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Update: Patriots current draft picks

With less than one month remaining until the NFL draft, teams are well underway in terms of preparation for the event.

The league released an up-to-date draft order for all seven rounds Tuesday, but the compensation picks for each team have not been announced yet, meaning the complete draft is not set in stone yet. New England currently has nine selections and may get a late-round pick added, but there isn't much compensation on the way.

As it stands now, the Patriots first three draft spots are set, with one coming in each of the first three rounds. By virtue of their Super Bowl championship, New England picks last in each round, which will be the 32nd, 65th and 96th overall selections.

The overall spot of the remaining picks are subject to change once the compensation picks are announced. New England currently has two picks in both the fourth and fifth rounds, no picks in the sixth round and two more in the seventh.

Besides their own pick in the fourth, the Patriots also get Green Bay's pick in the round as part of the trade for wide receiver Terry Glenn earlier this month. The Packers pick is currently the 28th of the fourth round. The extra pick in the fifth round comes from the Jacksonville Jaguars (ninth in the round) as part of a draft-day trade last year in which New England gave up a sixth-round pick in 2000.

The Patriots gave their sixth-round pick to St. Louis as part of a previous deal. Finally, the extra seventh-round pick comes from the New York Jets (23rd in the round) to complete the deal the teams worked out to allow the Patriots the chance to bring Head Coach Bill Belichick to the organization.

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