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Transcript: Justin Herron Conference Call 4/25

Read the full transcript from Patriots sixth round pick (195th overall) Justin Herron's conference call with the media on Saturday, April 25, 2020.


April 25, 2020

Q: A lot of fans in New England follow Boston College and are familiar with your play at Wake Forest. What are the characteristics of your game at left tackle that you think stood out and made an impression on the Patriots?

JH: I would like to think my athleticism and my foot quickness stood out, among many of the other things. I would like to think how physical I play, as well, also stands out. So, those three things for sure.

Q: What are the areas you think could show some improvement and the Patriots might be able to work with you on?

JH: Definitely my position in the run game for sure and being able to have a good base and not get narrow at times.

Q: You played tackle at Wake Forest, but the Patriots announced you as a guard. Did they discuss with you that they prefer you to play inside, at least to start, and what were those conversations like?

JH: Honestly, the conversations were honestly just be ready for any positions that we throw you in. They told me that they've seen me play tackle, but they're also interested to see if I can play any other positions. So, that's kind of what we talked about. I'm happy with any position or positions.

Q: What was your pre-draft contact with the Patriots and were you surprised at all when you got the phone call?

JH: I actually talked to them a good amount at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine, and I had a couple FaceTime interviews after the Combine, as well. Honestly, it was hard to get a gauge, but that's what it was like. It was a great feeling to be drafted to a great organization, for sure. 

Q: Do you recall who you talked to in those FaceTime conversations?

JH: I talked to Cole Popovich once and then I talked to one of the scouts for the Patriots, as well. I also spoke with T-Redd [Taylor Redd] at the Combine.

Q: What were those conversations like? What did they want to know about you?

JH: The conversations were really good. It was more about getting a feel of how I diagnose things in my head in terms of plays and how quickly I can pick up on certain plays with adjustments other teams do, and just getting a feel for who I am as a person and what my beliefs are, as well. 

Q: Were you a team captain at Wake Forest?

JH: Yes sir, I was a team captain this past year.

Q: The Patriots have picked a lot of team captains over the past few years. What is your leadership style like, what does it mean to you to be a captain and how will you bring that leadership style to the pros? Will you have to adjust it at all because you're a rookie coming in?

JH: For me, my leadership style is more of a type of leader that likes to hold other people accountable. I don't really yell and scream because I feel like I can't get through to anybody that way, so I'm more of a guy who likes to talk and hold my teammates accountable. Being a captain this past season was a huge honor and it definitely taught me a lot about myself and it taught me more about how can I communicate with players and what it means to be a leader. For me, honestly, I think the one thing about my leadership style that I like is the fact that I'm always respectful, no matter who I'm talking to. Coming in, I'm a rookie and I'm just planning on doing the best that I can and just getting better every day and learning from all the vets that are up there and being respectful. So, that's where I see myself at the moment, and that's where I feel like my role will be.

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