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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills

Find out what Buffalo Bills coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On playing the Patriots...
"We're preparing for their best. They've been at the top of the league for such a long period of time that we have to go out there and we mentally have to be ready to play our best to be competitive in the game."
- Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

"It's an opportunity to go play against probably the best team in the AFC, a division rival that's obviously at the top of our division. We have to go out there and play a good game against them."
- Bills Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams


On the Patriots Defense...*
"Just an all around solid defense, they play great team defense, never out of position, and obviously have a lot of talent so we'll have to play our best game. Good front seven, good edge rushers, good size in the middle, two inside linebackers are playing really well...playing physical, and they do a good job on the edge of obviously funneling everything inside to those guys and giving them a lot of checks."
*- Bills Quarterback Kyle Orton

On expecting the Patriots to run more...
"With Blount being back I am sure they are going to run the ball more than usual, especially with Cincinnati beating Denver, and the Patriots having a first round bye. I think they'll pull the smart move and I wouldn't say not start their starters, but I don't think they'll have the starters out for very long."
*- Bills Safety Aaron Williams

On the Patriots secondary...
"Certainly the best secondary that we've played and even better this time around than the last time around we've played with the addition of Browner. They're both playing extremely well and the two safeties play very good football."
*- Bills Quarterback Kyle Orton

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