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Transcript: Cassh Maluia Conference Call 4/25

Read the full transcript from Patriots sixth round pick (204th overall) Cassh Maluia's conference call with the media on Saturday, April 25, 2020.


April 25, 2020

Q: How does it feel to be a New England Patriot, and what were your feelings when the phone rang and New England was on the other side?

CM: It feels really, really great. It's just an honor to be part of this program. It was really breathtaking when I first got the call. I couldn't be happier about being a Patriot.

Q: Welcome to New England. How would you describe your style of play to someone who hasn't watched you play before?

CM: First of all, thank you for the welcome. I like to describe my play as aggressive, hard-nosed, and I'll do whatever I can for the team. 

Q: Did you play a lot of special teams at Wyoming? Is that something you think you can do to help carve out a role early with the Patriots?

CM: I played special teams my whole freshman year. I feel like I can definitely contribute on special teams, and that was my plan to get noticed and play special teams.

Q: How much contact did you have with the Patriots during the pre-draft process? Was it by video conference or pro day visit?

CM: I had some contact after pro day, and then I got the chance to hop on FaceTime and show them what I can do on the board and not on the field.

Q: Who was it that you spoke with?

CM: It was Jerod Mayo.

Q: What is your impression about the kind of versatile player that the Patriots usually call upon? Did Jerod Mayo speak to you about how important it is to serve multiple roles with the Patriots?

CM: I feel like I've got the versatility of many positions. I'm willing to do whatever the coaches want me to do, just to go out there and contribute the best I can for the Patriots.

Q: What positions or roles were you most comfortable in at Wyoming?

CM: I would say I was pretty comfortable on the field wherever I was.

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