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Transcript: James White Press Conference 11/20

Read the full transcript from Patriots RB James White’s press conference with the media on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

Q: How do you guys go from the rest you had to ramping it up again to get yourselves ready for the next six weeks?

JW: I think the rest kind of came at a good time for us to evaluate ourselves, get some rest, recover up, just come back and get ready to go for this last six-game stretch. Lot of division games, big, tough one against the Jets this week so we've just got to come out ready to go from the start to the finish. It's tough every time we play those guys. It's never easy.

Q: Is it hard to ramp it up again and empty the tank when you took that time off?

JW: No, I don't think so. I think guys came back ready to work, especially coming off of the Titans game. We know we have a lot to improve on. We haven't played our best game yet and I think we're capable of doing that. We've just got to go out there and do it and execute for four quarters.

Q: Especially this time of year, are the road divisional games hard to play?

JW: I mean, we both know each other. This will be our first time playing the Jets this year but we've got to play them twice in the final six games so everybody knows each other, knows the weaknesses, strengths. So we've just got to go out there and execute, play a tough, physical game. Just got to outwork your opponent. 

Q: What kind of physical presence does Jamal Adams add to the Jets?

JW: Oh man, he's a good football player. He's been playing very well this season. He's very active in the run game, he blitzes, he's physical, he's active in the passing game too, so he's pretty versatile. He can cover, can tackle in the open field. So, I mean, he's definitely a guy you've got to keep your eye on out there.

Q: How much did you miss Rob Gronkowski, especially in the game against Tennessee?

JW: You always miss him when he's not out there but you've got to play with who's out there. It's no excuse for going out there and not playing very well. We've been able to win without him. We've been able to win with him so we've got to go out there and compete regardless. 

Q: Have you noticed differences in the way opposing teams are dedicating their personnel to you as your targets and production has gone up?

JW: I mean, it just depends on how the defensive coordinator wants to play us and what not, whether he wants to cover me with a safety, linebacker, you never really know. You've just got to go into the game and get a feel for it out of the first few drives and you've got to go out and compete regardless of who's matched up on you.

Q: Why are the Jets so tough on you down there?

JW: It's just a tough divisional road game regardless of whether it's the Jets, Buffalo or Miami. Home or away, it's always tough. It's never decided in the first quarter. We've got to go out there and battle for 60 minutes. Like I said, both teams know each other, very familiar with all the players so we've just got to go out and beat them. Like I said, outwork your opponent.

Q: Would you say some of the issues in blitz pickup are execution or communication breakdowns?

JW: A little bit of both, communicating and executing. There's nothing that we cannot handle. It's everybody just giving Tom [Brady] more time and knowing who to block and blocking those guys for giving Tom enough time to find the open receiver, read the zone out. We can just do a lot better job of that.

Q: What are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to blitz pick up?

JW: Just a little bit of everything. Hold a block, communicate with the offensive line, and once you figure out who to block just being physical. They have some good blitzers - their linebackers. Jamal Adams is a good blitzer. You've just got to be physical with those guys, latch on to them because they're going to fight until the ball is released. It'll be a good test for us.

Q: Any thoughts as to why the team has struggled on the road?

JW: I think just not executing for four quarters. Some games we start fast and then we kind of lull off in the middle of a game. Some games we don't start fast and never really can hit our stride. I think it's just going out there, playing hard from the first snap, from kickoff to the final snap. I think that's what it's going to take.

Q: How could was the weekend off to reset yourself and be prepared to attack these next six games?

JW: You definitely can benefit from it; from recovery and from scouting yourself, seeing what we can do better as a team. I think guys enjoyed their break and came back ready to go.

Q: Do you want some of these bodies, like Rob Gronkowski and Rex Burkhead, to be able to get back into the lineup?

JW: I would love to have them back, of course. But whenever they're back, then they're back. If they're not with us, we've just got to go out there and still compete. Those guys are good football players and whenever they're out there they definitely give us a boost, for sure.

Q: Do you feel different at this point of the year given how much you've seen through this point in the season?

JW: You feel it a little bit. But just go out there and take care of your body. I still play hard no matter how I'm feeling. Everybody's hurting at this point. Just go out there and compete and give it everything you have, and just make sure I'm available out there.

Q: Is it nice to have a November bye week in light of all that extra work?

JW: Yeah, it's a long stretch before then - 10 games or whatever before the bye week. But I think it came at a great time and guys, like I said, came back chomping at the bit. It'll be good to try and get a tough divisional win on the road.

Q: What does it mean to you when hear the phrase that the season doesn't start until after Thanksgiving?

JW: It means that it's that final stretch of the season. You can make or break your season these final six games, so we've got to go out there and compete. We have a lot of division games, which are the most important. You've got to play your best football at this point because, like I said, it can make or break you.

Q: What was the one thing that stood out offensively that you guys have to do better from your self-scouting?

JW: I'd just say executing for four quarters. Like I said, before we've had our [moments] where we're doing very well for a quarter and then kind of let the foot off the gas. I think we just haven't played our best football yet and this offense is capable of a lot of good things. We've just got to go out there and prove it.

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