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Ty Warren hosts egg-stra special Easter celebration

Ty Warren's Easter egg hunt was a big hit at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club in Boston.

When eight-year-old Khyel Mack pretended to faint at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester, Mass., on Wednesday evening, it didn't send the dozens of adult staff members running to see what was wrong. Instead, a round of applause and laughter broke out when Mack uttered the phrase, "I think I'm going to pass out." That's because Mack, a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, had just learned that the special Easter egg that he had just found had won him a limousine ride and dinner with Patriots defensive lineman Ty Warren and his family.



]()Khyel joined over 70 other members of Boston-area Boys & Girls Clubs in an Easter egg hunt sponsored by Warren and his wife, Keisha, on March 23. Ty and Keisha both grew up as members of the Boys & Girls club in their native state of Texas and are becoming active in the Boston Boys & Girls Clubs as a way to give back to the organization that gave them so much during their childhood years.

"Having grown up as a member of the Boys & Girls Club in Texas, I know the positive effects that these clubs can have on its members," said Ty Warren. "I believe the club, along with my family, gave me the guidance and structure to be successful in life. I strive to be a positive role model to these kids so they can find their strengths and passions and use the resources of the Club to help them succeed."

Several other Patriots players were on hand for the Easter festivities, including defensive lineman Ethan Kelley and offensive lineman Billy Yates, who was also a member of the Boys & Girls Club as a child. The children were split into two age groups, and then one group at a time was let loose to find the eggs, accompanied by Kelley and Yates. Each of the 75 children found 10 eggs apiece, some containing special prizes.

Ten kids, five from each age group, received Ty Warren jerseys, which were autographed on the spot. Copies of the Patriots' recent "21" DVD were given out, and two lucky kids, including eight-year-old Khyel, won dinner with the Warren family. All children got the chance to talk with Warren and get an autograph before the night was out.

The Easter egg hunt, which lasted for several hours, came as a complete shock to the kids, who weren't told about the surprise until they saw the Patriots players walk into the crowded gymnasium. Each child, in addition to the eggs, received personalized photos of Warren holding up the team's latest Vince Lombardi trophy, enough to make sure everyone went home happy. "I can't believe this!" nine-year-old Jared Mathieu exclaimed. "It was so awesome to get to meet an NFL player. I already had Ty Warren's jersey and he is one of my favorite players. This was the best day of my life!"

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