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Transcript: James White Press Conference 10/31

Patriots running back James White addresses the media during his press conference on October 31, 2018.


Q: How do you think Cordarrelle Patterson looked taking handoffs?

JW: He's a good football player. He's extremely athletic, fast, strong and physical. I mean, he's an explosive player. He can take the ball to the end zone at any point he touches it, so I'm sure he'll get better if he gets a chance to keep doing it. 

Q: Did he go to you for any advice?

JW: I mean, he can go to the coaches for it. They'll teach him exactly what he needs to do, and like I said, he'll get better at it.

Q: Is there any more pressure on your offense when you're about to go up against a quarterback that you know if going to be good and an offense that will be putting up a lot of points?

JW: No, I don't think it's necessarily any pressure. I think, I mean, you just try and score every time you touch the football, no matter who you're playing, to play that complementary football game with the defense and special teams. So, obviously we didn't score in the red zone as much as we wanted to last week, so obviously that's stuff to improve on and got to be better than that this week.

Q: Do you feel pressure on yourself when Sony Michel is not out there and your running back room is as thin as it is right now?

JW: No, I don't add any pressure on myself. I just go out there and do my normal job, no matter if it's one back or ten backs out there - just execute to the best of my abilities and put my best foot forward.

Q: Is Cordarrelle Patterson in the running backs room with you this week?

JW: I mean, you'll find out on Sunday.

Q: What did you think of the job he did?

JW: I mean, he ran hard. For his first time doing it with us, it was pretty impressive. I mean, he got around the corner on one of them. He's willing to put his shoulder down and he's not afraid of contact, so he's a good football player.

Q: This Packers defense has a lot of different blitzes. As a running back, trying to pick those up or help pick those up, how much does that put a stress on you this week to do that?

JW: It's the offense as a whole, not just running backs. Everybody being on the same page and being coordinated. They can throw a lot of different looks at you, so you've got to communicate it before the ball is snapped so we don't create any negative plays. 

Q: This is your fourth primetime game in five weeks. As a player, how exciting is it to play in a primetime game?

JW: It's pretty cool. I mean, it's what you dream about as a kid to have the opportunity to play Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, stuff like that. So, definitely don't take the opportunity for granted and you're going up against another good football team, so where else would you rather be than playing Sunday night?

Q: What are your thoughts on a guy like Aaron Rodgers and what he brings to the field?

JW: I mean, he's extremely talented and a very good football player and he's a competitor. Each time you play a team that has a guy like that, you know it's going to be a dogfight. I mean, it'll just be great competition.

Q: The Red Sox had their championship parade today. Do you have any special memories from the one you were involved in a couple years ago?

JW: I have some good memories, but focused on this year at this point.

Q: How disruptive is Mike Daniels for them in the middle of that defensive line?

JW: Oh, he's extremely disruptive. It's him, Clay Matthews, [Kenny] Clark - they have a good, solid front seven and they cause a lot of disruption. So, they're a good defense. They played the Rams tough last week. I mean, it's going to be a great challenge for us.

Q: Bill Belichick was talking this morning about how you guys have seen Mike Pettine's defense before. How challenging is it for someone in your position when they're kind of spinning the dial and you have to be aware of where pressure may be coming from?

JW: I'd say it's just communicating - you know, running backs, offensive line, quarterback, receivers, everybody being on the same page. Everybody be on the same page before the ball is snapped so they don't create negative plays because that's what they're trying to do - get you in third-and-long and put the punt team on the field. So, it's just all about execution.

Q: Your reception total is high relative to where it's been at this point in past years. How much pride do you take in that reception total?

JW: It's not necessarily about the total. It's just going out there, like I said, putting my best foot forward, whether it's 10 catches, one catch. I just try, if I get the ball, the fate of the team's kind of in my hands, so I just want to make a play, make a smart play, protect the football and get as many yards as I can. So, it's not really about the number. I'm just trying to do whatever it takes to help our team get wins each and every time we step out there.

Q: When you were at Wisconsin, did you learn much about the Packers during that time?

JW: You definitely learn about the Packers. I mean, Sunday you're going to see everybody on campus with Packers jerseys on, so you can't help but learn about it. It's a historic organization and they take a lot of pride in it out there.

Transcripts are provided by the Patriots media relations department as a courtesy to the media and are edited for readability. All press conferences are posted and archived in their entirety at

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