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Transcript: Rob Gronkowski Press Conference 10/18

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Q: What do you see from this Falcons team on tape and what can you take from the previous matchup in Super Bowl LI despite not being on the field for that game?

RG: Well, we've been given really highly strict rules that we are not allowed to talk about that game, so you're not really going to get any information from anyone about that, so I'm just looking forward to this week. They look good on film. They're a fast team, a physical team and it's going to be a tough game coming this Sunday night.

Q: Does their team have a lot of speed?

RG: Yeah, they've got speed. Yeah, they're fast. They're fast, they're physical. When you catch the ball you want to get north and south on the field to get yards.

Q: De'Vondre Campbell of the Falcons said he feels that he matches up pretty well against you. How do you feel you match up against their defense?

RG: I mean, they're a good defense. You've got to go out there and you've got to play your best football. I feel like at any time, any given time, if I'm not playing my best football, if I'm not taking the coaching points, if I'm not doing the things right out there on the field then I feel like I could be covered by any one. But also at the same time, if I'm doing things right, feeling good, taking the coaching points then I feel like I can get open on anyone. It just all comes down to playing the game this coming Sunday night.

Q: How do you feel that your blocking ability in the run game has progressed since training camp? Was that a difficult thing to get back to given the injury you suffered last year?

RG: It's definitely part of the game, a big part of the game. You want to be able to block. It helps in the play-action passes big time to get open. It just helps overall. It helps with the running game to be able to block and you want a run game. You don't just want a pass game. It takes time. When you get to training camp you've got to build your foundation. You've got to build that base and taking all of those hits in training camp and it progresses throughout the season. Just building the base throughout training camp and you just want to be the best blocker that you can be to help out the team.

Q: What is Dwayne Allen doing behind the scenes that we don't see? What kind of a teammate has he been?

RG: Dwayne's been a great teammate. He's a great guy and he comes out and works every single day, works his tail off, works his butt off, and I feel like he's going to turn the corner soon. He's right around the corner. He's been working hard. He's been grinding and he's a great guy. I love having him out there with me.

Q: We saw Bill Belichick break down some plays from last Sunday on and he seemed to really like the high-step you did in the end zone after one of your touchdowns.

RG: Oh, he liked that? It didn't seem like he liked it. He says I've got twinkle toes, so I'll take twinkle toes. I like when I have twinkle toes - that means I'm feeling good. I'm feeling it.

Q: What are you expecting from the Falcons coming in here? Will they have Super Bowl LI in the back of their minds?

RG: We're expecting them to be tough and physical. It's going to be a game down to the wire. You've got to play all 60 minutes and it's not going to be an easy game. It's going to be a challenge.

Q: Do you have any friends on their team? Have you heard from them at all this week?

RG: No, I haven't. I know some of the guys on the team but I have not talked to anyone.

Q: Is it key for you guys to have your offense executing at the highest level given how explosive you know you can be?

RG: We want execution at the highest every play we do, every week in and out. We try to make it a focal point that we want to execute every single drive, every single play, but it's football. That's not going to happen every single time and that's when you have to put some plays behind you and just move on to the next play. But we're trying to focus and execute at a high level every single play no matter who you're playing, what time the game is at. You always want to be at the top. But you've got to grind, you've got to practice hard in order for that to happen.

Q: Has the film study from Super Bowl LI brought back any memories of what you went through with your injury last year and does it make you appreciative to be back out there this year?

RG: No, it feels great to be back playing, but I mean, it's a whole new year. It's a whole new week. They've got different players now. We've got different players. They've got a different scheme a little bit from all the different players. We've got a little different scheme from all the new players that we have, so it's a whole new game. It's a whole new challenge this week and we've just got to work hard this week and get ready for Sunday night.

Q: Did you see the Gordon Hayward injury last night?

RG: Yeah, I mean I saw it. I wish him nothing but wellness. Hopefully, he heals as soon as possible. You never want to see that with a player in any sport. One of my friends showed me that last night. You get that feeling in your body like your heart just drops. I wish him well. I can't wait to see him back. I know he's going to bounce back, but being here in Boston he's going to be a hard worker I feel like and I can't wait to watch him when he gets back.

Q: Is there any sort of advice you can give him going forward as he deals with his rehab?

RG: Just go into rehab just like you go into anything else - dominate it. Come back when you feel ready and come back when you're 100-percent. Just like anything else. He wouldn't be where he is now if he wasn't a hard worker. I don't know the guy, have never met him, but it's not something that you want to see as an athlete happen to anyone else.

Q: What is the mental challenge of having worked so hard to get to that point and then having it ripped away by injury and missing time?

RG: There is definitely a big mental challenge, definitely with that. It's not just around your teammates and all of that. It's outside of football, too, because it takes away your whole life from going down like that. You can't do anything. You can't walk. You've got to have people do it. You get really frustrated. You just want the people you love around you to help you out and get you in the best mindset throughout the whole process.

Q: What do you think about the potential of your offense when you do finally put together a 60-minute performance?

RG: If we put together a solid 60 minutes, execute super well every single play then the sky is the limit. We've just got to come together. Everyone has to be able to perform their job correctly on every single play in order for that to happen. I mean, we'll see. Hopefully, it happens. That's what we strive for every single game. It's really, really hard to do or else you'd be seeing offenses putting up 60 or 70 points, but it's really hard versus these really solid defenses in the NFL. We've just got to keep working hard to execute as many plays as we possibly can to their highest potential.

Q: Is it still exciting to play in a prime time game like Sunday Night Football?

RG: Yeah, prime time games are nice. I mean, they're definitely different from the one o'clock games. You're under the lights. You get all day to hang out and chill. I feel like that atmosphere of excitement for once the game starts is up there. It's great. The fans, I feel like, are just always way more into the game when its night time. I don't know why. Maybe they are partying hard all day. I heard you do that Mike [Reiss].

Q: Did Coach Belichick really call you twinkle toes?

RG: Yeah, he said I had twinkle toes. I took it as a compliment.

Q: He was smiling when he broke it down on the website.

RG: Wow. That's great. I'm going to check it out. I like twinkle toes.

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