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Transcript: (Colts) Jim Caldwell Postgame Press Conference - 11/21/2010

Colts head coach Jim Caldwell addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium, on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

JC: I'll open it up for any questions.

Q: On the last play, did someone get a hand on it?

JC: Not certain, I didn't get to see on the replay. I know there were a lot of folks around, but I'm not certain exactly what happened, to be honest with you.

Q: At that point, were you going for the win, not for the tie?

JC: Well, you got to go and try to score touchdowns in that situation, so you know, obviously if you get into a situation, you are forced to kick a field goal, that's what you want to do. But, you are trying to put it in the end zone.

Q: Was there any miscommunication there between Pierre [Garcon] and Peyton [Manning]? Was Pierre where Peyton expected him to be?

JC: You know what, I can't give you the exacts on that, but earlier we did have one communication in a situation that occurred, but I'm not certain on that one. I haven't had a chance to see exactly where he was in that situation.

Q: You look at this and the Philly game, how disheartening is this?

JC: You know, usually that's one of our strong suits. We are able to move the ball and I think you saw it obviously in the previous drives. But, we just didn't finish it like we typically do. And that's something. We gave ourselves a chance to win. We fell behind and that was tough. They were humming pretty well and I think they rushed for 167 yards on us and kept us off balance there for a while and we couldn't keep them off the field on third down in that first half and then in the second half, we stiffened a little bit and certainly gave ourselves an opportunity to get back in the thick of it.

Q: Is it important to remember that you haven't lost your season?

JC: A loss is never easy to deal with, you know that. Those are tough. You know, we will lick our wounds and get it back together and focus in on the next one.

Q: How much difference would it have been if [Tyjuan] Hagler had caught that interception?

JC: You know, there are a lot of 'ifs' and 'what ifs' and et cetera that occur during a ballgame. You can look at so many plays and that could have been significant. So, I am certainly not going to focus on that particular one. We had other opportunities.

Q: How's [Austin] Collie?

JC: I'm not quite certain yet, he was removed from the game for precautionary reasons. He is going through something, obviously, through the course of this game that you can't simulate in practice. So, they wanted to be cautious with him and I will find out the details later.

Q: So, you are not classifying it as another concussion?

JC: No, I am not, because I don't know the extent of it.

Q: Did Austin Collie hit his head?

JC: I'm not quite certain. I mean, there were a couple of plays, not just one. I mean, early on, his got hit pretty good, a couple times.

Q: Were those plays to Blair White the same ones you were throwing to Austin Collie, or did it take a little while to get situated again?

JC: You know, from a schematic point, we have a number of guys that can play that role: inside, outside. Sometimes Reggie [Wayne]'s in there; sometimes [Jacob Tamme's] in there. Sometimes Austin [Collie] is in there and obviously Blair [White] is in there as well. It is kind of part of the system. Those are all similar plays that he typically would run at that slot.

Q: Couple of things about the Patriots, what strikes you about this team?

JC: You know, they are always a very good team. They certainly have a lot of weapons. They ran the ball extremely well tonight. [Tom] Brady threw the ball well, and they have a lot of weapons to throw to. Their tight ends are a pretty big threat, but obviously [Wes] Welker is still a challenge and [Danny] Woodhead is a pretty talented guy. He made us miss, and got it in the end zone. So, it's a good football team. Obviously they play good solid defense, so there are not too many things they don't do well.

Q: Can you talk about Cornelius Brown's performance? Is he just the next guy that needed to step in the wake of injuries?

JC: That's' kind of how things go around here for us. We have been able to find young guys that will step in and step up and play for us. We had some young linebackers in there and play this evening. [Pat] Angerer is still holding down the middle while [Gary] Brackett is out. We've gotten some guys to step up and play and play pretty well. We just didn't get enough good play to get us over the hump today.

Q: What were the Patriots doing when they took advantage early?

JC: They executed really well, but they ran the ball extremely well. I think that's it as much as anything else. And when they got down in the red zone, they scored touchdowns. You know, Brady threw the ball well and they caught it. Just like they typically do, they are a team that executes extremely well.

Q: Do you expect good news health-wise this week?

JC: You know, some guys are trending in that direction, but we just don't know. We're hopeful, but the fact of the matter is, whomever we have that's available, that's who we will take the field with. Our goal and objective is to win.

Q: Jim, were you disappointed in how the defensive line played in the first half?

JC: Overall, when you look at it, we were just inconsistent. Just one position, in particular, it doesn't all fall within one spot, but we didn't stop the run. There's no question about that. We didn't slow them down much, and I don't think there is question about that. We need to tackle better, also. So, there were some situations where good teams are going to block you up once in a while and have guys squirt through, but you got to be able to get them down and get them down on the grounds.

Q: Did you expect or need a little bit more from Collie?

JC: You know, early on, we might have rushed for about nine yards in the first half. The second half, we got popped up a few here and there, and you know, we are always looking to improve in that area. But when we had to run there toward the end, we were able to get a little traction and get some things going. But, you know, we're not quite where we want to be yet.

Q: Jim, what did you see on the interception?

JC: You are talking about the last one? I did not see exactly what occurred to be honest with you. I just haven't had a chance to look at it closely. And I could not tell from the sideline exactly what occurred. So, I will refrain from commenting on it, until I have an opportunity to look at it.

Q: Do you get a sense that communication is still an issue?

JC: You know, there are always things for us to work on. We had some miscommunication today; there is no question about that. I think that was pretty obvious on that one play. But, other than that, we work on those things, we practice on those things. But, I don't think we have a lot of miscommunication.

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