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Transcripts: Patriots Media Availability 8/2

Read the full transcripts from Patriots S Patrick Chung and OL Isaiah Wynn's press conferences during media availability after day 8 of Training Camp at Gillette Stadium on August 2, 2019.


Q: Are you excited to get away and take a team trip to practice in Detroit?

PC: Yeah, it'll be good for us to get on the road and see how that is for the new guys. Just to compete with other players, it'll make it a little more fun, a little more competitive. I know Matty P. [Patricia] –they're ready to go, so it'll be a good time.

Q: What are the benefits of joint practices?

PC: Regardless of if it's with someone else or us, we're still going to practice and compete, but it's definitely better to go against other body types and certain players. So, I think it helps us, but regardless, we're going to work anyway.

Q: Has it been frustrating to wear a red con-contact jersey?

PC: I mean, kind of. I'm still out here practicing. It's not really a big deal. If I'm out here, whatever I can do to help the team, I'll be out here, but I'm just trying to get better.

Q: How does it feel to hear Bill Belichick compare you to Rodney Harrison?

PC: It means a lot. I mean, the man just went into the [Patriots] Hall of Fame, but it doesn't mean anything unless I keep doing it. So, hopefully when my time is up, he says the same thing.

Q: How cool is it to see Ty Law going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

PC: That's dope. Yeah, I know he's excited about that. That's a huge accomplishment, and he'll be forever remembered, so congrats to him.

Q: How good is it to see opposition during practice for the next two weeks?

PC: We'll get to see where we are as a team, so we've just got to go out there and take it as if we're going there for business. Try to get better, and you know they're going to be doing the same thing, so we'll go from there and we'll see where we are. 

Q: How nice is it to have Jamie Collins back?

PC: Yes, I love having him back. That man's a good football player, great ball player. He can do a lot for us, but it is early. But, he'll get it done. I'm not worried about him. We've just got to keep pushing here and see how it goes when the season starts.

Q: Have you given Jamie any advice on the transition in leaving the Patriots and coming back, since you did the same thing?

PC: No, Jamie's a smart man. He's a grown man. He knows what to do, so it's like he just came back in. We're happy to have him back for sure.

Q: He's talked about having extra motivation since he had kids. Have you seen that on the field?

PC: You've got to ask him that. I just see a good football player who's out there making plays, but that's his personal thing. You'd have to talk to him about that one. 

Q: How has Terrence Brooks integrated into the safety group, which has had solidified roles established the past few seasons?

PC: He works hard, man. I mean, he's a good player. He works hard, he's conditioned, he's smart. It's new, it's all new for all of us. Veteran guys, new guys, rookies – it doesn't matter – it's all new for us. But, he's a smart guy. We're all getting on the same page, and we'll see how we get. We only have a couple practices under our belts, so we'll see how it goes.

Q: We ask you this every year: Is there anything new you can get a 42 year-old quarterback [Tom Brady] for his birthday?

PC: Oh, I would say he has it all.


Q: How good has it felt to get out there and get some reps in?

IW: Felt good, felt great. 

Q: What have you been able to accomplish in training camp and what is the next phase for you?

IW: Just being able to be fluid in everything that I do, learn from the guys in front of me, and continue to come out here every day and get better.

Q: Have you had any setbacks?

IW: I've been good.

Q: Considering how last year went, how good does it feel to be with your teammates on the field and finish practice?

IW: It feels good to be out here and compete with the guys, and also help them at whatever position I need to be at, just to overall better the team.

Q: Is it hard not to be anxious to want to do more? Is it becoming easier to follow instructions you're getting from the trainers and the coaching staff?

IW: I'm just following instructions, that's it.

Q: How's it been working with Dante Scarnecchia so far?

IW: It's been great. He's the best offensive line coach ever, so it's been great. Just being able to learn from him, and not only him, a multitude of vets. Just being able to pick their brains, and really get a chance to learn. 

Q: What is it about Coach Scar from a teaching standpoint that makes him so good?

IW: His history; everything behind it. It's proven that it works. So you know he's not just out here feeding you something. Everything clearly works. 

Q: How difficult was last year for you, sitting out and being on the sideline?

IW: Of course it's hard, because of that competitive nature inside you. You want to get out there and be able to help the team, but I also had to look at the bright side. I was able to help the team by being prepared every week. 

Q: Where do you feel you are in your progression this year as opposed to last year?

IW: I feel good.

Q: Are you still a rookie?

IW: Am I still a rookie? I don't know how that works.

Q: Do you have any idea when we might see you in a competitive drill?

IW: That's a Coach Bill [Belichick] question.

Q: Do you have confidence that that's coming relatively soon?

IW: Of course.

Q: How much of a grind has training camp been for you?

IW: Just putting in work every day, whether it's on the field, or in the training room, or rehab and treatment. Every day I've got to get a little bit better, so I'm trying to figure out whatever steps I need to take to get better. I need to do that.

Q: You think you'll be good to go for the joint practices next week?

IW: We'll see. That's a Coach Bill question.

Q: Is there a plan in place for your progression or is this a day to day type of thing?

IW: That's a Coach Bill question.

Q: Did you learn a lot last year?

IW: Oh yeah, I learned a lot. Just like I said before, I feel like last year really gave me an opportunity to look on the brighter side of things and see how everything works, especially going as far as we went last season. Being able to see all of that as a rookie was special. Also, I was able to learn how plays operate, how practice goes, and how the guys take care of their bodies. 

Q: You always hear your coaches talk about mental reps. Is that something you've gotten good at over the last year?

IW: Most definitely. Being able to be in the film room with the guys has helped, and also just being out here at practice. Even if I'm not getting physical reps, I can always get mental reps with Coach Scar or some of the other players who know the calls out there.  

Q: We've seen you behind the line during plays, going through your steps. Is that a way to help out your timing?

IW: Yeah, that and just like I said before, that's part of the mental aspect of the game. So when I get out there, it's not chaotic.

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