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Updated look at comings and goings

Here's a look at the Patriots offseason additions and losses to date.

It's been an active offseason for the Patriots so far with several additions and subtractions to the roster, but no major splashes. Expect that trend to continue throughout free agency as Bill Belichick tries to keep his financial ship in order. Patience is certainly the word for Belichick this offseason as he resists the temptation to fill needs with high-priced free agents. Here are the moves so far:

Larry Izzo -- linebacker -- Miami Dolphins
Marc Edwards -- fullback -- Cleveland Browns
Joe Panos -- guard -- Buffalo Bills
Larry Bowie -- fullback -- did not play in 2000
Mike Vrabel -- linebacker -- Pittsburgh Steelers

Free agents re-signed:
Garrett Johnson -- defensive tackle
Matt Stevens -- safety
Kato Serwanga -- cornerback

Chad Eaton -- defensive tackle -- to Seattle
Henry Thomas -- defensive tackle -- released
Chris Slade -- linebacker -- released
Larry Whigham -- safety -- released
Tony Hamler -- wide receiver -- waived
Marc Megna -- linebacker -- waived

Remaining free agents:
Bruce Armstrong -- tackle
Tony Carter -- fullback
Brandon Mitchell -- defensive lineman
Harold Shaw -- fullback -- restricted offer rescinded
Greg Spires -- defensive end -- tendered restricted free agent offer, but hasn't signed it yet.

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