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Transcript: Pierre Strong Jr. Conference Call 4/30

New England Patriots fourth-round draft pick Pierre Strong addresses the media via conference call, Saturday, April 30.

Patriots RB - Pierre Strong Jr. – 2022 Draft, Pick 127

Conference Call

April 30, 2022

Q: What was your reaction to getting the call from the Patriots?

PS: Man, a lifelong dream come true. Just to hear Coach Belichick's voice man, I've known him since I was a kid so, just a blessing man. That's all I can really say, I was blessed.

Q: How would you describe your style of play?

PS: I'm more so, do anything for the team type of guy so, anything -- just helping the team out any way I can, out of the back field, special teams, anything of that nature so, that's just my style, man, I'm just willing to help the team win a Super Bowl and that's just me.

Q: Have you ever been to New England, Massachusetts, anywhere in this area?

PS: No, sir. No, sir. It'll be my first time once I step foot -- when I come for training camp, so that'll be my first time.

Q: For those who don't know you, at what point when you were at South Dakota did you think the NFL was on the radar?

PS: Going into my senior year, man, I felt like I just was feeling great, playing a very good opponent, had a great game versus a very good opponent team -- that's the game everybody looks at, so it's just, that game right there, I just felt like I could take the game to the next level.

Q: And what was your pre-draft contact like with the Patriots leading up to the draft?

PS: I spoke with coach. We discussed things, but that was early on, and then later on I talked to the running back coach that was mainly it. Had a great conversation, but that was mainly it. Like I said, had a great conversation with them guys and, I'm just ready to work.

Q: The Patriots have had a history of versatile backs that can run the ball and catch the ball and that's obviously two of your strong suits, do you know of that tradition and have you kept an eye on any of the previous Patriots backs?

PS: Yes, yes sir. I've seen Damien Harris run the ball and I like the downhill running about the guys. They're going to run the ball, you might know it's coming but you can't stop it, so, I'm just ready to get to work with them guys I feel like I compliment them very well.

Q: Did you develop your pass catching abilities in college or was that something that goes back to high school?

PS: It goes back to high school, that's always been a strong suit of my game.

Q: I saw in the scouting report that you were a team captain in back-to-back seasons, what does that responsibility mean to you at South Dakota?

PS: It meant everything to me, just showing the standpoint that I can lead the team. I got people under me that can follow my lead so, it's always good to have that and just knowing that you're always being watched. So, the leadership standpoint is always good to have.

Q: Do you consider yourself a natural leader?

PS: Yes, sir. Yes, you know, I just feel like I got a respect with my school and just the things I do when nobody's around, that's just me as a human being.

Q: You mentioned you realized the NFL was realistic when you had a big game against a serious opponent. For you, did something change? Did you start taking training more seriously, did you feel yourself just really lock in more and hone in and say, 'football is my goal'? What kind of changed for you to also take that leap to be an NFL caliber player?

PS: I always felt like I could get on that level, but it was just, that's the game I felt like everyone wanted to see. Just me playing against a non-FCS opponent or FBS opponent so, it's showing that I can do that versus a FBS opponent, I could do that on any level.

Q: And who was the opponent?

PS: Colorado State.

Q: I assume growing up you were always the fastest kid no matter where you were, right?

PS: Yeah, you could say that, yes sir.

Q: During your contact with the Patriots, do you remember if you spoke with Coach Brown or Coach Sunseri?

PS: Sunseri. Yes, sir.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your pass catching abilities. Are you thinking that you'll be kind of a third-down back in New England, is that where you're kind of going to focus to start?

PS: No, sir. Man, I'm wherever New England needs me to play, that's what I'm going to do man, so anything they need me to do, that's what I'm going to do. That's the type of person and player I am, so I'm not coming in just, mainly focused on one thing, I'm focused on whatever coach wants me to focus on, so that's just my mindset.

Q: What do you know about this offense? And if you know enough about it, do you have something about it that you particularly like?

PS: I just know New England can run the football and run it well, so, that's just great to hear, that's great news for a running back, so let's get to work.

Q: Looking through your scouting report I saw that you threw six touchdown passes in college, I'm just curious if you have any quarterbacking background and whether you like having the ball in your hands on those kind of trick play scenarios?

PS: Yes, yes sir, I love having the ball in my hands on trick plays. I played quarterback when I was younger and, yes sir, it's still with me a little bit so, I still throw a little bit.

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