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Transcript: Kevin Faulk Conference Call

Patriots running back Kevin Faulk addresses the media during his conference call on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.

Q: I know all preseason games are a little bit different, but what makes the second game unique and what are you guys looking to get out of it?

KF: We're just looking to get better as a team, [get] consistent and do the little things right. The little things are some things that, as a team, you sometimes forget about and try not to think about, but you want to get better and better in the preseason if you want to bring that trophy home.

Q: Throughout training camp it seems like there has been an increased focus on the running game. Tom Brady mentioned yesterday how nice it would be to put more emphasis on the running game this year. Is that something that you would like to hear and are you aware of that emphasis?

KF: Each and every year when you go into training camp and go into preseason, your motto is to be a balanced team. As the season goes on you start to get identity about yourself and your teammates. Sometimes that may be focusing on the running [game] and sometimes that maybe on focusing on the passing [game]. In recent years it has been both for us but in previous years it has been [focusing] on the pass and second would be [the] running game. You never can tell [this early on]. You are just building your team right now.

Q: Especially in the red zone, did it help to establish that running game and did that kind of help open things up close to the goal line?

KF: So what you're saying is, are we focusing on running the ball in the red zone?

Q: You focused on running the ball in a lot in all areas last week. I am wondering, does it help to be able to run the ball in the red zone?

KF: It helps in any area but especially in the red zone because it's that much higher. Guys are not 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage; they are up there in the red zone. When you're in the field it's just that much more important because if you put eight, seven, nine guys in the box to stop the run…but when you're able to run the ball they have to be honest on the pass as well.

Q: How has BenJarvus Green-Ellis grown as a player?

KF: All he has done is just gotten better. He listens to what coaches have to say and [he] just accepts the coaches and gets better as a football player.

Q: Was there anything about how the Falcons ran their practice yesterday that was interesting or surprising to you?

KF: I don't think they did anything different in our eyes but they were a different team than what the New Orleans Saints were. As a football player, you have to observe and take notice of who you are playing against.

Q: How important has it been to you to be able to work with Ivan Fears for the length of your career here and what have you learned from you time working with him?

KF: There's one thing that I have learned from Coach Ivan and that is consistency. As a coach, he is very, very much consistent. As a player coming in you may not understand that or understand why or understand what he's doing as a coach, but once you get older you understand it. He's so consistent at what he does and he wants you to get better even if that means that he's sacrificing his relationship with you. He wants you to get better as a football player.

Q: Have you noticed Tom Brady taking more charge this year? We call it being more fiery out there and wanting things to get done right. Has he been any different for you guys this year out there?

KF: No, not to me at all. Actually, I think he has calmed down a little bit out there to a certain extent. He is our leader; that's what he does and when he thinks that something isn't right he will bring it to our attention in any kind of way that he feels the team has to be addressed – or the offense, that is.

Q: In the course of your time with Ivan Fears, there has to have been some ups and downs, rocky days and good days…

KF: Of course, that's life. That is the nature of the game. Like I said, he is only trying to make you better as a football player.

Q: Do you remember one time where he really got on you?

KF: I think that's something that we keep in house.

Q: How do you think your progress is at this stage in camp? You look good out there.

KF: All I am trying to do is get better. I know I am the oldest guy on the team so it could be easy to [think] that I am slowing down, but at the same time that is not my thought process. My thought process is to get better as a football player and that will help my team and my teammates get better.

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