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What the Packers are Saying: Postgame Quotes

Green Bay Packers players and coaches address the media following their Week 13 game against the New England Patriots.



(opening statement)
"First off, excellent Lambeau Field win. I thought the crowd was phenomenal. Excellent football team in the New England Patriots. What a big challenge that they bring to the table. I thought offensively, we had a lot of productivity. Point total was enough to win the game. I thought the defense did a lot of good things. I think at the end of the game, [that] is what you're looking for as a coach. When each unit, the offense, the defense, the special teams, you need them to make key plays down the stretch and we accomplished that tonight. There were some really good things situationally. They challenged us throughout the game with a number of adjustments. I thought our players handled all of our adjustments very well. Excellent win for us; we're 9-3, but the reality is that it's one win that we'll enjoy tonight. Like I said, we have great respect for New England, their football team, and we'll be moving on to the Falcons in the morning."

(on Rodger's distribution of the football)
"I thought Aaron played extremely well. I thought New England's defense did an excellent job with their pass rush plan, the ability to be disciplined, staying in their lanes, keeping us in the pocket and Aaron did a great job extending plays from the pocket and buying our receivers some more time. It was a matchup game throughout. They were changing their matchups based on personnel groups and so forth. So there was a lot going on and I thought Aaron was outstanding at the line of scrimmage and I thought our players did a great job handling the adjustments."

(on how confident he is in his defense after today's game)
"We're confident in our whole football team. We're confident in our defense. We had a good plan tonight. We tried to match their personnel. Gronkowski is a great player; he's a very tough matchup. We're playing against one of the greatest quarterbacks that's played, definitely in this generation for sure. This was a big win for us. Our defense hit the target as far as getting some pressure on Tom Brady and we scored more than they did. We made the big play on third down to push their last series to a field goal attempt."

(on the defense's performance)
"If you had told me that we were going to hold them to 21, I would have probably felt pretty good about the opportunity to win the game. I thought our defense did a lot of good things today."

(on winning a close game)
"I just go back to our philosophy of winning. First, you have to find ways to win. Learn how to win, number one. Then you have to find ways to win and you have to do it as many different ways as possible, especially during the course of the regular season. That's how teams grow, that's how you have things to learn from each and every day. There will be plenty of corrections tomorrow that we'll be able to go back with our players and learn and as we can, grow and move on to the Falcons. This thing is about getting better each and every day. It's not cliché. It's reality. It's the way we approach it. So, these kind of wins are valuable because the reality is when you get into December football, they're usually close games."

(on both teams being committed to a pass-run balance in this game)
"It was just our plan. We had targets that we wanted to hit in the run game and we had targets we wanted to hit in the passing game, as far as the attempts and how we went about it. The play distribution was the way we planned it to be all week. With that, it's really about the players. It's about the execution and making the adjustments to the challenges New England's defense posed to us tonight."

(on the post-game conversation he had with Bill Belichick after the game)
"I'll just say this: He was very gracious, and that's about as far as I'll go. He has set the standard for an NFL head coach, definitely in my time in the league. It's awesome to go up and compete against his team and no one does it better than what he's done."

(on how it feels to win a game they didn't play perfectly)
"It feels good. It feels good that it wasn't going to be a perfect game, but we practice and we prepare and we gave it our best shot. We had some opportunities in the red zone that we didn't convert, but the most important thing was that we were getting down there to score points. These are tough games to win. It's something we can learn from. We'll probably spend a little bit more time on red zone [offense] this week and make sure we have the opportunity to improve."

(on if there is a larger meaning to this than just one win)
"I just think it's about stacking successes. As you get into the season, it's our ninth win, our goal is always to get to 10 wins and then look around and see what's going on. We'll keep our nose down to the grindstone and get ready for the Atlanta Falcons. Let's be real, we beat a heck of a football team tonight and with that, you get a little extra nugget of confidence that goes with it."

(on the performance of Sam Barrington)
"Sam is doing an excellent job. As we continue to talk about in here, we're trying to play as many different combinations of players as possible. We're trying to utilize everybody on our team, specifically the defense. We're healthy, this is a good thing. Teams that practice together and play each week, they improve. Sam's earned his opportunities. I thought he did some nice things tonight."

(on how far Richard Rodgers and Davante Adams have come this season)
"The rookies are doing a heck of a job: Richard, Davante, Corey [Linsley], the impact they made on offense. I feel good about the progress they've clearly made throughout the year."

(on if he saw something to prompt him to call timeout before the first half expired)
"Like most times, you have two calls. He [Rodgers] definitely saw something on the pre-snap, prior to the timeout. A lot of it had to do with the matchup and how we felt that particular matchup was playing. It was an excellent play call [selection by Rodgers at the line] and excellent execution by Aaron and Jordy [Nelson]."


(on if there's anything special about this game)
"Not really. It was a good win for us. We had some struggles in the red zone, getting field goals, but the defense came up big when we needed it, Mason (Crosby) kicked four field goals and we just had enough offense there to win."

(on beating a really good opponent despite the red zone struggles)
"It was good for us. We moved the ball pretty efficiently all day, just got stalled in the red zone a little bit. Both our touchdowns came from out of the red zone. We made some field goals down there, (and) we missed a field goal, but we've got to do a little better job. I thought we had some opportunities to get seven (points) there. When you're playing a really good team like this you're fortunate to win when you're, I think, probably 0-and-4 in the red zone."

(on his approach with using Davante Adams more)
"They're a matchup defense so if they want to try to take Jordy (Nelson) and Randall (Cobb) – it's basically (Darelle) Revis 1-on-1 with Randall (Cobb) and then (Brandon) Browner with a little bit of help on Jordy - so we tried to get Davante involved. He made some big plays for us."

(on the Patriots defensive gameplan)
"(They had a) great plan. They mixed things up, they brought six guys at time, or five guys. They brought (pressure) with the inside guys with the double mud pressure, they rushed three guys (and) probably a couple of times only two of the guys rushed. It was a calculated rush as well. They rushed to my depth and then kind of sunk back underneath. There was rarely a time where the rush was high and wide, so a very disciplined defense. They did a great job in the red zone of slowing us down, but we moved the ball pretty efficiently from our end into the red zone."

(on how he changes his approach when a defense tries to keep him in the pocket)
"You just know the way our line was protecting – which was excellent – that there was going to be some opportunities to kind of hold it and move around. A couple of those we had a lot of time – seven, eight, nine, 10 seconds – and they locked down our guys pretty good. But we made enough plays moving around in the pocket when we had time."

(on how big the Jordy Nelson TD was before the half)
"It was big. I put the ball slightly behind him. He made a great catch and then he's been great in the open field and just (made) an incredibly athletic play there at the goal line."

(on what statement this made in the locker room)
"It's just a confidence booster. Any time you win against a good football team it builds your confidence, but we've been great at home. We're 6-0 at home. The fans have been excellent with the noise, and we've got a good advantage going with winning the home games. We've just got to keep rolling at home, (we've got) a big one next week on Monday night against a team that's tied for the division lead, so it's going to be a battle."

(on if this is a big deal to them)
"We get in here a lot of times and you guys bring up some of the negative parts, so I'm with you on that. We've got to do better in the red zone and score more points, but we're happy about the win. It's obviously an excited locker room, but we have some big goals and we're getting into December football now with a chance to have everything right in front of us. We'll celebrate this win tonight and then move on."

(on what it says having wins against two other nine-win teams)
"It just says that we've won against those guys at home. When we get that advantage at home we like to make the most of it. I think this year more than any other year we've really played exceptional at home. It's a combination of obviously knowing the footing, the crowd noise, the energy, the surroundings and being very efficient. It wasn't the type of blowout we've had the last four weeks but nobody expected that. If we had done a little better in the red zone we probably would have given our defense a little better opportunity to play one-dimensional football.

(on two close wins building character)
"It's another character win for us. Eddie (Lacy) had a great game, 98 (rushing) yards I believe (with) some tough running. Early on they were playing some two-high with their man underneath stuff and you have to run the football. We ran the ball against some tough looks at times as well, and Eddie did a great job of just extending those runs and yards after contact, which he does so well. He had a great catch on I think the first play of the game and another one down in the red zone later, so he's just a talented guy. James Starks had a big catch on the two-minute drive, not something you're really thinking as a top priority, but everybody contributed for this win. That's what we told them in the huddle. Richie (Rodgers) had a big touchdown, Drew (Quarless) had a couple big catches, the offensive line blocked great, and these are character wins."

(on the third down conversion to seal the win)
"We'd had some success with our package with basically a tight end and four wide receivers with Randall (Cobb) kind of moving around, so we hit him on various routes out of the backfield and also with motion. We had a call which we liked to the three receiver side. We had Drew (Quarless) on a route that he had already caught a first down on and Randall kind of (had) the option to make a move on his defender. I believe they brought a fifth guy, I looked at Randall right away, there was just some gray area there. I moved to the left and kind of just stuck with Randall, and felt good about the throw and he made a nice catch."

(on the increased opportunities for Adams)
"He's a confident guy. We talked this week about making the most of your opportunities and the fact that they're a matchup team. So we needed to win those matchups up front and then obviously on the perimeter, so we challenged those guys before the game to win those matchups and Davante (Adams) did a great job. He made some adjustment routes and catch and runs, and he actually ran a hell of a route on the goal line (pass) that he dropped. That was a great route, so we're going to keep on giving him confidence as he continues to improve."

(on punting only once against the Patriots)
"You don't expect that. You love it but you don't expect it."


(on fourth-quarter sack)
"It was just an awesome team effort. The guys on the back end held them up long enough so he (Tom Brady) had to sit back in the pocket and Mike Neal, he really came through with an awesome rush. They left me single-teamed. Datone did a heck of a job taking up the double-team and that's what we have to do, we have to capitalize. Whenever they try to put two (defenders) on one guy, the guy with a single-team has to capitalize. And that's what we did and that's just the tale of the game. Datone almost had a sack earlier when they double-teamed me and that's just teamwork. That's just how we do it, teamwork."

(on the defense having it on them to get off the field)
"You would prefer it to be 50 to nothing but that's why we play the game. You want to make sure you make plays whether it's one of the, quote, unquote, critical points of the game or whether it's the opening drive…you want to make your presence known and your presence felt as a defense on the field."

(on ranking this regular-season win)
"This was awesome. I mean, that's a Hall of Fame quarterback right there. His tight end is the like 'The Terminator.' They've got a running back that's my size with a very experienced offensive line. And some receivers that run all over the place, so that's a dangerous team. We came out with a win today. The offensive guys did a heck of a job and we just did what we had to do on our side of the ball to ensure the win."


(on the defensive having it on them to get off the field)
"Well, I'll tell you what...I enjoy blowout victories a lot more then coming down to the wire, but there's something to be said about finishing a game in the manner in which we did tonight. It feels good, especially within these last four games we seem to be carrying our weight a little bit more, especially with how well our offense has been playing. It's kind of been our Achilles heel these past couple years in getting back to where we want to go, so it was good to see tonight, especially against a very good, quality opponent. We were able to make the plays when we needed to, so with all that being said, there's always room for improvement and we'll address that moving forward."

(on ranking this regular-season win)
"I don't know. I mean, I'm sure time will tell, but right now it's a big one especially with Detroit on our heels for that first-place spot in the division. And that's really all that matters right now. Obviously, we'll let it play out moving forward, but it was a good quality win against a very good opponent."

(on Dom Capers and the game plan this week)
"Well, I think ultimately the game plan coming in was not only being ready for what they were going to throw at us…whether they were going to try to run the ball or keep our offense off the field or whether they would spread it out and win their matchups. But ultimately we put our best 11 players on the field, I think you saw that tonight, and for the most part we made the plays in order to win. The (defensive backs) were playing tough on the receivers as well as the linebackers up on the tight ends and the backs. So I felt like we held their big play-making ability in check and ultimately that was the difference in the game."


(on the importance of scoring against a potent Patriots offense)
"You know, they're a great offense. They play really well and they have a great defense as well. We always want to put points on the board when we get on the field. Unfortunately we didn't score as many touchdowns as we wanted to, but for us to put points on the board with field goals is still huge for us. We just have to continue to play well and continue to find ways to get the ball in the end zone."

(on if this game had a playoff atmosphere to it)
"No, not really. It was a great matchup, a great team that we were playing, but it's the regular season. We still have a lot of football to be played and we still have to continue to go 1-0 each week and that's our motivation and that's our focus right now."

(on if this was a measuring game and how they measured up to the Patriots)
"I wasn't looking at it as a measure game. I look at them as a great opponent and understand that there was a lot of hype behind the game from the fans and from the outside, but internally we understood that this was just a game for us. We had to go out and prepare the same way, we had to do the same things in practice and be consistent and just go out and play our game."

(on the offense evolving)
"Yeah, definitely. We were able to create matchups and create problems and definitely when everybody is making plays it helps out, it opens up things for everybody so just have to continue to create separation and make those plays."


(on other receivers stepping up tonight)
"We're just trying to execute and do the little things correctly. Obviously run our routes, catch the ball. That's what we practice and that's what we do in the game, so just trying to do the little things right."

(on the game being a chess match)
"I think we knew what our plan was coming in and we executed that. Usually whenever you can execute your game plan you can win the game and that's what we did. We came out and executed our game plan and that ends in a victory."


(on importance of tonight's game)
"Each week is the biggest game of the year, so we'll celebrate this one tonight and get on to the next one tomorrow."

(on the key to the offensive line holding up in the trenches)
"Well, we take pride in extending plays. Aaron is the best in the league at extending plays and making big plays, so we know if we can hold up and give him some lanes to move around, then we're going to be doing all right."

(on measuring up against the Patriots)
"I don't think we look at it like that. We worry about ourselves. I don't think we do any type of comparing. We're worried about the Green Bay Packers."

(on being perfect at home)
"I think there's a different feel, a different energy this year at home. The crowd seems to be more energetic and we've been feeding off of it and you can feel the difference at home for sure."

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