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Weis meets New England media

New offensive coordinator Charlie Weis met with members of the New England media for the first time Friday afternoon.

Though he didn't go into detail, Weis said he will make changes in the Patriots offensive attack. When asked if the changes would be notable, Weis said they would not be subtle. He said the key to a successful offense would be establishing a running game.

"Obviously, the first thing we have to do is get the running game going again," Weis said. "Until you take some pressure off the quarterback by making some form of commitment to the running game [you can't have success on offense]."

Weis also commented on several issues concerning the team, including why Drew Bledsoe needs a quarterback coach and what role he saw Michael Bishop playing in the offense.

On why Bledsoe needs a quarterback coach:

"Last year I was at the Pro Bowl, and John Elway flew in on Thursday. I asked him, and he said to me that one of the most important factors in career and his success is when he had a quarterback coach/guru that worked on his fundamentals. Too many times people take it for granted with an experienced person that you don't need help on technique. You always need help on technique."

On plans for using Bishop:

"If you have a guy that can help you win games, however that is, then you try to find a way to do it. If it means coming in on third-and-one and having everyone think you're going to run the ball, and then you run the option because he's in there and you throw a touchdown, you put him in and go ahead and use his skills. There are ways of utilizing someone's skills other than letting him sit on the bench and wallow."

For more on Charlie Weis and recent Patriots news, check out the upcoming issue of Patriots Football Weekly, which hits news stands on Wednesday, Feb. 9th.

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