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Transcript: Rob Gronkowski Press Conference 8/2

Read a transcript of Rob Gronkowski's day 6 training camp press conference on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Q: How do you feel coming back after four full-padded practices?

RG: It feels good out there. Today was a grind. [It's] super humid out. It's getting through the dog days because we just have to keep on pushing through camp. I think it's our fourth full pad [practice]. Yeah, it's our fourth. We've got a good week coming up, a good practice today. We just have to improve, keep doing our routine and keep doing better. 

Q: Do you feel like your back has responded well?

RG: Yeah, I'm good to go, out there every play. Whatever they need me to do. 

Q: What's your take on Dwayne Allen? What have you seen from him so far?

RG: For sure. We've been going since the summer but [he's] a great dude, hard worker and he's doing super well. I love working with him. I love blocking with him [and] going out there and running routes together. [He's a] great guy to work with. 

Q: How important is it that he is a veteran player who knows his way around the league?

RG: Yeah, definitely. It's not like he's a rookie wondering how the NFL works, how everything goes. He's coming in, he's learning the plays just like that and he's doing a great job. 

Q: How has taking a different approach to working out helped you?

RG: I'm just feeling good. I'm feeling good every day, in and out. It's going well.

Q: Why did you decide to work out with Tom Brady's trainer?

RG: Because I look at him and he turns 40 tomorrow and he runs around like he's younger than me. So it's pretty obvious right there.

Q: Do you feel like your body is different?

RG: Yes. 

Q: How so?

RG: I just feel good. I feel good. 

Q: How is the eating and the diet going?

RG: It's going good. Yes. Dinners are super healthy. But after this type of workout you fiend for that type of stuff. That's when you want all those nutrients. That's when you want to eat it. So he cooks them for me, I eat them. 

Q: Can you believe that Tom Brady will be turning 40 years old tomorrow?

RG: No, I can't. It's pretty wild. Today is his last day in his 30s. There's nowhere else he wants to spend it besides the football field. But it's just unbelievable how he's turning 40 and just where he's at right now is just unreal.

Q: Is seeing him like that what made you start following in his footsteps for training?

RG: Yes, definitely, for sure. 

Q: What do you get a guy like Tom Brady for his birthday?

RG: I get him touchdowns. You've got to catch the ball. That's all he wants - his receivers, tight ends, running backs to catch the ball. So that's probably what he wants tomorrow. 

Q: What are your thoughts on this offense so far?

RG: [We're] just coming out every day trying to improve every day. I've got to improve, just overall. Today was a good day for conditioning. [We've] got to be on schedule with the routine - rehydrate tonight, rehydrate today, get ready for tomorrow. But I feel like everything is going smoothly but always room for improvement.  

Q: Has Brandin Cooks speed impressed you?

RG: He's definitely fast. His speed is up there and it's definitely impressive to watch when he's at the top notch. 

Q: After your previous injuries, was it important for you to take a different approach to your health?

RG: It's always important. I mean being young – I mean as you get older you start feeling it more, for sure. I remember I was 21 at one point, when I was 22, first [and] second year in the league, I could just go home and I used to just not really do anything. But now as you get older, it just felt like it was that time in my career where I just really needed to focus on it and go to the next level or else I could've possibly been out of the door. So just wanted to take it to the next level and keep on going. 

Q: Have you seen anything different out of Coach Belichick this camp now that his sons, Brian and Steve, are officially on the coaching staff with him? Does that seem like a nice bond for him to be able to share in the work environment?

RG: That's super nice. I've got a brother on the team, so it's always super nice to have him on the team no matter what position, where he's at. It's just super cool to have someone I grew up with be there, so I can't imagine what it's like for him to have his two sons on the coaching staff. I would definitely say that it's probably pretty similar having a brother and then two sons, so it's definitely cool to have family members. That's super awesome to see that it's in their family and they just love the game of football and they love coaching.

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