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Transcript: Head Coach Jerod Mayo Press Conference 6/10

Read the full transcript from Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo's press conference on Monday, June 10, 2024.


June 10, 2024

JM: Good afternoon. Look, excited to be out here. Excited to have all the guys in the building. Look, last week, really to go out there and show what you got, both physically and mentally. So, some competition today, you guys will see it. It should be a good day. Go C's.

Q: So, full attendance? Is everyone here?

JM: Everyone's here. Full attendance.

Q: How do you feel about that?

JM: Feel great. I mean, it's mandatory, but I feel good about it. I will say, we've had good attendance really throughout the entire spring, for the most part.

Q: What is the overall objective of this week as opposed to the previous OTAs?

JM: Well, it's going to be very similar. What I will say is, now we're getting into football, down and distance, two-minute type of drills. It's just part of the progression. Look, it's still a non-contact camp, so it's not like we're going to go out there and tackle. But at the same time, those guys are going to go out there and compete. And we'll see what happens.

Q: Do you expect Matthew Judon to be a full participant today?

JM: I do. I do. Look, it's great to have Judon and his energy in the building. He was here at times during the rest of the spring, but it's good to have him over the next couple of days.

Q: What do you think about Wednesday's event with Tom [Brady] and as you reflect on your time playing with him, what sticks out?

JM: Yeah, you know, honestly, I just want to go and be a fan. But they have me doing something. I'm a huge Tom Brady fan, just on and off the field. And I would also say I'm excited to see all the guys that come in to support Tom. Look, he was a great teammate, a great leader of men, and he deserves it. He deserves to be recognized.

Q: Do you care to share what you're going to do?

JM: I don't want to talk about that. I'm going to sing a song. No, look, it's going to be simple. It's going to be simple. It's not about me, it's about Tom, and it's about ownership and the team. I'm just excited to see how many past players actually come.

Q: What has it been like getting a chance to work with Isaiah Bolden?

JM: It's been great. You know, Bolden, he's one of those guys that we need to take a step forward. He's one of our fastest guys on the team. He should be a demon on special teams and obviously has some defensive capabilities. So I'm excited to see him, especially when we put the pads on. Anytime you have a bigger corner like that, you know, it's kind of hard to really tell in a non-contact camp.

Q: K.J. Osborn, last week, was talking about Drake [Maye] and how he had run a route when Jacoby [Brissett] was the quarterback and they were talking about how they could have done something different based on what the defense. And then Drake went and said, 'Hey, K.J., I want to tell you something about that route.' It made an impression on K.J. in terms of Drake being dialed in. What have you observed from Drake?

JM: Yeah, I think you hit it on the head. A guy who he's dialed in every rep, even the reps that he's not in. I think it's smart of him to go talk to a guy like K.J. who has had good quarterbacks in the past. You know, so those guys can be on the same page. The same thing with Jacoby and the rest of the quarterbacks is being on the same page with the guys they are going to throw the ball to, is definitely huge. You know, it's always good when a guy is curious and he has a natural curiosity about football, X's and O's, and all that stuff. So, it'

Q: The last time you were out here, last week, Drake kind of elevated to number two in all the drills and everything. Is there anything to read into that?

JM: No, not at all. I think I talked about this a little bit last week. The depth charts, there really are no depth charts. I mean, we can say the first group, the second group. We're trying to mix and match offensively and defensively just to see what combinations work. And honestly, still trying to see where your depth is. And so on a depth chart, it's like, all right, he's a right tackle. But let's see if we can move him here, different combinations. That's part of the whole process.

Q: Contracts are more Eliot [Wolf]'s domain, but David Andrews got a one-year extension. Why was that important to you?

JM: Yeah, I think it's, you know, you guys saw it in free agency as well. It was important for us to reward the guys that we want here. The guys that encompass the Patriot way. The guys that come to work each and every day with a good attitude. looking to get better. He's one of those guys. He's a leader on this team. And it was important for us to keep him around.

Q: What did Alex Austin show you last year and how has he carried over what he finished last year into the spring?

JM: Potential. He showed potential. And we all know that's only that, it's potential. So, we have to see him in training camp. But he's another guy who comes to work every day. And excited to work with him.

Q: Other coaches have talked about using a non-kicker on kickoffs with the new rule. Have you guys experimented with that at all?

JM: We haven't really experimented with it at all. But Jahlani [Tavai], he's knocking on my door every day. 'I can do it, coach. I can do it.' It's like, just get healthy.

Q: Along those lines, do you anticipate having to spend more time on the kickoff than maybe normally because of this new rule?

JM: Yeah, I don't think anyone actually knows how this thing is going to play out. The rules are still kind of fluid even as of today. We watch it as a full staff, just because it's one of those plays where, we talk about collaboration all the time, we're trying to get opinions of the offensive coaches, the defensive coaches, and special teams coaches. And also, you know, just calling around the league to see how they think about it. But once again, I don't think anyone really knows how it's going to play out. It might just be beneficial to take the ball at the 30 [yard line]. I don't know.

Q: We were talking about contracts. Not necessarily your purview, but Rhamondre [Stevenson] seems like a guy that has done what he has been asked to do. Would you like to see something get done there?

JM: You know, we'll see. I will say this about Rhamondre. I think he's one of the better backs in the league, it's no doubt about it. I think over the last few years, it's been kind of tough on him, as far as getting started. So, I'm excited to see what he does this season. And look, he's earned everything that he gets. He is our starting running back and hopefully we do get something done.

Q: Did he lose weight? He looks, at least from our vantage point, he looks a little bit leaner.

JM: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit. And I think that bodes well for him and his speed and those long runs we expect to see in the fall.

Q: Will you be practicing all three days this week?

JM: So, no. We'll be practicing two days. Stacey [James] will send out a media advisory. He'll send out a media advisory. We're going to do something special tomorrow, which we think is important for the state.

Q: What would you say the goal is for the next few days as you build on what you did in OTAs?

JM: The goal is to build on what we have already put into place. Just adding those guys back that weren't here for a few days, getting them back in the mix, I think is good. It's one step at a time, trying to get 1% better each and every day.

Q: What has impressed you about Javon Baker and Ja'Lynn Polk so far?

JM: It means a lot. You know, you have to be a self-starter if you want to be a starter in this league. And those guys are self-starters. And they're going to put the extra work in. So it's very encouraging.

Q: When you talk about the progression this week represents, what is the value of these reps to a guy like Drake, as opposed to Jacoby, who has been around for a while?

JM: Yeah, I mean, it's huge. At the same time, I would say that, you know, Jacoby has a better understanding obviously, of the offensive scheme. So, going back to what Drake's able to do is really process on the sideline, even when Jacoby or other guys are getting those reps. But the value is huge for any rookie, no matter what position we're talking about. You rather them make the mistakes out here now than make the mistakes in the fall.

Q: You shouted out the Celtics. Do you have any type of relationship with Joe [Mazzulla] or Brad [Stevens]?

JM: I have a great relationship with a few of those coaches. You know, Tony [Dobbins] and Joe. Those guys are great. I like to say I knew Joe before he was Joe. So hopefully they win the championship and we get them back out here.

Q: Who do you have working the chains here today?

JM: Yeah, so we have referees. We have referees in town. And it's good. I told him, look, don't be shy about throwing flags. You guys I'm sure will count the holding calls, got a lot of holding going on.

Q: Where do you see Marte [Mapu] fitting into the defense and could you see him maybe playing more traditional linebacker versus safety?

JM: Yeah, I mean, when we scouted Marte, it was kind of going back and forth between, let's say a big slot corner, a bigger safety, or smaller linebacker. That versatility is still in play. He's done both of them throughout the spring. I don't know how much—I guess it would depend on the team. Like, if we're playing a heavy run team, you don't want to have a 220-pound linebacker in there. But, he's one of those guys that, he understands the defense conceptually. Very smart guy and his versatility will definitely get him on the field.

Q: What do you guys like about Isaiah Bolden in the slot?

JM: It's a good question. I will say this, part of it is numbers. We don't have some of our slot corners practicing at this current time, they're getting over something. So, I think it's been a good experience for him to get inside. At the same time, I still see him more of a perimeter corner.

Q: When we were here last week, you had two tackles out, but we still saw Caedan [Wallace] play the right side. I'm assuming there isn't any change on you guys wanting to get him some reps on the left side, but what is the advantage of having him stay on the right side last week?

JM: You know, on the offensive line, versatility is key. Like, if you play guard, we hope you can play center. If you play right tackle, hopefully you can play left tackle. We're still just trying to build that depth, whatever the combination is.

Q: We've seen more teams now take a line approach and say 'just the best five.' Obviously, certain skillsets you want at certain, but do you fall into that camp where you are just looking for the best five?

JM: The best players will play. That's how I think about it, it's all competition and we're going to try to put the best five out there.

Q: How do you evaluate that position group this time of year with no pads?

JM: The mental part of it, and you're exactly right, the non-contact part of it kind of stinks, but we'll see in training camp. They know what to do, now the how-to-do-it, and now with pads on, that's part of the progression. Thanks guys.

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