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Vincent Valentine Conference Call Transcript - 4/29/2016

New England Patriots DT Vincent Valentine addresses the media during his conference call at Gillette Stadium on Friday, April 29, 2016.


Q: How are you spending the night tonight?

VV: Yeah, I'm home in Illinois. It's going amazing. I'm in the backyard with my family when I received the call and everybody looked and even Coach [Bill] Belichick hearing all my family in the background, he loved it. It was great. It was a great moment. It's a dream come true.

Q: What did Coach Belichick say to you?

VV: He just said he loves hearing all the energy in the background and the excitement. He was happy for me.

Q: How proud are you of your versatility across the defensive line?

VV: I'm proud of it. I'm just willing to play whatever position the Patriots put me in and I'll support the coaches 100 percent. They support me because they picked me as a draft pick. I'm just excited to join the program and just give it my all and give 100 percent every day.

Q: When were you first contacted by the Patriots? Was it prior to tonight?

VV: I actually talked to them at the Combine and then the next time I talked - I had a workout with Michael Lombardi and then I had a workout with [defensive line] coach [Brendan] Daly and then they flew me up for a pre-draft visit. It was definitely busy with the Pats and I mean I was excited. I thought I had a chance of them taking me but it worked out exactly how I wanted it to work out.

Q: Were you a Patriots fan growing up?

VV: I'm definitely a Patriots fan now but growing up I was a Redskins fan. It was a little different but I mean I always watched the Patriots growing up. They were one of the best teams when I was growing up so I watched them all the time.

Q: What have you seen from the Patriots' defensive line play over the past few years?

VV: They've been dominant. They have Hall of Fame guys, guys that are Pro Bowl, all those things. Just the Patriots as an organization are a great organization and top of the league obviously so it's always exciting to go to a team where you'll be able to compete for a Super Bowl right in the beginning of your career. I'm just excited to get in there and learn, soak up all the information that I can and just get better every day.

Q: After some analysts questioned your decision to come out early do you feel that this validates your decision?

VV: Definitely. I knew I put it all in God's hands. I knew he would take care of me. No matter where I went I was going to work my hardest, put my all into it so I mean I'm definitely happy with the pick that happened for me. But I mean everything happens for a reason and I decided to come out and I think it worked out great for me.

Q: Do you already have your degree?

VV: Yes sir, I do.

Q: Were you a journalism major?

VV: Sociology major.

Q: What do you feel your strengths are?

VV: I think I'm a big, stout guy. [I'm] definitely a good bull-rusher. I feel like I'm versatile like you guys said and so I could play at any position that the coaches put me in so I'm just ready to get to work. Whatever the coaches want me to do I'm willing to do it. I'm just ready for the ride.

Q: Is there anything specific that they've told you that you need to work on?

VV: Not really. We're definitely going to discuss that when I get out there but nothing right now. We haven't really discussed that right now.

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