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Transcript: Rob Gronkowski Press Conference 10/13

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media during his press conference on Friday, October 13, 2017

Q: How would you describe the condition of your thigh and your availability for Sunday?

RG: I'm good to go. Ready to play. Whatever the coaches call or whatever plays they have me in I'll be ready to roll.

Q: What is it like sitting out and knowing you can't get on the field?

RG: You just cheer for your teammates. You're just there for support. You're there to help out as was the case last week. You're just there, if you see anything, to just give little tips to your teammates and most importantly there for support. Hopefully that case doesn't happen again and I'm just focused on the Jets now and ready to roll for Sunday. 

Q: What has Jets week meant to you over the years? 

RG: It's a division opponent. [They're a] very tough team, always, always a tough game. Always a close game. Always a battle until the end. It's going to be fun. It's a good atmosphere. It's going to be great out there in New York and it's going to be a battle. 

Q: Why are the Jets always able to play you guys so competitively?

RG: Yes, like any other team in our division we know them. They know us. We see each other twice a year every single year. I just feel like we're always competing. [We] always get up and [it's] just the nature of the game. Just the nature of facing the Jets. It always goes down to the fourth quarter so we've got to be ready. 

Q: How beneficial will these extra nine days be for you with your injury?

RG: Whenever you go through a case like that and you've got to sit out a game, I mean you want to take the benefits out of it and just trying to, first off, doing everything I can to get back out on the field and get ready. So just take a little break, get healthy, do all the things necessary to get your body ready to get the injury healed up and be ready to go out there and have your body feeling good.

Q: How do you like the way the offense is progressing this season?

RG: I mean I just like the way the guys on the team every single week come out on the practice field and practice hard. Their objective, their goal is to get better as a team and go out there and put their best performance on every single week. 

Q: They have a couple of rookies starting a safety. What have you seen from them on tape?

RG: Yes, they do. They're definitely pretty good rookies too being able to start right off the bat at both safety positions. They're young, they're healthy, they're ready to roll, they're ready to play hard. They're aggressive too. You don't see any times they back down. They're ready to roll so we've got to be ready and be ready to face them. 

Q: When you face younger players like that do you see sometimes that they use you as a measuring stick? Do they try to prove something that they can cover you?

RG: I would say so. I mean sometimes. I wouldn't say that's always the case but I mean I've seen it before. I've heard guys on the field talking when facing younger guys. When you do get [matched up] I mean you hear them talking, you hear them talking smack. So that could be the case. I'm not over there on that team. I don't know guys personally. So hopefully I go out and I'm at my best.  

Q: What do you say back to them?

RG: I'm not really a talker like that. You've got to [expend] all your energy during the game on the plays and everything. 

Q: Do you thrive on that?

RG: Sometimes. You know it. I would say a lot of people do. But yeah, I like when people talk garbage to me. 

Q: How much of last week was the result of unfortunate timing with a quick turnaround for the Thursday night game?

RG: Yes, but I mean it is what it is. Unfortunately, it was a quick turnaround game Thursday night and I just wasn't ready to roll. There was no chance that I could've went but it is what it is. I took care of myself throughout that whole time, took care of my body and now I'm ready to play. Whatever coaches call, I'll be ready.

Q: What do you think of the Thursday games with that quick turnaround?

RG: We're just past that now. I'm just really focused on the Jets. 

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