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Tyrod Taylor and Rex Ryan Conference Call Transcripts 10/26

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor and Head Coach Rex Ryan address the media during their conference calls on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.



Q: Tyrod, when you watch the film of the Patriots defense since Rob Ninkovich has come back, what do you see?

TT: His leadership shows up on the field. What type of player he is, what he brings to the table. But as far as getting everybody lined up and communication, he's definitely one of the guys that they look to as the quarterback of the defense. 

Q: Going back to the last games also - on October 2nd - it seemed like you had the perfect mix of dropping back and throwing, and also eluding their rush and throwing on the run. Why were you so comfortable doing that in that game?

TT: It's just a natural feel of the game. We were able to get in a flow, as far as our attack. We were able to get into a natural flow and I was able to make some plays with my feet. You don't get that every week, but I was able to do so in that game.

Q: Tyrod, this will be eight weeks into the season. What do you feel is the identity of the Buffalo Bills at this point?

TT: I definitely think that we've felt we're stronger than last year. We have some things that we can clean up. The 0-2 start definitely wasn't the way that what we wanted to start. To win four in a row was definitely a big plus as far as confidence goes in the locker room, but it's keeping everybody together as well. Losing the game last week, definitely tough on the road, but we got past that mentally and we're ready to attack the challenge that we have this week. It's a big challenge and we're looking forward to it.

Q: Tyrod, in that game you guys were also able to control the clock. In the first half, I think you guys had like 43 plays and they only had 17. As a quarterback, that would seem to be exactly what you'd want to do against the Patriots. How much talk is there in your room about trying to replicate that and do it again?

TT: For sure. Our execution and our attention to detail has to be very important to us this week as far as staying ahead of change and playing our game. Playing smart football with no penalties and just going out there and executing. If we do that, we have a good chance. But just taking it one play at a time, I think that has to be our focus in this game.

Q: How big of a role is Tom Brady's return in this game - and keeping the ball out of his hands?

TT: Definitely a big piece of their puzzle. The type of player he is, he's one of the greatest - if not the greatest - quarterback to play the game. The more that you can keep the ball out of his hands, the better off you are as a team. Like I said, that boils down to us. Executing, converting on third downs and staying ahead of your checks.

Q: What has LeSean McCoy meant to you if he is able to come back this week and play?

TT: LeSean being in the backfield is definitely a big part of our offense. Him creating plays with us in the passing game and the running game is definitely big for us. The type of player he is, he's one of the best running backs in the league - definitely top five. Having him back will definitely mean a lot and will definitely mean explosive plays.  

Q: How confident are you in Mike Gillislee's ability to step up - if he has to - in LeSean's place?

TT: I'm very confident in the backs that we have back there. Mike Gillislee, Jonathan [Williams] as well as Reggie [Bush]. All of those guys have played well this season. When given the opportunity, they go out there and they play. If we don't have Shady, I'm definitely confident in the guys that we have back there to go out there and make plays.

Q: Rob Ninkovich also didn't play in week four. I know the attention is on Tom, but one of the things Rob does really well is set the edge and occasionally spy quarterback. What have you seen from him in the past when you've gone up against him in that regard?

TT: He's a smart player. He's definitely always in the right place at the right time. He does a good job of spying as well. Like you said, setting the edge and as far as communication on that defense, like I said earlier, he gets guys into the right place on the field and limits miscommunication. He's definitely a guy that you've got to keep your eye out for while watching the film and being on the field. 



Q: Last time you said you were felling pretty good that Tom Brady wasn't the quarterback. How do you feel this time?

RR:  Well he is the quarterback, but I was feeling good, and for good measure last time. But hey, we'll see. I mean I've gone against him a million times. Same guy like he always is. 

Q: Do you have any moles in the building telling you secrets this time around?

RR: A lot of secrets. A lot of secrets are still floating around there, so I'm getting good Intel. By the way it worked out great but then I was afraid, aw man, somebody's actually going to believe that so I had no idea who the heck the quarterback was going to be, but I darn sure pretended, didn't I? My sources tell me that Brady will be the quarterback. 

Q: Yeah we'll believe anything.

RR: Yeah there you go. 

Q: Are you in a better mood today than the end of the last one? What happened?

RR:  Hey you guys were-hey, I want to compliment you guys. You guys were in the right frame of mind for that game. 

Q: It worked out great. Now how much can you take from that in terms of building some confidence going into this one, with a different set of circumstances and a different personnel? It was on the road, and a shutout. It has to make some difference.

RR: Well no I mean every week's different. When you look at it, hey we were the best team that day, and obviously there's circumstances with things but that's all that proved. The next game you've got to go out and you know, it's brand new circumstances and obviously players are different or whatever but you can go back to when I got beat 45-3 by them. Well it never meant anything the following time you played them. That's kind of the way it is, and it's just like here. It's the same thing. So it really doesn't mean anything. 

Q: You have a very difficult stretch in your next 4 games. This has to be a tough task, after having success in the past month, isn't it?

RR: Yeah I mean the only thing you're paying attention to is what's right in front of you, New England, so whatever's past that, I haven't even looked at. So we know when our bye week is because you give the players and coaches some time off but other than that, you don't know anything. So like I don't. You know, you brought it up, and I promise you, I haven't even thought about it one bit and everything we're pouring into this game. That's it. 

Q: Wait till you find out. Tough run.

RR: There you go. We enjoy going out in the West.

Q: How much of a challenge is it for you to come up with a new scheme week in and week out every time you face Tom Brady?

RR: He's too good. If he could just sit back and without challenging him, you know, it's tough enough when you present something he hadn't seen, but it's damn near impossible when he hadn't seen it. 

Q: How much do you feel that the pregame scuffle galvanized you own team?

RR: It had nothing to do with our team that night. Absolutely nothing. You know, those things happen every now and then but it was no big deal. It did absolutely nothing for us. 

Q: Would you remind your team before this game to keep that to a minimum?

RR:  No I mean with us, just go out and warm up. That's what you do but any of the extracurricular things, you know, there's absolutely zero focus on that, and shouldn't be any focus on that. It's just about playing games. I mean if people want to show how tough they are, put the boxing gloves on and get in the ring or something. That might be more impressive. I don't want Gronk by the way. But I definitely don't want to see that happen and our focus is 100 percent on the game and doing the very best we possibly can. 

Q: In four of the past six games against your teams, the patriots have committed either 9+ penalties or had over 100 yards of penalty yardage. Do you feel that your team has done a good job at flustering them a little bit and getting them off their game in that regard?

RR: No, I think we've only won once or twice. I don't know about that. I'm not sure. All we care about doing is trying to get a win, and all that other stuff, it really doesn't matter. 

Q: What would you credit Lorenzo Alexander's success this season to?

RR: I just think all the credit goes to him. That's who deserves the credit. He's persevered a lot of things through his career from being-really a backup in this league and really being an unbelievable special teams player, which he still is by the way. But that was kind of his role and he just kept getting better, you know, kept working his tail off and when he got here, it was obvious that like wow this guy's special. Like I don't understand it. Whether it's the-you know, he's lost a lot of weight. But the guy is, he's such a pro, and such a great person in the locker room and everywhere else. A leader. That acts and overshadows his play, and by the way, he's leading the league in sacks and forced fumbles and I think he's third or fourth in the league in special teams tackles. But he deserves all the credit. He's the guy that is the player that you see now. 

Q: How is LeSean McCoy feeling and are you expecting to have him on Sunday?

RR: Well I hope so but we'll leave that to the trainers and the experts, the medical team, and obviously LeSean and see how they feel going forward. He tightened his hamstring, got a little tight in that game and as soon as that happened, we took him out. But we'll see how the week progresses to see about his availability. 

Q: How impressed have you been at Tom Brady's sharpness and accuracy after missing a month?

RR: Well I mean it's almost like, I don't know if I've ever seen him better. You know you talk about our guys, you know Lorenzo, but the same thing with Brady. I mean he he's played in the league for 17 years, 18 years, something like that. You know obviously he puts the work in and everything else and it's just a real credit to him. Like I keep thinking if I stay in this conference long enough, that maybe that dude will retire but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

Q: Is his tension for scrambling annoying?

RR: No, I'd like to see him do it more often. Put him in the option. Let him run the option. That's the one thing that really doesn't scare you much. You'll live with that. What scares you is when he lets the ball go. You know, when he releases it. But the scramble I mean  know what you're saying. He's able to pick up a few first downs. I think we might have the edge in the running threat at quarterback this week. I might go out there and make that bold statement. But they may be a little more worried about that than me worried about Tom running. 

Q: Can you speak to Rob Ninkovich and his ability to set the edge consistently over the last seven or eight years since he's been with the Patriots?

RR: Yeah it sounds like an easy thing. We'll just go out and set the edge. But it's one of the most difficult things there is in football, ad that guy's done it for years. And just a solid-he's better than solid. He's a hell of a football player. He's probably as good at setting the edge as anybody. 

Q: Patriots defense has ranked well in points against, but many argue that they haven't passed the eye test. What have you seen from the Patriots defense?

RR: Yeah, I don't think really anyone cares about the eye test. I mean they're like fourth in the league in points allowed. So that's the most important stat there is. They play great team defense. They're very multiple in what they do, and you're not surprised by that with a Bill Belichick team. 

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