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Transcript: Wes Welker Conference Call - 10/27/2010

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the Minnesota media during his conference call on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

Q: What was your general reaction when you learned that Randy Moss was being traded?

WW: I was a little bit surprised. Obviously Randy is such a great player and such a great guy and everything like that. It is hard to go out there and play without that guy who has been here such a long time. At the same time, you trust in Coach Belichick and the decisions he makes and you roll with them and move on.

Q: How does Randy's vertical threat impact coverages?

WW: I think it keeps the defense honest and wanting to make sure he's not going deep. You don't know which play he's going to all of a sudden take off on you. I definitely can put those safeties in check.

Q: How many teams do you think have the trust that your team does within its locker room and with the head coach?

WW: That's a huge thing. Obviously everything that Coach Belichick does, he's doing what's best for the team. You know that going in, just from the time that I have been here. In every scenario that we have ever had, that has been the case. You always just trust in it, believe in it, and just kind of roll with it.

Q: Was Randy's relationship with coaches and within the locker room the same this year as it was in past years?

WW: Yeah. Randy was always a great teammate and always a great player and always did a great job out there. We had some great years together. Unfortunately, it kind of came to an end. We're moving on and moving past it.

Q: Did you sense when Randy came out and said he was unhappy with his contract that it would be the beginning of the end for him there?

WW: I have no idea about that stuff. I didn't really sense anything like that. It was all kind of a shock to everybody. You didn't really know what was going on. We're usually a pretty tight-lipped type team. It was definitely something a little different.

Q: What kind of reception do you think Randy will get from the fans in New England?

WW: It's tough to say. It could be 50-50. I think a lot of them will applaud him, just because he did such great things for this organization over the past three or four years. It's hard not to still like the guy and respect what he did for us.

Q: How long do you think Belichick will coach?

WW: I don't know if he could do anything but coach. I don't know what he would do if he didn't have film to look at or something to do. Hopefully it's for a long time, at least as long as I am here. I don't know. You would have to ask him on how long he really plans on it.

Q: Why do you think Coach Belichick has been so successful over time?

WW: I think he is very detailed. I think he does a very good job of stating out the obvious. A lot of times I think you just go out there and play and you don't really pay attention to the details of what the team is really trying to do and how we need to play them. He does a good job of explaining that to us and coaching us and in that way each week to get ready for whichever opponent we're playing.

Q: How often does he (Belichick) surprise you?

WW: I personally kind of like it. Usually whenever he does something I feel like I have a little bit of a river-boat gambler tendency to me too. I kind of like it personally. Whatever he calls, we just have to go out there and execute and try to finish games.

Q: How close are you to being where you want to be coming off the injury?

WW: I think we're getting there. It's a slow process. Every week is a little bit better and we're still a little ways off. At the same time I have my good days, where I feel like everything is going to be back. I have my bad days as well. We're slowly getting there.

Q: What do you think of Danny Woodhead?

WW: It's kind of encouraging for me to see somebody like that. He's obviously done a great job for us and really coming in. He doesn't look like much, but neither do I. He gets up there and gets the job done and plays well. We're happy to have him.

Q: What are your thoughts when you see the Vikings on film?

WW: They are fast. They fly around to the ball really well. Their line gets really good penetration. They have some good ball players, who really fly around to the ball and really try and get after the ball and strip it and try and do everything else to cause turnovers. They cause a lot of havoc. They are definitely guys that you can't take a play off with and make sure that you are top of everything they are trying to do.

Q: Would you consider yourself and Woodhead 'Belichick players'?

WW: I think he finds guys that fit roles for us. Obviously Danny fits a good role for us and a back that can run the ball and also be a pass catcher and everything like that. I think he really looks at a player like how we can use them and how we can use his strengths out there on the field.

Q: Do you anticipate Brett Favre being out there playing on Sunday?

WW: I would. The guy has a history of always being out there. I would expect him to be out there.

Q: How much talk has there been in your locker room about Coach Childress' comments on stealing signals?

WW: None. We haven't discussed it at all or anything like that. We're just kind of focused on us and going out there and trying to play a good game on Sunday.

Q: How does Coach Belichick manage to keep you guys so 'tight-lipped'?

WW: I think he kind of tell us, 'We're not talking about this stuff. We're not talking about that stuff. We're focused on this week. We're focused on this team.' That's our deal from week to week. He kind of warns us before and lets us know the questions we're going to get and making sure that we're keeping a level head on what we have to do from week-to-week.

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