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What the Patriots are Saying: Postgame Quotes

Patriots coaches and players address the media following their Week 15 game against the Miami Dolphins.


Head Coach Bill Belichick**

BB:It's always good to be able to walk up here after we've won an AFC championship – the AFC East championship – so, good feeling today. I think our guys really finished the game strong – 27-0 in the second half. [We] didn't play very well in the first half obviously, but they did a good job in the second half. We were able to get some points on the board, get a little momentum, get some turnovers. Danny [Amendola] had a good play on a punt return; set us up in good field position. [We] were able to hit some bigger plays. It was a good second half; played 30 minutes of good football offensively and had our moments on defense and special teams in the first half. It's good; good to be in this position and hopefully we can play our best football going forward. That will be our goal.

Q:Was it a tough call what to do at the end of the first half with 40 seconds left?

BB:No. It wasn't a hard call.

Q:You got Chandler Jones back today. What did you think of his performance?

BB:It was good to have him back. He's practiced a little bit, kind of sparingly the last couple weeks. Then this week he was able to take a lot of reps and certainly looked like he was ready to go from a practice standpoint, a conditioning standpoint. I'd say this week he kind of looked like Sealver [Siliga] looked last week, relative to being ready. Different play styles, I'm not saying that... It was good to get him back out there.

Q:Can you speak to the defense today situationally? Third-down and red zone in the first half kept you in the game.

BB:Some good, some not so good. We were up and down, we were up and down. [We] made some plays in the second half, able to keep them out of the end zone, but we gave up a lot of yardage in the first half, played a lot of plays. [We] didn't really do much to help our offense, other than the interception. We just didn't play well in the first half offensively. Obviously we weren't coached very well either. It just wasn't very good.

Q:What are your thoughts on Tom Brady's 17-yard run? It seemed like that lit a fire under the offense.

BB:I thought it was a good run. It was a third-and-long, third-and-nine, third-and-10, whatever it was. [He] did a good job of seeing that in the pass rush. It's something we've talked about this week. He made a big play on that last year against them, like on a fourth-and-five or fourth-and-four, something like that. We had a scramble play in that situation. Alert play on his part and it was a key first down for us. We were able to punch it in after that. That point in the game, it was a big third-down conversion, one that you usually don't expect to get that way, but a heads up play on his part. He ran well.

Q:They scored before halftime so it was a potentially momentum-changing play. Was there anything you might have said or adjusted going into the second half?

BB:There were a lot of things we had to adjust in the second half. We didn't really do much of anything the way we wanted to do it in the first half, other than we made a couple big plays. But other than that, I just didn't think we played the way we needed to play. We did a much better job in the second half of blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, defending, covering [and] returning. Just about everything [in] the second half was executed better than it was in the first half.

Q:Can you talk about Jamie Collins?

BB:Jamie continues to make big plays for us on the defensive side of the ball and in the kicking game. He's got real good length for a linebacker: tall with long arms, great jumping ability. His ability to knock down passes and reach into passing lanes, or block a kick in this case – very obviously athletic, we all know that. He just keeps playing faster and faster each week it seems like. He gets a key and he's able to make plays, whether it be in the kicking game or running through, making tackles for loss in the running game or tackles in the open field on receivers and backs. He's playing well and [he's] strung together quite a few weeks of good football for us.

Q:With Chandler Jones back, how do you like how the pass rush has come together the final month of the season?

BB:We'll see. It was certainly good opportunity for us to rush in the game where we were ahead in the second half. That wasn't the case in the first half and we didn't generate that same kind of pressure, so I think the score had a lot to do with it. And we rushed well when we had the opportunity. It was kind of the reverse of the game down there when they got ahead and put pressure on us. Today we got ahead and they had a hard time blocking our pass rush. I think the score and situation has a lot to do with that. But of course it's good to have him back out there. It was good to get Siliga back last week; it was good to get Chandler back this week. Hopefully that will just make us stronger going forward.

Q:Can you talk about the play that Kyle Arrington made on the scoop-and-score?

BB:It was a good – that's kind of what the outside guys are looking for. They're looking for a block to put themselves in a position, which he did, to be able to attack the ball. That's the kind of situation where there really aren't too many guys on the other side of the ball that can tackle or are very good tacklers. If you can just get it up and get going – a bunch of offensive linemen, a couple specialists. Kyle is a fast guy. Once he got a little bit of space, I don't think there are too many guys who can run him down. But it was a good – he did his job. He was in position and took advantage of the opportunity and turned it into points. It was a heads up play.

Q:You've had two great kickers your whole tenure here. We all know about Adam Vinatieri and today Stephen Gostkowski broke the all-time scoring record for the Patriots –

BB:You're keeping [Shayne] Graham out of there?

Q:Can you talk a little bit about Stephen? He may be underrated, but one of the most consistent players you have.

BB:Yeah, Steve has done a great job for us. We all know that this area of the country and this division is certainly not the easiest to kick in. He does a very good job of handling the conditions, [he's] got a good leg. He has good range on kickoffs and long field goals; gets good height on the ball. [He's] a good team player, he's always there to support his teammates. Everyone in the locker room likes him; he has a good rapport with everybody. You're right, I've been really lucky: Adam, Steve and Shayne came in here and didn't miss a kick the half a year that he kicked, or whatever it was. Steve, those guys, since I've been here they've all done a great job. But Steve, those are big shoes to follow there with Adam, but he's never blinked. He's always kicked with a lot of confidence, a lot of poise, a lot of focus. He's kicked with a lot of different holders, different snappers, not the easiest conditions, but he does his job. He's very focused and he's been a really dependable player for us. I love having him on the team. He's a great asset to this football team, both on and off the field, [in] the locker room and productive when we need him, of course.

Q:What does it mean to be in the same sentence with Curly Lambeau with 229 career victories, combined regular season and postseason, which is tied for fourth all-time?

BB:Thanks. I mean, it's flattering, very flattering. Curly was one of the great founders really of the National Football League. [He] spent the year at Notre Dame, brought the Notre Dame offense into the NFL, ran the box, had championships in Green Bay. [He] really kind of started the passing game with [Don] Hutson and Cecil [Isbell]. He was certainly one of the, not only one of the founding fathers of the league, but really one of the innovators in the league in his time. [It's] very flattering to be put in his category, in any sentence really.

Q:People so often talk about what happens at the end of the half. They get it to 14-13 and are probably feeling good about themselves going into halftime, but then you get the ball and have the most efficient drive that you had in the game. From a fan and media perspective, we wonder what goes into that, how the switch gets flipped. What happens?

BB:I mean, what happened was we didn't play very well in the first half and then we didn't play very well in the last 40 seconds or minute, however much it was. We just took some not very good football and made it worse. Then we were able to do things a lot better in the second half. But I think that whole sequence was just symptomatic of the whole rest of the half. What was the difference?


Tom Brady, Quarterback**

Q:How can you look so bad in the first half and come out and look so good in the second half? How do you flip the switch?

TB:That's a great question. I wish I knew the answer because we would have started that way then. We tried to start fast and got the ball down the field and then the ball got tipped and intercepted. It just didn't quite go the way we wanted it to in the first half, but we did a good job responding, so it was a good win – great win.

Q:Your 17-yard run seemed to set a fire under guys. Was that a message you were trying to send on that run out of bounds?

TB:Yeah, well, I think it was a play that we needed to make so it was good to make it at that time. I was going to slide but I was pretty pissed off that time so I figured I wouldn't slide. I wish I wouldn't have gotten knocked down, but that's the way it goes.

Q: Did you think getting that hit lit the guys up a bit?

TB:I think the touchdown did more so on the next play. That was a great run. It's just whatever it takes. I think that's what matters. I think all our guys responded the way we wanted to and it was good to go in there and finish them off like we did.

Q:You said you were pretty pissed off. Looking back at maybe the Cincinnati game as well after a week of scrutiny where you came out and had a tremendous drive. You play well pissed off it seems. Does it filter down to the rest of the offense when you're playing less than optimal? And do you feed off that?

TB:Yeah, and I think you're going to have times where you play less that optimal, because if you played optimal all the time you'd score 75 points a game which is impossible. So you're going to have stretches where you get stopped on third down or you don't convert plays you should have and then I just think it's always good to kind of reassess where we're at. I know we were all pretty pissed off at halftime - it just wasn't the way we – 25 plays on offense and terrible time of possession, terrible on third down, just didn't do anything to help our team win. I thought we did a better job of coming out that in the second half, aided by some turnovers by our defense. Our defense has just been playing incredible, which is what we're going to need. I'm glad we started to earn our paycheck there in the second half. It was good to be able to do that. It was a good feeling. We still left some opportunity out there.

Q: On the seam throw to Rob Gronkowksi that you're always able to make, is that just a bread and butter play for you guys?

TB:Yeah, I wish I'd make the other throws look like that too. He's a big target and he makes it easy for me. He's just awesome.

Q:Back to the 17-yard run, did you choose not to slide? I figured you just ran out of room.

TB:No, I could have slid, but I wasn't in the best mood that time. If he was a bigger guy I would have thought really hard about sliding, but once I was in the secondary… things happen pretty quick for me out there. I'm not the fastest guy out there so things close down pretty quick.

Q: Did anybody on the sideline say, 'Slide next time'? Or will that come up tomorrow?

TB:Probably tomorrow, yeah, probably tomorrow. It was a big third down and I think it was at that time of the game where we need to make some big third downs and the guys gave me great protection. They tried – what they've done to us a few times is rush three and double cover some guys and I think I was pretty keyed in on that today and tried to take advantage of it when they did it. I think we did a better job than we've done the last few times we played them.

Q: In a game where you're struggling on offense, how big was it for the defense to come up big, get a couple turnovers and really sort of turn defense into offense for you guys?

TB:It was huge. It was what really kept us in the game because we weren't doing much offensively. They really did that last week too. We've got a really good defense, so it's good to see. It's good to see. There's pressure to score every time we get the ball and that's what we're trying to do. But it's also a good feeling knowing that if you have to punt, you've got a defense that's not going to give up points too easily.

Q:You have dominated this division throughout your career. What are your thoughts on winning the division as often as you can and do you think fans have gotten a little spoiled or take it for granted?

TB:Well, I think every year is a different year for us and every year we have a great opportunity to try to accomplish something. It doesn't start this morning; it started back in March. It's a lot of hard work that goes into it. I don't think you ever take winning for granted; I certainly don't because I know how hard it is to win. I think we appreciate it. I also know that we have big goals every year for our team, so this is the one that is the first one to get. It was great to be able to do it against a team that we lost to earlier in the year. We had a great opportunity to go out there and play a lot better than we did the last time. It's great to win. It's a great feeling. That's why we play. I've been very fortunate to be a part of an organization where that's what matters the most and to play with some really great players over the years. I think wining and experiencing it with the players and coaches and Mr. [Robert] Kraft and Jonathan and his family. It's pretty awesome.

James Develin, Fullback
(On the difficulty of winning the division)
"The NFL is a wild, wild league. Anybody, on any given Sunday, can beat anybody. We just look at it - we just have got to focus on what's ahead of us. We've got to play the Jets down in New York next week. It's going to be a tough game, they play well down there. We've just got to take care of business from week to week."

(On the boost that Jonas Gray gave the offense in the second half)
"Jonas [Gray] is a great running back. He's a no-nonsense guy: just gets his pads down and gets those tough yards. It's fun to block for a guy like that. And when he starts rolling, it's always good to get the run game going a little bit."

(On if a lot of adjustments are made at halftime)
"No, no. We knew that we just had to execute better. There was nothing out there that we really had to change, really had to make any drastic adjustments or anything like that. Because really we just weren't executing in the first half. So we just went out there and made a point to just do our job and do it better. That's kind of the change that you saw."

(On Tom Brady's speed on his 17-yard run)
"Oh man [laughs], [Tom Brady] looked like a gazelle out there. I wish he would tuck it and run a bit more. But no, we'll see about that."

Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver
(On the team's play)
"The first half, we didn't really execute what we were trying to do. On the first drive, we moved the ball a little bit here and there and kind of puttered off or fluttered off or whatever you want to call it. We came in and basically just said, 'Let's just play each play and try to do your assignment and just try to execute,' and we were able to do that a little bit better in the second half."

(On the emotion of the game)
"We gave up a big lead the first time we played these guys, so we just came in here and said, 'Let's go back to the fundamentals of what we have to do each and every play.' It's not about X's and O's; it's about execution and going out and just doing your job and making a play. It seemed like we were able to do that a little better in the second half. There were a couple things that we still have to work on, and we'll do that this week, but it was good to come out here and get my sixth division title in the six years that I've been here."

(On the experience of winning the division every year)
"It's pretty amazing. You put in all the time and the effort in the offseason, and you go through the long days of training camp, and before that you have the OTAs, and you put in all this time and work and effort for this right here. I've been fortunate enough to get six, and now we get to play some real football."

Stephen Gostkowski, Kicker
(On his record-breaking feat)
"Something like that doesn't really set in. I've said this before, but any accomplishment that I make will be something that I'll look back on when I'm done playing, and be excited about and probably brag to my kids and my grandkids about, hopefully. It was cool. It was a special game for me. It's my son's birthday tomorrow and my whole family is in town. Just a coincidence of something like that happening at home and with a lot of people in town. It was cool because my family doesn't come to many games. Just happened to come to this one and make it a little more special. I looked over after they announced it and my family was really excited. They were jumping up and down. It was pretty cool. My oldest son turns five tomorrow and my family is from all over the place. My brother's from Florida and my dad and mom both live in New York. We won, on top of it. It was just a special day. Winning another AFC East Championship and then to get a little bit of recognition was cool, on top of it.
(On being a special teamer here)*
"It's fun. As much work, time, and effort as we put into it, as much as Coach [Bill] Belichick stresses it week-to-week, we feel confident going out there and we want to be a difference-maker in the game, not a reason why a team loses. There's a big difference. We go out there and play with a lot of confidence. We have a lot of really good players who put a lot of good time and effort into it. Sometimes in high school and college, people might think that's kind of a diss to not be able to play on offense and defense, but our guys have a ton of pride in playing special teams and it shows. We make a lot of really good plays and we want to be a difference-maker and help the team win."

(On the moment he found out about the record)
"I knew there was a chance this game. People had been bringing it up to me. I wasn't trying to count the points during the game. My focus is to try and help the team win and score as many points as possible. It was cool that it happened on a field goal. I was like, 'did it happen yet or no?' and then they announced it and it was pretty cool. I was about as fired up as I've ever gotten on a kickoff before."

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
(On his touchdown reception)
"It was a good throw by Tom [Brady], good protection, and just a little play action and I just had a seam route, so I just ran up the seam and Tom had a nice pass and we just completed [it] and scored. It was just good execution as a whole on offense."

(On the team's emotion at halftime)
"We just knew we could play better. We were terrible the first half as a whole and as myself. We just had to go out there and execute and play together as an offense. The defense was doing a great job and we just had to get out there and make plays and we did in the second half. We made some plays out there as a team and as an offense."

(On if he saw Tom Brady's 17-yard run)
"I kind of saw it – I was out there. It was a nice run, so you got to give props to him and he made a very nice play to get the first down and we eventually scored on that drive, so huge props to Brady on that run, it was huge."

(On if he sees Tom Brady taking off for runs during practice)
"Not really, but whatever it comes down to win he'll do, so he saw the opening, he ran, and, what was it for – 17 –yards and a first down? That was huge. Huge props to him and he does anything to win."

(On if his first catch after halftime helped establish a rhythm for the second half)
"Yes, just got to start off with just one play, just one play to get the drive going and get the first down and get going and start clicking from there. It just takes one play at a time, do what you got to do, and just keep on going from there."

Duron Harmon, Defensive Back
(On his interception)
"So I just wanted to make sure I was over the top of the under coverage and it was a high throw and I just made sure I caught it and then everybody did a great job of blocking for me leading me up on the sideline."

(On if he thought he was going to score a touchdown on the interception after Tavon Wilson's block)
"I thought I was when he blocked him, but then there was somebody else right there, so that hurt a little bit, not being able to score, but still a great play."

(On if it felt good to have the defense generate a couple of turnovers)
"Definitely, because they're game changers, man. They change the mood of team, the fans, and it's just good to get them."

(On the recognition the defense is starting to receive for the strong performances)
"I think we're just playing well. We're finally all coming together. I mean, everybody's just doing their job and that's what it all comes down too and when you got 11 people out there and really tone it in and do their job, we can have days like this."

Chandler Jones, Defensive End
(On being back out there for the first time in a while)
"I felt great. The coaches did a great job of mixing me up and switching in-and-out with different guys. It also felt really good to be back out there with my teammates."

(On pacing his return to the field)
"I was just listening to what Coach Belichick told me and the doctors and the trainers, taking it a day at a time. I know you guys heard Bill say we'll take it day-by-day-by-day, and that's what we were doing. Like I said, it felt good to be back out there with my teammates. Just a few months ago I was on crutches. So for me to be out there running with my team, I got a little emotional, but it felt good to be out there."

(On the big plays of the day)
"Akeem [Ayers], he's a great addition. Like I said previously, [I'm a] huge fan of Akeem. He does some great things for us to help our team and hopefully he can keep doing that as we move forward. [Kyle Arrington had a] huge play for our defense, our offense, and for our team as a whole. That happened early in the game and Jamie Collins had a huge block. For Kyle to have the ability to pick up the ball and scoop and score, that was a huge momentum swing and put us up 7-0 early."

Brandon LaFell, Wide Receiver
(On the impact of Jonas Gray in the third quarter)
"That guy came in running like he was possessed. A guy that's had a big game and he's been on the bench for a few weeks, but when he got his chance tonight he came out here and showed up."

(On if Gray's performance is an example of the Patriot Way)
"Stay ready. Stay ready. That's the way we do it around here. Stay ready; you never know when your name is being called, but when it [does] get called, make plays."

(On Brady's 17-yard run in the third quarter)
"It's crazy because I actually told him, 'If you break one today, you get down.' And he was like, 'No, I'm going to try and run somebody over.' He always jokes around like that and he actually did it. It was kind of good; it was in slow motion, but it was good."

Devin McCourty, Defensive Back
(On winning the AFC East division for the sixth straight year)
"Obviously, each year that is our first goal. I think everything starts with winning your division, especially going against a team that beat us earlier this year, so we wanted to come out and get a win and we wanted to come out here and we wanted to win big. Going down there and losing Week 1; we've been waiting all season to get back and play this game, so I thought we did a great job in the second half of playing good football and executing."

(On how satisfying it was for the defense to hold the Dolphins to 13 points)
"It's big. Coach Flores [safeties coach Brian Flores] said to us in the safety room the key right now is for us to keep getting better defensively and not to worry about stats and all that, but each time we step out onto the field we need to get better as a defense. So to come out and play another good game defensively, which is always important holding teams, points-wise; if we hold a team to 13 points, there's a high chance our offense is going to go out there and get 14 or more each game. So it's a good job and we've got to continue to do that."

(On the defense's big plays turning into points on offense)
"That's what we've been living on earlier this season. The last couple of weeks we fell off from getting the takeaways. I thought we did a better job today and then we had another one on the ground that we probably should have got. So we know if we can turn the ball over and get the ball back to our offense, they're going to score. It's going to be three or seven [points], probably 95 percent of the time, so we just got to continue to do that."

(On the importance of getting defensive end Chandler Jones back into the lineup)
"It's huge. [Chandler's] played great football all year and it was killing him being sidelined. Every time we were out there and having fun; I mean you guys see him play, he has the most fun on the team, really, when we're out there, so it was really good for him to get back out there. He made plays like he has done all year when he's been out there. Another key guy on our defense and having him back healthy is huge."

Darrelle Revis, Cornerback
(On shutting out the Dolphins in the second half)
"We just made adjustments at halftime and really just started faster. We felt like coming out, we played a little slow in the first half, so just making some adjustments at halftime and starting faster out there."

(On having Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones back from injury)
"[It was] great. The more the merrier for us. We knew those guys were down, and we're just happy that they were healthy and able to contribute."

(On what Hightower and Jones bring to the defense)
"They bring experience, one. Two, they're two great players on our defense and on our team, so the impact they make on our defense is very key for us and for us to have them on the field."

(On if there was an added edge this week considering the things the Dolphins said after Week One)
"One, yeah, it's big. This week was big for us – to clinch the division, but also it's a rivalry – a Pats-Miami Dolphins rivalry. It was a big emphasis this week for us to get this win."

(On winning the AFC East)
"It's my first one, so I'm very excited. It took a lot of hard work, and I'm just excited. This is my first time, so I'm happy to wear the hat and wear the t-shirt. It's pretty awesome."

(On if winning the AFC East was why he signed here)
"Yeah, to win. That's it – just to win."

Ryan Wendell, Offensive Lineman
(On Rob Gronkowski's ability to set the tone on offense)
"Anytime you can get a big play like that [34-yard reception by Gronkowski on first play of third quarter], especially coming out of the first half where we are not playing well - the defense and special teams were carrying us - it's nice to get something positive going and I think it just kind of set the tone and we all kind of just built off of that."

(On how hard it is to defend Gronkowski)
"I couldn't cover him. I don't know, I guess talking to our defensive guys would be better, but he's a freak. He just seems to catch everything around him."

(On the reaction of the offensive line after Tom Brady scrambled on third down for 17 yards during the opening drive of the third quarter)
"We just worry about the next play. He led with his left shoulder; he knows what he's doing."

(On the biggest difference between the first and second half)
"We all just started doing our jobs a little bit better, I think. I think the defense played well in both halves; I think special teams played well in both halves. I think the offensive line started to pick it up a little bit in the second half, especially myself. We didn't play well in the first half at all. Fortunately, it's a team game and the rest of the team carried us."

(On if it took time for the offense to understand Miami's defensive game plan)
"They did everything that they've done on film all year. They're a good defense, but we just weren't playing well. I give it up to them for outplaying us in the first half."

(On if the offense was frustrated heading into halftime)
"Guys are always disappointed when we don't do our jobs well."

Vince Wilfork, Defensive Lineman
(On if he is happy to be a division champion again)
"Always feels good to be a champion, AFC East champion. We worked very hard to get to this point. But that's just one step in the right direction. We played pretty well today. Gave up a few plays early but then once again got settled down. We really started playing Patriots football and it showed at the end. Very happy. Always feels good to be AFC East champs. Never gets old."

(On how much the return of Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower helped the defense)
"Anytime you can get playmakers back, it's always going to help your team as a whole. So I was happy to see both of them back. They [brought] a lot of energy for us, they made some plays for us today. It was just good to have everybody back to play, especially to get this 'W'. To win the East, it was special for all of us. Something we can really enjoy because we put a lot of hard work into it. It's a growing process though. We still have got time to fix some things and get better at some things moving forward. But you've got to be able to win in December. So that's a good start for us, we just have to keep it rolling."

(On how it felt as a defense to see Chandler Jones come back and get the sacks he is used to getting)
"It was fun to see. I knew [Chandler Jones] was feeling good all week and today he came out and showed me. It was just one of those things where, with him on the field, the way he played it – he'd have fun, he'd bring that enthusiasm to the game. As a defense sometimes, and as a team sometimes, you can miss that. So getting him back this week, getting Sealver [Siliga] back last week, getting [Dont'a] Hightower back this week, we got all our dogs back. And that's where we want to be. We want to be healthy going into December and these next games - getting the team healthy to take care of bumps and bruises - so we can be at full speed moving forward. So that's where we're at."

(On the field goal block)
"That was the best – I mean, we practice that to a 'T'. We got the perfect look we wanted and we executed it well. And always say, if you don't execute at this level, you're in trouble. I think tonight we executed and it showed tonight. We made plays, we handled our business. It's good for us."

(On if the division title feels any better because the team was doubted early in the season)
"We really didn't care how people felt about us. The one thing we had was the people in here and our fans, our true fans. It always feels good to win the East, I'll tell you that. It feels good to win a division. Out of my 11 years here, that's 10. I'm blessed, I'm lucky. It's all of that. What can you say? We worked our tails off. Nothing was given to us. We played tough games, we won some tough games. We had some tough situations and we fought through them, as a team should. A good team should fight through some stuff and we did. Not saying it's going to be the last time we're going to have to fight. But every week we going into the game saying we're going to have to play our best football, we're going to have to execute to beat teams. As long as we do that, we're going to put ourselves in a good situation."

(On giving up a lot of yards early in the game)
"The biggest stat was 13 points. I don't care how many yards you give up. 13 points, shutout in the second half, defensively – that's something that we're proud of."

Patriots' Hall of Fame Quarterback Drew Bledsoe
(On the Patriots' offense)
"It's a great offense. These guys have been doing it for so long and they continue to make great adjustments at halftime and they came out and just ran off a bunch of unanswered points at halftime, so it's a phenomenally well-coached team and I think you'll continue to see them having success."

(On if he was surprised to see the offense struggle in the first half and then thrive in the second half)
"Not really, that's kind of been the M.O. around here for a long time. These guys have been fantastic at second-half adjustments forever and ever and they just continued to do that. It was a pain in the [behind] to play against these defenses because they would almost lull you to sleep early in games and then they would figure it out how you wanted to attack them and then the next thing you know their defense was in the middle of your pass rush which was frustrating."

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