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Transcript: Jake Andrews Conference Call 4/29

New England Patriots fourth round draft pick Jake Andrews addresses the media, Saturday, April 29.

Patriots C – Jake Andrews – 2023 Draft, Pick 107

Press Conference

April 29, 2023

Q: First and foremost, for the people who aren't familiar with your game. How would you describe your game?

JA: You know, I like to be physical and tough. One thing that we like to say all the time in offensive line and why I have really matured this past year, is being 'all day tough' and that's kind of one of the things we always talked about. Pretty much just having that mentality to get ready to work and figure out what I need to bring to the table for New England.

Q: Speaking of offensive line. I know you had some experience with Coach [Cole] Popovich, who was up here in New England for some time. Is that something that came up with the Patriots? Your experience there and how that might have prepared you to transition to New England?

JA: A little bit. There were a few conversations prior to him going to Houston and some obvious connections there. But yes, I think them knowing how much I appreciate Coach Popovich and what he meant to me and what he meant to New England, there's definitely some connection there.

Q: Did you have a chance to talk with the Patriots new offensive line Coach Adrian Klemm throughout the pre-draft process?

JA: Yes, I did. I got to speak to him a little bit. Coach Klemm is an amazing guy and I really enjoyed my time spent with him, getting to learn some things and pick each other's brain a little bit. It was fun and I am ready to get to work with him.

Q: What do you know about David Andrews? We got an Andrews, Andrews combination here.

JA: Believe it or not, that is my Uncle's name so yes, it is awesome. He has been there for a long time, played a lot of really good football and I watched him growing up when he was in Georgia, so I am really excited to get to work with him, learn a little bit from him and pick his brain about some pieces of his game.

Q: While being coached by Popovich, how often did he talk to you about the Patriots and how often did you watch Patriots film?

JA: We watched a lot of Patriots film and he talked about them all the time. He used a lot of good examples from a lot of great players that have come through there that he had plenty of time with, which is made examples out of that for us. He gave us insight into what it means to be great you know and what it means to be a Patriot in general. He tried to mold us into that in the best way he could so yes, a lot of experience he tried to implement into us from the Patriots. 

Q: You started as a center at Troy and then you went to guard for a couple of years and then went back to center. I am wondering what that transformation was like and how much did versatility come up when you were talking to the Patriots?

JA: I was always a swing guy. When I got there, I always had to know center even when I had two years as guard, I had to know how to play center, just in case. And then this past year, obviously playing center for the whole entire season, it was really good transition and was something that I wanted to do to show that I was versatile, to show that I could snap the ball and make calls and identify defenses so it was a pretty smooth transition for me, especially with the help of coach Popovich. Like I said, I can't give enough credit to him. He really helped me out a lot.

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