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What the Patriots are Saying: Postgame Quotes

Patriots coaches and players comment on their win over the Colts to advance to the Super Bowl.


January 18, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, to present the Lamar Hunt trophy to the Kraft family, Mr. Tedy Bruschi. 

Tedy Bruschi: We all know there's more work to do, but for now, the New England Patriots are the AFC champions.

Jim Nantz: How does it feel?

Robert Kraft: Thank you, thank you, thank you, the best fans in the NFL. You did your job. Now we must go to Arizona and do our job. We are all Patriots.

Jim Nantz: Robert, how proud are you and Jonathan and Danny, the whole family, of this effort by this team, by coach Belichick and the Patriots?

Robert Kraft: It's really amazing what happened today, you know, the chemistry of this team and the quality of great people is very special. We have the best coaching staff, I believe, in the NFL, and the character and quality of the players, you saw it here tonight. There's none better.

Jim Nantz: Well, you saw the sign, in Bill we trust, and let's give this to coach Belichick.

Bill Belichick: Well, Jim, I only have one thing to say. We're on to Seattle.

Jim Nantz: Congratulations, Bill. And he hands it off to Tom Brady. You know, Tom, you never know when you're going to get back here, if you're going to get back here. How sweet is this one, to go back for a sixth time to the Super Bowl, which will set a record as a starting quarterback in the history of this league, starting six Super Bowls.

Tom Brady: Well, you know, obviously it's an unbelievable game today and my teammates, I couldn't be more proud of them. They put a lot of work in this year, worked our tails off to get to this point and it's nice to close the deal, baby. So, we've got one more to go. This is for you guys, our fans. Thanks for all your support. I know we've had some ups and downs this year, but right now we're up, baby, and we're going to try to stay up for one more game.

Jim Nantz: Congratulations to the AFC champion New England Patriots. They're heading to Glendale, Arizona to take on the Seattle Seahawks in two weeks time.

(On he, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady going to their sixth Super Bowl)
"It's pretty exciting. Now we have to close the order."

(On bouncing back after the loss to Kansas City)
"Well, it was a bad game, and one thing I've learned in this business, losing is the worst, but you never get too high or too low. That was a devastating loss and it got me in the gut, but they came back against Cincinnati and then rattled off I think seven games I believe against the best teams in the league with excellent quarterbacks."

(On if he was optimistic the team would turn it around after the Kansas City game)
"I wasn't optimistic. I love these guys, but in the end, this is a game of execution. You can practice well, do everything well, but you get a report card every Sunday or Monday night. But this is pretty special."

(On how proud he is of the team's resiliency following the Kansas City game)
"It was the worst one I had felt since Bill was here. But you know, that's what happens, a lot of little things – it was Monday night … How about our fans tonight, staying there in the third quarter when it looked like we had a commanding lead, and they stayed until the end in the driving rain? Were any of you outside?"

(On if he could've imagined the success this franchise would have when he bought the team)
"I pinched myself. This is our 21st season and this is our 10th AFC Championship game, so it's almost every other year, which I never would have dreamt that. How privileged we've been to have such great people associated with us."

(On stopping Seattle from winning back-to-back Super Bowls)
"I don't think of us stopping them, I think of us trying to win our fourth Super Bowl. They have a pretty good coach."

(On the two coaches he's hired in his ownership tenure squaring off in the Super Bowl)
"I've hired two coaches and I'm happy to say they're both winners. It's an NBC game; that should make for great ratings."


BB:That was a great win for our football team today. It's all about the players. They did a tremendous job in all three phases. We made plays in the kicking game: we had a turnover, we had a couple returns. We scored a lot of points offensively; had some turnovers on defense. The players played great, like they have all year. This is really a good group, it's a hardworking group. They work with each other, they try to help each other get better and I couldn't be happier for this group of guys. This has really been a good team to coach and guys deserve the success that they had there tonight. [I] just can't say enough about what they did and how well they did. We needed them to play good and step up and play big tonight and they did. We got it from so many guys. That was really the story of the game in my opinion.

Q:What did it take to get from early-season struggles to where you are now?

BB:We won 14 games. It's better than a lot of other teams in the league could say. We've got good players and they played well. That's really the bottom line. Players win games and they won it today; won it tonight.

Q:What can you say about LeGarrette Blount's day?

BB:Great. Yeah, he ran good. Really he made some great cuts in not good conditions. He found yards when there weren't a lot there and he's a tough guy to tackle. He's really a quality back. He made some great runs tonight. There were several times when he took nothing and turned it into something. Then when we had something, he got it and usually a little bit more. I thought he showed a lot of determination on the goal line to get the ball in the end zone. That was really an outstanding performance.

Q:How much did your schedule this year with the dogfights you've been in get your team ready?

BB:Yeah, I think as hard as it was week after week – we had about a six, seven-week stretch there where it seemed like every team was at the top of their division and playing really well. In the end it probably served us well. We had great competition all year. We played a lot of really good football teams and some great defenses, great defensive lines, front sevens, some great quarterbacks, great receivers. So, yeah, it was a very competitive schedule. Our guys had to prepare and work really hard every week to be ready for those challenges. They did that. They were relentless in their preparation. Now as we're grinding into the postseason it's more of the same. But they're used to it, they've done it and they did a great job of it this week. We have to give the Colts a lot of credit. It's a good football team. They handled Cincinnati; they went out to Denver and handled Denver. We know what that was like last year. They did a great job last week. This is a good football team, but our guys just played well tonight. You have to give them all the credit in the world. They did it.

Q:Can you talk about Jamie Collins and Kyle Arrington's work on T.Y. Hilton?

BB:Yeah, you know Kyle really stepped up; played T.Y. good. T.Y. is a great receiver. He's got outstanding speed and quickness and he's a tough guy to cover on all routes: short, intermediate, deep. He had a great catch on the sideline dragging his feet. It was a perfect throw and a great catch. But that's what it's like playing against them. But Kyle competed really well. He jammed and he and Devin [McCourty] did a real good job on T.Y. Jamie's been a big play guy for us all year. He's really athletic; can really match up on pretty much anybody. He's physical, he's gained experience all through the year. He's made big plays for us all season and he made several today. Obviously the interception was a very athletic; I'd say a typical Jamie Collins play. He's capable of making those kind of plays that not a lot of guys in the league are.

Q:How much of a factor was the pressure you were able to put on Andrew Luck?

BB:It's always important. Rob [Ninkovich] and Chandler [Jones] I thought both played well; gave us good pressure off the edge. We tried to make it hard for Luck to step up in the pocket. But he's a great player. He got out a couple times and he's a tough guy to handle. But we competed well. Rob and Chandler and those guys inside, High [Dont'a Hightower] and Jamie when they blitzed in the middle, but our defensive tackles just trying to keep him in the pocket and make him throw from inside and not get out. They worked hard to do that, they did a good job. Of course being ahead in the game and being able to really turn [it] pretty much into a one-dimensional game in the second half that was important, too. I thought that was a big drive for us at the end of the half. Even though we ended up with three points, it was a two-score lead. Then when we went like 85, 87 yards to start the third quarter. That was a tremendous drive. I thought that really helped us defensively get to some of the pass rush schemes and things there because the score was starting to dictate what was going to happen in the game. We were fortunate to be in that position.

Q:Can you give us an idea of how you felt the offensive line played?

BB:Those guys work really hard. They're a good group. It's kind of seamless when we go into practice as we rotate them through. They're all in there; they all step in [and] have a lot of confidence in each other. It's been that way all year. We've had to shuffle around a little bit, but they really work well together, work hard. I thought the Colts played the run pretty well. [Josh] Chapman, Art Jones is a tough guy to block, [Cory] Redding is really an excellent defensive lineman, [Erik] Walden on the edge, D'Qwell Jackson is reading those runs very quickly and getting up into the line of scrimmage. It was tough sledding in there, a lot tougher than it was in the first game. But we got a couple little creases and then LeGarrette made some yards on his own. The combination of those gave us good balance on the offense. But you know our offensive line, that's a tough group of guys. They just hang in there and battle every week. I thought Sebastian [Vollmer] and Nate [Solder] really did a good job on the edges, as they usually do, but it's always nice to get a play out of Nate. That wasn't what we expected. We got a couple bonus plays tonight: the interceptions with [Darrelle] Revis and Jamie and the fumble that [Darius] Fleming handled. That was a tough play to make and the touchdown from Nate. Those are the kind of plays you can't count on, but they fell our way tonight. That was certainly helpful.

Q:Why has Tom Brady been so consistent over so many years? Why do you think he's still playing at such a high level?

BB:He's a good player. Tom's a good player. [He] works hard, is in good condition. He's obviously very smart and experienced. He doesn't get fooled very often. He works as hard as any player we have. He comes in early, studies a lot of film, knows our game plan, knows what the defense is doing and spends a lot of time on the practice field and after practice working on his timing [and] execution. When a guy is as talented as he is and works as hard as he does those results aren't that surprising.

Q:This will be Tom's sixth Super Bowl, the most ever for a quarterback. Is there anything that makes him more successful than a lot of other guys?

BB:Again, you have to have a good team. There are all the components of it. One guy can't win in this league. All one guy can do is do his job and Tom does his job as well as anybody. I'm so thankful that he's our quarterback. There's nobody I'd rather have. He does everything well. He manages the running game, gets us out of some bad looks that the defense will occasionally show up in on a play. [He] executes well in critical situations like third down and the red area. The pass to [Rob] Gronkowski was a great catch, but it was a great throw. The pass to [Brandon] LaFell last week, those are the kind of plays that win games. You've got to have both ends of it. You have to have a great throw; you have to have a great catch. You have to be able to protect. There are a lot of people involved there. Tom just does his job well and that's really all he can do. With a lot of other people doing their jobs well then you have a good team. We're fortunate that we have that this year.



Q:Do you think this is the most well-rounded team you've been on?

TB:Well, we have a good team. We've worked hard to get to this point. It's hard to compare year to year. I think every situation is different. We've had a lot of good teams in the past. This one is going to have to win a very important game to kind of leave our legacy, so we have two weeks to prepare for it. We're playing a great team. I'm obviously proud of our effort tonight. We won two pretty tough games here at home. Now we have to go on the road and win another one.

Q:Today Bill Belichick became the winningest coach in playoff history. You're going to become the first quarterback ever to start six Super Bowls. As you think about that, what does that mean to you?

TB:Well, look, I haven't had much time to reflect. I think we're right in the middle of it. It was a great team win. We needed it from all three phases and to make it to this point is a great accomplishment for our team. Hopefully our best is yet to come.

Q:You probably practiced that play with Nate Solder all week or all year. When you call it in the huddle, does everybody kind of look around and say, 'Really? This is the play we're going to run now?' Or does everyone say, 'Yeah, this will work.'

TB:Well, we thought it would work. It was a great time. Josh called it. Nate made a great catch. Tough conditions out there – it's raining, I mean, for God's sake and he runs over two guys to get in there. He played a little tight end in his first year [of college]. So I don't know, maybe we have more tricks up our sleeve.

Q:Is this especially gratifying for you because earlier this year people were questioning you specifically and wondering if your time had passed?

TB:Well, I talked about that before. There's a lot of motivation for a lot of different reasons and I've had a lot of belief in my teammates over the course of the entire year. You don't want to judge your team after three or four games into the season and it's important not to ride the roller coaster. We put ourselves in a good position getting into the playoffs, won two home games and now we're in the Super Bowl. It's pretty sweet.

Q:You mentioned the word legacy. So often these games become about somebody defining or validating what their whole career has been about. Do you agree with that take – that one 60-minute game can boil down to that?

TB:Well, I think for me, it's about our team; it's a journey. I think being able to accomplish winning the final game of the year is what you play for. So when you don't do that, you always feel like you come up short. There are 32 teams that started; there are two remaining. We're trying to be the one that finishes off the season the way you want to, like we wanted to from the start of the year. It's a great challenge. We're going to play a great team. That's why they're in it too. They've overcome a lot of adversity too. They're really well coached, but we have two weeks to prepare. We'll be ready to go.



Q:Vince, can you open up just commenting on what it means to have the opportunity to go back to the Superbowl?

VW:You know, 32 teams start at the same position. You start at the bottom and you kind of climb yourself up the ladder and being AFC champs, that says a lot. We put so much work this year, we grind, I mean there were times where things didn't go so well. There were times where we played great football. It's a rollercoaster. But just to see everything that we did up to this point, and to for it all come down to one game, the one game you all play for. Everybody plays for this game. To have a chance to win the Super Bowl, and now it's here. There's no more talking. It says a lot about this team. It says a lot about what we've done up to this point. To go out and play the way we played today, that was amazing. I mean, from all three phases. We knew it was going to be tough. These guys are playing good football, led by a great quarterback… been playing well down the road and we knew we had to get off to a good start and play Patriot football. And I think the night was a great way to answer that. Playing from ahead, being able to play good defense, good special teams, good offense, just everything coming together at the right time. To play this good in the AFC Championship, it gives you some confidence going into the Super Bowl, where we know if we play like this, teams will have problems with us, and we know if we play like this we give yourselves a good shot at winning. So that's what it is. We got the Seahawks. To be a champ, you got to beat the champs, and they're sitting right there waiting for us. So it's going to be a good game. They played some great football. They're champs, they are the champs. They are the defending champs, and they're coming. They're going to try and protect that, and our job is to go and try and take it away from them. I think you've got the best two teams playing in this game. I think from a staff standpoint, you can't ask for a better game than this. From the NFC, AFC…two good organizations, two good teams being able to slug it out for one champion, and that's what it's all about. So we got to get ready to go. It's going to be tough, but like I said, to be a champ, you got to beat the champ.

Q:Vince, all week long you had confidence and your teammates had confidence that you were going to win this game. Did you know or did you think that this game would be that lopsided? 45-7?

VW:No, I didn't. I mean, going into the game you never know what the final score is going to be, but you know, I just knew if we played well, we would win the ballgame. And at this point, I don't care how you win, you want to win, and tonight we showed that we can play some real good football if we playing together, as a team, as one. Before we took the field that's the main thing Bill said was 'let's play as one today.' And we took those words and we executed well, executed at a high level. We played well, and that's what it's going to take to be successful at this level against a good football team in Seattle. We're going to have to be able to execute the way we did tonight, and you know, and if we don't do that, we'll have problems. I mean, they're champs for a reason, so we have to be at our best. It's nothing, you can't hold anything back now. They want to win, we want to win. We want to be Super Bowl champs, they want to be Super Bowl champs and it all boils down to who plays the best, who capitalizes on the opportunities. There won't be many opportunities, not at this time of the year. But the time you do have them, you have to take advantage of them. You just have to do that moving forward. But everything starts with a great week of preparation. You have two weeks to prepare, so we'll have to have two weeks of great practice to be successful and have the confidence that we're ready to go come game day.

Q:I don't know how much of the first game you guys got to pay attention to, but it was a pretty crazy finish up in Seattle, and just staying a little bit on what makes them so hard to execute against, or as you say, what makes them such a tough matchup?

VW:I mean, I haven't looked at film on them all year but that's because we don't play them. So we'll start that tomorrow. But they're champions for a reason. They do a lot of things well. And for us to be successful against them, we're going to have to be able to do some things well against them so we'll watch film, we'll start watching some film tomorrow, get a jump on them and see which way we want to go, how we want to attack, what's their strengths, what's their weaknesses and go from there. But not playing a team it's kind of hard to understand who they truly are but the only thing I do know is that they're defending champs, and they're champs for a reason so they must be doing something right and we're going to have to be able to prepare well and execute at a high level against them to be successful.

Q:Vince, as meaningful as every conference championship has been for you, considering what happened last year in Atlanta and your experience coming back from injury, is this one especially meaningful, especially gratifying for you?

VW:It's special just because you fight so hard, not just as an individual. Me being out last year, it sucked to see my team lose in the AFC Championship last year and my goal was to come back and help this team to get to where we didn't get last year and to be at this level, to play at this level and to be in this game and win and walk off the field and have the guys so excited about this feeling, that's what it's all about. It was never about how well I can come back because at the end of the day I'm a football player. Not once I never thought about how would I play or would I be afraid to take a step or take on double team or do this. My main goal was to get healthy and help this team win ballgames. And for the most part we've done a great job of that, not just myself but this whole team. The coaching staff put us in some good situations. So, that's what it's all about for me, especially because it's the AFC Championship and you get the chance to play for one ultimate goal, to win a Super Bowl. That's why it's special. Not from anything previous to that but to be grinding ever since April, and all of a sudden it comes down to one game, and that's the one game we all play for. So you have to be excited about that. So I tell my guys all the time, and I told them today. I said, 'You tell me we can't win one more game?' You know and that's the mindset that I have. It's just one more game. Can we win one more game? We know it's going to be tough. It should be tough. They're a great football team, and like I said they're defending champs for a reason. So it's going to be tough. Yeah, they're going to make some plays, but we have to be able to execute at a high level. If we do that, we'll be okay. But we have two weeks to prepare for them, and hopefully in those two weeks we'll get the confidence and we'll get everything nailed down that we want to do and go out on game day and perform at a high level.

Q:Vince, I know that not all of your teammates have been to a Super Bowl, but having lost the Super Bowl a couple of times, does that actually become a motivating factor coming in, to avoid that feeling?

VW:No. I don't think those Super Bowls have anything to do with this one. Being there and losing, you don't think about it. Been there three times, and the organization ever since 2000 has been there five times, you know. Won three of them. So it's special. It's a special moment. When you go into a ballgame you don't look at previous years. You look at now. What we have to do to win now, because those teams that we played, it's just a different opponent, and you have to be able to see that and understand that and see what you can do to be successful. And that's what it's going to be. I won't think one time about being in the previous Super Bowls that I've been in. I've been in three and lost two and won one. It's different. Every season is different. Every team is different. My teammates are different. Coaches are different. Everything is different, so you really can't dwell over how many you won, how many you lost. It's all about now. To be a champ, you got to beat the champ, and that's our goal. That's the challenge for us, to be able to go in there and beat the champ, and I'm pretty sure their goal is to defend their Super Bowl. So it's going to be a good matchup.


Kyle Arrington, Cornerback
(On tonight's weather and team's performance)
"We are built for all types of weather. Hot, cold, rain, snow, you name it. We practice in it, no matter what it is. Those guys did a great job on the opposite side of the ball for us. It was clicking – offense, defense, special teams, everybody did a great job."

(On what the defense wanted to do against the Colts coming into the game)
"Jam, get on the receivers, be disruptive to throw off the timing. Let the pass rush get there, so hopefully the pass rush could marry the coverage. We did a great job."


Brandon Browner, Cornerback*
*(On his excitement at facing Seattle)

"It's crazy, man. I really had that vision when I signed here. Hopefully we'd meet up with my old boys and it happened to work out that way."

(On the team's success against Indianapolis)
"That goes to the coaching staff and the game plan that they set up for us. They're confident in their game plan and the players they got. It was up to us to just execute. Run around, wrap-up on tackles, knock balls down. Today we got our hands on a couple balls, too. They say when you win the turnover battle, 90 percent of the time that team wins."

(On having a chance to go to the Super Bowl)
"It means a lot. I missed the one last year and I'm fortunate to be back in this thing the following year with a good football team. And with a bond that I've built with these guys like the one I built with the guys over there for that last few years, so it's a good feeling."


James Develin, Running Back*
*(On how nice it is to catch a pass after doing a lot of dirty work)

"It's nice, but I know my role on this team and I'm very happy just to go in there and do the dirty work, like you said. That's my role on this team and I love doing it."

(On if he was determined to score knowing he doesn't get many chances)
"I know as a fullback, they don't call my number too much. But if I'm that close to the end zone and I don't get in, the ball is not going to come my way very often. I just tried to do whatever I could to get that ball in and I'm glad to get number called."

(On how his second career touchdown compares to his first)
"The stakes are much higher on this one, with it being the AFC Championship, so it's definitely memorable, but that first one was memorable too. I'll never forget either of them."

(On playing collegiate football locally and now advancing to the Super Bowl)
"It's definitely surreal, man. It's awesome to have played so much football up in New England and I'm proud to kind of say I'm a New Englander now."

(On the team pulling out all the stops)
"The coaches prepare us for whatever we need to get the win, and it doesn't matter who's lining up where or who we have eligible. Everyone just has to perform to the best of their abilities and get the job done and that's what we did."


Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver*
*(On Tom Brady's leadership)

"Tom Brady is Tom Brady. He was a sixth-round draft pick; a lot of people passed up on him. He's a Super Bowl Champion [and] Super Bowl MVP. He's been in a bunch of Super Bowls and he could care less about all of that. He just cares about winning the next game. That's our leader and that's why you have a guy like that leading us. He's an unbelievable person and I truly love that man [laughs], I do. It's great to have him apart of this team."

(On what it means to be a Patriot)
"I guess it means [that] you bring the lunch pail to work [and] the helmet. You go work, you prepare, you get yelled at all [and] you do all of this kind of stuff. You work extra [and] you watch more film and it's for situations and things like this to go and play in the last game of the year. That's what I think being a Patriot means."

(On what he thinks of this Super Bowl pairing)
"You don't know them that much because we don't play them that often. Just from watching here and there they're a really good team. They don't turn the ball over, they get turnovers, they got a defense that's ferocious, they've got a D-line that's awesome [and] they've got a secondary that's really good. So we're going to have to prepare hard for these guys. This is the best football team we've played yet. They're a good team so that's what I think about them."

Cameron Fleming, Offensive Lineman
(On being eligible 28 times)
"Twenty eight? Really? OK, wow."

(On if he was expecting such a heavy workload)
"You never know what to expect coming into a game. I was hoping for that. I was hoping for some PT [playing time]."

(On why he was eligible that many times)
"I think it was just part of the game plan. I think they wanted to add an extra lineman in there, ground the ball out, see if we could take some time off the clock and run the ball well hopefully."

(On how he would rate Nate Solder's hands)
"They're obviously very good. He's one-for-one with a touchdown, so I don't think anyone can complain about his hands."

(On if the extra lineman was meant to send a physical message to the Colts)
"Personally, I always try to be physical as an offensive lineman. I think we incorporated that. We were trying to come downhill at them and attack them a little bit."


Rob Gronkowski, Tight End*
*(On heading back to the Super Bowl)

"It's awesome; it's an unbelievable feeling going back to the Super Bowl. I know this team has worked hard all year, including myself – worked really hard and we've just been sticking together as a team throughout the whole year and we played a great game today, the defense played well, special teams, and offense. We played together as a team, no doubt."

(On what it's been for him over the last year)
"It's special. It's a special feeling. It just feels so good to be out there and just playing with my teammates at this time, not sitting at home watching and you just can't take anything for granted and I feel so lucky right now to be with my teammates. It's an unbelievable feeling and it's just an honor to be a part of this team and help and do my job and help them win. It's just a great feeling to be here."

(On Tom Brady making his sixth Super Bowl appearance)
"He's going to his sixth Super Bowl, man? That's unbelievable. I never even thought of it like that. It's just an honor to play with him. He's going to his sixth Super Bowl – it speaks to the respect everyone has of Tom and just speaks for the level of play he has. Is that the most Super Bowls anyone else has ever been to? It just speaks to the level of the organization and which Tom's been a part of and I've been a part of and everyone's been a part of as a team. So, it's just an unbelievable feeling and everyone just comes in and works hard. Tom's the leader and comes in, always humble, always working hard, and it just takes off on all the players. We've got big weeks in front of us now. We've got to work hard, no doubt about that and we've just got to enjoy the moment right now, but when it comes to work time we've still got a mission and we've just got to enjoy right now and we've got a big game at the Super Bowl, no doubt."

Don't'a Hightower, Linebacker
(On advancing to Super Bowl XLIX)
"This is what everybody does. The summer, the spring, guys train all year long for this opportunity. We were blessed enough to come out and play the way we did to get that opportunity to play in Arizona."

(On whether he was surprised the defense was able to hold the Colts to seven points)
"Not at all. They're a great team, but we are a good team as well. We had a great game plan, we came out and we executed. I mean there were a couple of plays that we obviously wanted back, but I think we played really good out there."

(On how Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner have helped improve the defense this season)
"It's really, honestly, I don't want to say it's just one or two guys because it takes all 11 people to win a football game on both sides. Whether it's offense, defense or special teams. Those guys, they bring versatility to this defense. We are able to do a lot of different things. Guys [opponents] don't know who's coming, who's dropping [in coverage]. It brings out a lot of versatility."

(On the Super Bowl matchup against the Seattle Seahawks)
"They're a great team, but we're gonna look at film, probably tomorrow, and get ready. We are looking forward to it."

(On whether the defense feels like it's heading to the Super Bowl at the right time)
"Again, I feel like we played really well tonight, but Seattle is a really good team. They proved that this year and they're proving it this year. So we're going to have to bring our 'A' game, most definitely."

(On how it feels to win the AFC Championship after falling short the last two seasons)
"It feels great. There's no words that I can use to describe about how everybody feels in this locker room. You look around and people are posing with the trophy, everybody's smiling; even coach [Bill] Belichick is smiling. It's just great to see so many guys work so hard and for us to come together and play the way that we did all season; I'm just proud of everything."


Chandler Jones, Defensive End*
*(On whether part of tonight's game plan was Rob Ninkovich being a spy on Andrew Luck)

"Rob Ninkovich does a good job. He's very versatile; he can play a lot of positions. Like I said, you just see a little bit of his talent tonight."

(On whether the team sees its Super Bowl XLIX matchup vs. Seattle as a rematch from the 2012 regular season loss)
"We played them two years ago. I don't see it as a rematch. Like I said, they have different guys on the team; we have different guys on the team. We'll see them in February."

(On whether he talked to his brother Arthur Jones after the game)
"I did. I spoke to him after the game and I told him I would see him."

(On whether Arthur Jones congratulated him after the game)
"Yeah, he did. Of course. The same as I did for him my rookie year [after the 2013 AFC Championship Game]."

(On how long Bill Belichick will let him enjoy the moment before moving on)
"I don't know. That's a good question. That's a really good question. I haven't seen Bill around here anywhere, but you can hear the music blasting and everyone jumping around, so we're pretty excited. We will enjoy tonight and get ready for the Super Bowl."

(On whether that was a fun game to play in)
"It was really fun. The rain and the big plays and all the trick plays. When [Nate] Solder had that touchdown; that was huge. I was yelling for joy. It was a great game and everyone executed and we came out and got the win."

(On whether he has ever seen Solder with that kind of emotion after his touchdown)
"No, I didn't. He was actually moving pretty fast. I didn't see it live, well, I did see it live, but I was looking up at the [video board] and I saw him dive into the end zone. Once he crossed the plane it was just great."

(On the defensive effort)
"Great job by our defense, and I want to highlight that Darrelle Revis had a great play, Jamie Collins had a big play. Everybody played together and it showed on the field. It's just a brotherhood, and hopefully we can keep that momentum going forward."

(On takeaways sparking the offense)
"When big plays happen like that, it definitely ignites the offense, ignites the special teams, and as you guys can see, big plays start happening back to back because it's a chain reaction."

(On how special it is to reach the Super Bowl considering his injury earlier this season)
"For sure, it feels good. I try not to look back on injuries but there was a time I was just sitting and watching my team play. To have the opportunity to play in the AFC Championship Game and contribute to help my team reach the world championship, it's great. It's a great feeling."

(On how fun the game was today)
"It was fun; it was very fun. I just spoke to [another reporter] about the defense and offense igniting each other as well as the special teams. One play happens – Jamie Collins makes a pick, Darrelle Revis makes a pick – and everyone just feeds off each other."

(On how satisfying it is to see the body of work the defense has put together)
"Never satisfied, never satisfied. Like I said, we have another game to play. There are some plays we left out on the field that hopefully we can make those in Arizona."


Brandon LaFell, Wide Receiver*
*(On how it feels to have executed in a big game like this)

"We put a lot of emphasis on it during the week. So to come out here and to play the game we played it just shows you that we listen to our coaches, we believe in each other, we correct our mistakes during the week and we come out here and play good ball."

(On if he had any nerves at halftime without having a catch)
"I wasn't nervous at all, but it seems like usually, I'm not going to lie, when it comes to halftime usually if I don't have a catch I'd be frustrated. But I told Shane [Vereen] on the sideline, I said, 'Usually right now I'm frustrated, but I don't care who is making the play right now. I just want to win this game and get to the 'ship.' I'll catch a ball all week in practice and not catch one in the Super Bowl, I just want to win."

(On what it looked like to watch the offense run the ball down the field)
It feels great to impose your will on a team and that's what we did all night with [LeGarrette] Blount."

Devin McCourty, Safety
(On beating the Colts for the second time this season)
"The biggest thing is I think we stuck to the game plan. We executed our game plan and we came in confident. We believe if we come out and we execute what we talk about all week, we have a chance to beat every team. Today, we executed at a high level I think in all three phases, especially defensively. That one drive where we got two penalties and T.Y. Hilton made a great catch on the sidelines, and that's what we want. We want teams to have to make great plays to beat us. If you make teams do that all game, you give yourself a chance to win."

(On Darrelle Revis)
"He's stepped up all year. This secondary has been great to play in, not just him coming up with the big play tonight, but all the guys – Logan [Ryan] coming in and dominating his matchup, Kyle [Arrington] going out there and dominating his matchup, [Brandon] Browner going out there and dominating his matchup. Every guy that was called to action out there played great. One thing is when you've got that guy on one side, you expect him to play great every week. It's tough, and he comes and he does it every week. No matter what the challenge is, he comes ready to play and he makes plays."

(On if he's ever been a part of a more complete secondary)
"I don't think so. The key thing is this group of guys resets every week. No matter what we come off a big win, a game where we played great, [or] a game where we didn't play too well, we reset and everybody gets back on it. It starts with me, Revis, Browner and Chung – all older guys that have been in different situations. Revis has played in an AFC Championship Game, I've played in one, Browner's played in one, Chung's played in one. We're all over everybody in the secondary because we understand if we play at a high level we've got a good chance to win."

(On going back to the Super Bowl)
"It's great. It's funny, the first time you're just so happy to get there, and now the whole time I'm all in everybody else's ear about we want to go out there and play well. We want to go out there and win. It's a crazy game because you get there, and it's so much work just to get there and losing the last time we were there hurt. The focus is going out there and playing well. I'm going to enjoy this tonight, but I think we've got to turn the page fast. We've got to play a great team. They wouldn't be there if they weren't and to go back two years in a row is tough and they did it. They're a deserving team and we'll have our work cut out for us."


Darrelle Revis, Cornerback*
*(On going to the Super Bowl at this point in his career)

"It's pretty awesome. There are rookies that are in the draft every year and get drafted to a great team. There are rookies that play their first year that go to the Super Bowl. There is one every year. Eight years later for me is very surreal. It's pretty awesome. We worked hard. We worked hard for it. We started out in April, and I just give credit to everybody in this whole organization with how hard we worked and just sticking to it."

(On if this moment is why he signed with the Patriots)
"Yeah, to play in these big-time games and you play for the obvious reason; to play in the game – the Super Bowl. Collectively as a team, we've done that and we've made it. Like I said, everybody stuck to our team goals that we wanted to accomplish and now we get to make that and actually play in the Super Bowl."

(On if there was any panic after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs)
"No, we had a lot of confidence. I think that's why we perform so well because there are a lot of veteran guys, a lot of guys with experience. Our coaching staff has a lot of experience as well. We have a lot of confidence plus we rode on it this whole time with just the confidence that we have. The game plans that the coaches come up with, and the players that we have. We have a lot of talent on this team across the board, so we believe in everybody across the board. The coaches do as well. You've seen it. When somebody's number is called, they step up and play. Jonas Gray, earlier in the season, he rushed for 200 yards and we just believe that we have a great group of guys who come to work every day and that are very talented."

(On when he first felt comfortable with the system)
"I've been comfortable with it since the first time I stepped in here in April. It's a little different from where I came from before, but at the same time, yeah, I was comfortable as soon as I got here."

(On what he saw on his interception)
"I was covering my man, and they tried to run a pick route on Kyle [Arrington], and I saw he couldn't get there. I just tried to cover his guy and make a play. I saw Andrew [Luck] staring Kyle's guy down because he couldn't get there, and I just tried to jump in front of the route."

Matthew Slater, Wide Receiver
(On his thoughts about facing Seattle)
"Those guys are good, man. Those guys are good. It's going to be hard. Obviously, when you get to this game, it's never easy. These guys have some great, great players in this league and it's going to be a challenge for us."

(On how the game today played out)
"We got off to a good start; had a big turnover on special teams. I think that really gave us a boost, but we didn't really expect the game to go as it did tonight. They're a good football team. They've been playing at a high level and we were fortunate enough to get up on them early, keep our foot on the gas, and have the end result we're looking for."

(On going back to the Super Bowl)
"It means a lot. I think as you become a veteran player and get a little bit older in this league, you understand how hard it is to get to this game and you understand the work that it takes to get to this game. I think it makes you value and appreciate that opportunity even more. I know that those of us who were here the last time experienced a lot of heartbreak, so we've done that and we have to see how it goes this time."


Nate Solder, Tackle*
*(On LeGarrette Blount's performance)

"LeGarrette's awesome. He's been running great for us. To be a part of that and to be with that group is awesome."

(On how he would grade his route on his touchdown catch)
"[Laughs] Just proficient. I made it across the goal line."

(On winning the AFC Championship)
"It's a dream come true to play a game like that, to win a game and move on to the Super Bowl. We're all excited."

(On if he knew he would be called on to catch a pass)
"There's no way to know that that was coming. When the time came, I did my best as anyone would've."

Shane Vereen, Running Back
(On playing in the Super Bowl)
"…This is what we've dreamed of since we were little kids and now we get the opportunity. Hopefully we can go out there and put on a good show."

(On playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl)
"My thoughts are [that] they're a great team. They're the defending champions for a reason. And they're back in the Super Bowl for a reason. Good team, good defense. I'm looking forward to the competition."

(On how much the team loves LeGarrette Blount)
"[Laughs] We love LG whether he has 250 yards or five yards. He's a great player, a great teammate. He's accepted around here and everybody loves him."

(On how LeGarrette Blount ran the ball Sunday)
"I thought he ran the ball strong, tough. I wouldn't want to tackle him. I think he ran the ball well. The O-line did a great job tonight."

Ryan Wendell, Offensive Lineman
(On if it was a fun game in which to play)
"Yeah, absolutely. Being in the rain, running the ball, walking out and hitting people? It's always fun."

(On the team's journey this season)
"It's a lot of work. We got one more big one and this one is not going to be easy at all. It's going to be the hardest game of the year coming up."

(On Nate Solder's touchdown catch)
"He gave Coach [Bill] Belichick a lot of confidence in practice running it well. When they called it, I was excited and I was happy that he got in there. If it was me, I would've choked, I would've dropped it. But Nate did a great job."

(On if the Colts were any different this time around)
"There were similarities and differences. Arthur Jones was back, he wasn't there last time we played them. Those guys have gotten better the past two months since the last time we played them. They are a great football team. There's a reason why they were in this game. We're going to be seeing them every year."

(On what it took to win the game)
"Bill [Belichick] really stressed this week: If we can just all focus on doing our job on each individual play. Not focusing on the game or the drive or the quarter or anything like that. Just do each play and stack them all up and the game will work out."

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