackers, and a lot of guys that can cover well. So, we'll see how we match up against that. But, you know, the group that we kept is a group that's worked hard. They deserve to be here. So, we'll see how it goes. I don't think anybody knows where they are at any position at this point in time until you actually get out there and start playing. So, it'll be a little different on Sunday than what was in practices, or even what it's been in the past and preseason games, we all know. The game-planning and the way that other teams try to attack your weaknesses will ultimately determine how successful any individual player or team is going to be. So, that'll come through real competition. So, we'll see.

Q: Devante Parker is a guy that they've made a pretty big commitment to recently here but, in your opinion, what makes him a challenging guy to cover?

BB Yeah, he's got a very, very good skill set. He's a big athlete that runs well. Has good hands, good run after the catch ability, and good quickness for his size. So, he presents a lot of problems on deep balls. He's a big target on the end of routes, in cuts and crossing routes, things like that. He's strong and can break tackles as a catcher or run player, so he attacks all three levels of the defense and can be productive at all three spots.

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