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Troy Brown Postgame Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium - Foxborough, MATroy Brown speaks to the press.



            **Q:  What did you see on the punt return, what did it look like in front of you?**  

T: I saw a bunch of guys busting their butts. We've been working hard all week on it trying to get better.

Q: How difficult is it to get anything generated with a non-productive offensive line?

T: We need to stick to the game plan. They need to make tackles and it didn't work. They just played better than us overall. We need to be physical and aggressive, they got the best of us. We didn't get physical enough with them. We didn't run hard enough. We were playing at home, we definitely have to win.

Q: You had good field position but it wasn't enough, can you comment on that?

T: We had good field position pretty much all day but we just didn't get it done. We didn't play well enough, we just have to play better. We're at home, we had our chance but we just didn't pull it together.

Q: With the new coaches and staff, how difficult has that been?

T: For a lot of the guys it's not new. For me, Drew (Bledsoe), Armie (Bruce Armstrong) and Terry (Glenn), we've had this system before. We've had six weeks of training camp or whatever it was, we've been here in the off-season getting ready so that's not an excuse.

Q: Any consistency that you saw anywhere?

T: Special teams did a good job. There were a few times we had a few letdowns. The kick off team and a few punt returns. For the most part we did a good job.

Q: Were you surprised with the play of the other team?

T: Pretty much, but we knew what we had to do going into it. We knew we had to move the ball. We didn't do a very good job of doing that.

Q: Bledsoe took a beating and still came up with big plays at the end, what does that say to you about him?

T: That's the kind of guy he is. He kept coming back. He didn't quit and he kept giving us chances. We finally thought we could get up by one or two, we still had a chance to win it.

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