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Transcript: Isaiah Wynn Conference Call 4/26

New England Patriots offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn addresses the media during his conference call at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, April 26, 2018.



Q: Where were you when you got the call?

IW: I was at home with my family so I just had my immediate family - my mom, brother, sister, nephew and my girlfriend. I just wanted to keep it close. My family is everything so it was great to be able to celebrate with them.

Q: What sort of pre-draft contact did you have with the Patriots?

IW: I spoke to them at the combine and that was really about it.

Q: You've played both guard and tackle, mostly tackle last year. Have the Patriots talked about where they project you to play?

IW: No, sir.

Q: Where do you want to play?
IW: It doesn't matter. Wherever the coaching staff thinks to put me, I'm ready to help contribute to the team in any way I can.

Q: What goes into winning the Physicality/Headhunter award?

IW: Just being physical. You've got to dominate up front, and not only dominate I mean you've got to lead up front as well.

Q: How close are you with David Andrews?

IW: Pretty close. I'm actually very close with him. He was, coming in as a freshman at Georgia, he was one of the guys who was like a big brother and took me under his wing. I just learned a lot from him coming into my freshman year because as a freshman it's kind of rough just getting adjusted, but David Andrews helped me a lot. He helped me a lot.

Q: What's your reaction to being drafted by the Patriots?

IW: It's awesome. Who wouldn't want to get a phone call from them? I mean it's great and I'm just looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life.

Q: How does playing in the SEC and for Georgia help you prepare for the next level?

IW: I mean it helps you a lot. You see the best of the best week in and week out and even throughout practice you're going against the best of the best. From what I've seen and heard around the league, it's the same way in the league. You're constantly going against the best of the best so I think it really did prepare me.

Q: Can you talk about the skills and qualities you think you have to be able to play and compete at this level?
IW: I believe I'm very physical and I'm quick off the ball. My point of attack is good as well as my technique. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my technique so I feel like I can contribute that to the team.

Q: When Georgia's starting quarterback Jacob Eason got hurt and Jake Fromm came in, your team got better. How did you manage that transition?

IW: It was pretty smooth. You know, Jake Fromm came in there and he really took control of the huddle. It wasn't too much of a difference. It probably seemed like that to you all but to us it was just another quarterback back there and we just had to continue doing our job. So it wasn't too much of a transition.

Q: What kind of thrill does it give you to be coming in playing offensive line with Tom Brady as the quarterback?

IW: I mean it's awesome. I think as a lineman that's kind of every lineman's dream, to have a quarterback like Tom Brady back there. So I'm just looking forward to, like I said before, just helping contribute any way I can.

Q: You have a background at both guard and tackle. How much of a point of pride is it for you to be able to have that level of versatility as an offensive lineman?

IW: It plays a very big part in my pride just because I know that I can [rotate] all throughout the offensive line and not just be steady at one position. 

Q: Was it difficult to transition back and forth between left guard and left tackle?

IW: No. Not really.

Q: Are they similar positions to you then?

IW: I kind of got used to it. Of course at guard you're trying to want the point of attack quicker than opposed at tackle you can go three kicks at tackle without [inaudible]. You know what it is? It's all similar. It's all similar.

Q: Do you think your height could inhibit you from playing tackle, because you're kind of short for a tackle?

IW: No, sir. I believe my arm length and my feet and my technique makes up for it.

Q: What do you know about Dante Scarnecchia?

IW: I know he's a heck of a coach. Talking to David Andrews, I mean he'll get on you but at the end of the day it's all love and he's going to make sure he gets the best out of you. So I'm looking forward to it.

Q: Have you had any contact at all with Coach Scarnecchia?

IW: A little bit.

Q: Where was that?

IW: Combine.

Q: How's your shoulder?

IW: It's good. It's good. Right on track for recovery.

Q: Have you ever visited New England before? Have you ever spent any time up here?

IW: No, I haven't.

Q: Can you tell us what happened to your shoulder?
IW: So I tore my labrum back in [the] November 18 Kentucky game. So I just harnessed it up and played the rest of the season with it and I got surgery January 30.

Q: Will you be good to go for mini-camps and stuff in June?

IW: Yes, that's what I'm hearing.

Q: What's the farthest north you've ever been?

IW: Furthest north? New York.

Q: What should we know about you? What should fans know about you if they don't know anything about you?

IW: I'm a - how do I put this? I'm a happy person. I'm always smiling. That's the first thing you're always going to see on my face is a smile. I'm very physical offensive lineman. Then as well as off the field I'm a family guy and I just love everybody around me. Very lovable guy. 

Q: How close were you with Malcolm Mitchell at Georgia?

IW: Pretty close. I actually spent some time with him during the offseason when he came back to Georgia. So I kind of got a chance to pick his brain while he was here.

Q: Did the Patriots give you any indication whether it'd be guard or tackle that they'd start you at?

IW: No, sir.

Q: Do you have a preference as to which spot you would play? Do you like tackle more than guard?
IW: No. I really like any spot on the line. Like I said earlier, whatever way I can contribute to the team that's the best spot for me. I'm pretty confident that the coaching staff is going to put me in the right position where I need to be at.

Q: What was the best game you had last season and what was the worst game?

IW: I would say my best game was Alabama at the end of the season and my worst game probably was App [Appalachian] State at the beginning of the season.

Q: You mentioned you were at home with your family when you got the call. Who called you from the Patriots?

IW: I think his name was Berj [Najarian], I believe. My first reaction I was shocked. I kind of saw the area code and state and all that popped up on my phone so you know my heart dropped of course because at the moment you're nervous. But as soon as I started talking to Coach [Bill] Belichick and Mr. [Robert] Kraft it went good. I was just excited and my family couldn't contain it as well.

Q: What did they say to you when they called?

IW: Just that they're excited to have me and they're looking forward to me coming up there.

Q: How long did it take you to get over the heartbreak of losing the National Championship on the final play?

IW: Still not over it. Still not over it.
Q: Do you have a winter coat?

IW: Yeah, I do. I'll probably have to get one from up there though.

Q: Bill Belichick was at Georgia's pro day. Did you get a chance to talk to him then? What were your impressions if you did?

IW: No, sir. I didn't get the chance to talk to him.
Q: Do you do any drills that day?

IW: No, I didn't.

Q: Was pick 23 about where you thought you'd go or was it a little higher or little lower?

IW: I mean I really didn't have an idea about a certain spot but I figured I was going to go before [round] two. So I mean I guess you could kind of say it was right there.

Q: When you were meeting with other teams during the pre-draft process, were they talking more about you playing guard or tackle?

IW: [inaudible]

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