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Transcript: Trent Brown Media Availability 5/3

New England Patriots offensive lineman Trent Brown addresses the media at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, May 3, 2018.


Q: What have been your first impressions here?

TB: I'm happy with my new team. I'm just still trying to learn my way around, find somewhere to live and learn the offense. 

Q: What was your reaction when the trade happened?

TB: It really wasn't a big reaction. I've always rested on knowing that God makes no mistakes, so it is what it is. It's a part of the business. I'm happy to be in New England now. 

Q: Did you have a good idea the trade was coming, since it was reported that you were here at the time?

TB: Well, I was in New York. 

Q: What were you doing in New York?

TB: Business. Tending to personal business.
Q: How would you describe your game? What are your strengths?
TB: I'm an excellent pass protector and I get after it in the run game. I don't talk too much. You just have to see on Sunday's. 

Q: You started a game at left tackle last year, right?
TB: Yes.

Q: How comfortable was that for you?

TB: I've always played both sides. I started off playing college left. I played left in high school. I really started playing right when I got to the University of Florida. But, switching sides has never been a real big issue for me.

Q: Prior to that game, when was the last time you started a game at left tackle?

TB: The year before against the Rams. 

Q: A couple months ago, Kyle Shanahan said you were the best pass protection offensive lineman he'd ever seen. Was it surprising to have been traded after receiving that kind of praise?

TB: I mean, as far as reasons go, I don't know their reasons behind it. But, like I said, it's part of the business. You know, you've just got to run with it.

Q: How do you think your journey from junior college to Florida has helped you adapt in the NFL?

TB: I think I just know how to make it work wherever I'm at. It's probably a good asset to have, being something like a chameleon. 

Q: From your limited knowledge of the Patriots at this point, do you think that this will be a transition you can make in short order considering what was asked of you in Shanahan's offense?

TB: Well, this will be my fourth offense. From what I've seen, some stuff has carryover from some of the offense that I've been in already, so it should be a pretty easy transition for me. 

Q: When you have played in multiple offenses, is it almost a benefit in that learning a new offense comes easier with that experience?

TB: Yeah, it is pretty much a benefit, really just learning different terminology.

Q: Are you looking forward to working with Dante Scarnecchia?

TB: For sure. I've heard a lot about him my second year from Coach Flat [Pat Flaherty]. I've heard a lot about him since I've been here, and in just the couple days I've been working with him, I can tell you he's going to get me better."

Q: Not sure if you were playing when Jimmy Garoppolo became the starter, but what was it like to see what he did at the end of last season?

TB: I played one game with him against the Bears before I got put on IR. He was a great guy, a great player. I wish him nothing but the best, continued success to him and all the rest of my brothers in San Fran.

Q: Did you have relationships with any Patriot players before coming to Foxborough?

TB: I knew Shaq Mason before I got here. 

Q: How is the condition of your shoulder?
TB: I'm in good condition. I'll be ready for training camp.

Q: How do you feel in terms of your physical conditioning? Has that affected your ability to feel like you're in a good place?

TB: No. I'm just taking it a day at a time.

Q: What do you anticipate the competition to be like for those starting tackle spots?

TB: I'm just going to compete every day, and I trust the coaches to put me in the best position possible.

Q: At your size, is it difficult to keep up with the conditioning that is required to be where you want to be?
TB: No. I move well for a big guy. I don't know if you've seen.

Q: Did the 49ers ever show any displeasure with your conditioning?
TB: No.

Q: How do you feel about protecting Tom Brady's blind side if you end up on the left side?

TB: It will be a pleasure to keep the guy upright, whoever's back there. I'll do my best to do my job and keep whoever upright.
Q: Do you take offense to those who say you were out of shape last year?

TB: No, I mean, if you watch the film, I don't think it will show. I still did my job at a high level.

Q: How do you feel about coming in here and having to compete for a starting role?

TB: I mean, I was competing every year. Every year I was there, somebody was drafted or brought in. So, you know, I've just got to rise to the level of the occasion and do what I do.

Q: What kind of influence did Joe Staley have?

TB: He had a big influence on me. I watched his game, I watched how he worked and I tried to emulate some of that stuff, as well - you know what I'm saying - doing what I do good, as well. So, just taking bits and pieces of his game and adding it to mine. I mean, he's been doing it at a high level for almost 20 years. 

Q: What takeaways did you have from preparing for and playing the Patriots two years ago?

TB: I mean, I don't [know].

Q: When you think about the blocking schemes that the Patriots run, can you match anything up to what you did with Shanahan? Or is it too early to know that?

TB: It's kind of early, but from what I've seen, it's a little carryover. I mean, as an offensive lineman, it's only so many types of footwork, so many types of blocks, so many different types of schemes. So, it's going to be pretty easy, I feel like.

Q: After getting word of the trade, what did the next several days look like for you?

TB: I was at dinner when I got the call. It was probably like 10 o'clock, and I was on the phone with Ms. Nancy [Meier] when she said, 'I'm going to try to get you on the earliest flight.' And I was on the flight here from New York at 6 o'clock the next morning. I didn't sleep for like two days trying to make sure I didn't miss that flight.

Q: Is there a target weight that the coaches want you at for the start of training camp?

TB: No, they just say I can get wherever I feel comfortable. 

Q: Where do you feel comfortable?

TB: As low as I can be.

Q: How low is that?

TB: We'll see.

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