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What the Patriots are Saying: Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players address the media following their Week 13 game against the Green Bay Packers.


*(on his near touchdown catch in the fourth quarter)

"Tom [Brady] just threw it up. It was a fade route. I tried to go up and make a play. I went under it. I am pretty sure I caught it, but at the last second the defensive back made a nice play and hit it out of my hands. It was a good play by him. When my number is called, I have to come down with that play."

(on the loss)
"We went out there and definitely competed. You have to give it to the Packers. They are a good team. They have a great offense and a great defense. We need to control the ball better, execute better and make more plays." 

(on the game atmosphere)
"It was a great atmosphere. Lambeau Field is a great atmosphere and a great place to play. It felt like a great football atmosphere out there."

(on the game)
"It was good team and a good quarterback. They played hard and we played hard. We played our hearts out. They got the win, so hats off to them."

(on playing against a good team)
"We knew it was going to be a fight, and we fought. They are a very good team. We are going to move on."


*(on not being able to get the win)

"It is heartbreaking for us. Coming in, we felt like we knew what they were going to do. It was two great teams playing. When it comes down to the wire like that, you need to be critical of errors and you have to make sure that you are doing the job that you need to do. We did some good things, but tonight they made more plays than us. This was a big test for us. To go down to the wire like this is expected when you have two great quarterbacks and two great teams going at it. It was a dog fight."

(on not being able to get off the field on third downs)
"There were a couple of penalties early, but I thought it got better in the second half. Third down is really key. That is one of our goals on defense, to get off the field on third downs. You have to tip your hat off to Aaron Rodgers and those guys for executing."

(on Jordy Nelson's second quarter touchdown)
"I felt that there was a push off, but at the same time I am not going to use that as an excuse. He made a great play. I have a lot of respect for Jordy, Aaron Rodgers and that whole wide receiver group."

(on not putting enough pressure on Rodgers)
"You just have to hang in there and hope that the defensive line gets to him. Aaron is very good at scrambling and extending plays. You don't want to be in that position as a defensive back. It is those extra extended plays that you don't want to be a part of."

(on what the difference is in close games)
"It is a game of inches. It really is. When you play against another great team you have to be on point at all times because any error can cost you. There is no room for errors when you play in a game like this."

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