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What They're Saying: Baltimore Ravens

Find out what Baltimore Ravens coaches and players are saying about their upcoming divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots.


On playing in the hostile crowd environment at Gillette Stadium...
"I guess the underdog approach is never a bad thing. I've kind of been that way my whole life. They're a pretty good home team. I'm sure they have a lot of confidence – they should have. [They are] a well-coached team with great players, so I'm sure they have a lot of confidence going into this game. The good thing is we have a lot of confidence, too. So, we'll see what happens on Saturday."
- Ravens Linebacker Elvis Dumervil

"I look around all the time at the crowd when you first come out of the tunnel. I like the boos. I like to see all of what's going on, see what kind of tradition they have. Obviously, we got to see one of the best in the Steelers last week. And with the Patriots, we've been up there in the playoffs, too, and it's a nice little crowd. It's awesome playing at home. Obviously, you would love to be home. But playing away, just the challenge of trying to quiet down the crowd is something that you love as a competitor."
- Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith


On if he gets jacked up in games played against QB Tom Brady...
"The cool thing about is Tom was playing for who knows how many years before I got in here, and I was in high school, and probably before I was in high school, sitting there watching him and those guys win Super Bowls. I was in high school. So, that's the cool thing. I'm playing against guys – not just quarterbacks, but in this case – that I've spent a good amount of my time remembering. I'm playing against those guys now, and I've gotten a chance to play against him a lot of times and the Patriots a lot of times. I'm not directly playing against him, but it's pretty cool when you do sit back and think about those things."
- Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco

On going up against Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and the Patriots secondary...
"The whole group is playing really well. They play a lot of man coverage, they press you, they play off, they play different combinations. They can double whoever they want to double, in different form and fashion. [They're] just really well-coached and have a great scheme. But those guys are very aggressive and they're very good – the whole group."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"It's tough when teams have one good corner that can go out there and play as well as these guys are playing. So, when you have two of them – one on each side – it makes things interesting and it makes things a lot of fun, because it makes it that much tougher. These guys can play a lot of man coverage and have confidence that those guys outside are doing their job."
- Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco


On Patriots LB Jamie Collins...*
"This is a special young player. This guy is a budding star. He's a guy that we really liked a lot at Southern [Mississippi]. I thought coach [Bill] Belichick … I know he went down there personally and worked Jamie out and just did a great job evaluating him as a player and fitting him into their scheme. A lot of scouts didn't know where to play him; that was the hang-up with him. But Bill did, and he's one of the top young players in football."
*- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

On the Patriots' run game...
"I see a lot of good backs, see a lot of really good schemes. They give you a lot of problems in terms of how they block from one week to the next – different kinds of trap schemes and things like that. But, they hurt us last year with base schemes. They ran downhill at us, ran some zone schemes downhill and ran a little bit of power right at us and had a lot of success, especially at the end of the game. So, [they have a] big, physical offensive line. They want to run the ball and have some backs. Each back is a little bit different, brings a little something different to the table, but they're all punishing, physical-type runners."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

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